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NOTE: It's Christmas and Train found himself looking at a Christmas tree with…POCKY?!

Chapter 10: Pocky

Train Heartnet stood at the door, hesitating as he looked down at his wrapped gift. Would she like it? Was the idea of the gift too unoriginal? "Maybe I should get another present for Saya." The brown-haired boy decided disappointedly and turned to walk away.

Suddenly, he heard a distinct creak of the door, one which was opening up. But Train was too depressed with his inability for gifts to care about the sound, only brushing it off lightly by thinking it was one of the neighbors.

"Train Heartnet!" The familiar voice prompted Train to quickly look back and his topaz eyes met Saya's emerald orbs. His heart started to beat painfully against his chest and for a moment and his mind went blank. He didn't speak but he saw that the girl was coming closer to him.

"Why are you standing out here?" Saya asked as if not noticing Train's sudden 'stonification'. "You should knock and come in."

"I…I…" Train stammered but Saya didn't give him any chance to speak. The brown-haired girl took the boy's arm and dragged him inside the house. "Come on, Train, I still have lots and lots of decorations to put up before Sven and the others arrive. Help me." Saya said as they entered the house.

Train gathered himself together and scanned the house. He saw the sophisticated décor of many small Christmas trees placed neatly at the cabinets and cupboards and lighted coloured jelly candles filled the house with a warm feeling with their orange-amber flame. The air-conditioner was lowered to a reasonable temperature to prevent the candles from being extinguished. There were two Christmas trees and Train sweat dropped at Saya's love for sparkly items and ornaments meant for the trees.

"You did this all by yourself?" Train asked in wonderment as he walked towards a Christmas tree and touched lightly on the ornaments.

"Yes," Saya said proudly, "I did."

As Train inspected the ornaments, he found something strangely wrong with them. The sticks that were supposed to be ornaments were of a brown-golden colour and the ends of either pink, dark brown, or white. He sniffed it lightly and frowned. Turning back, he saw an innocent-looking Saya.

"So how are my decorating skills?" The emerald-eyed girl asked innocently.

"Pocky?" Train raised an eyebrow at the "ornaments".

"You noticed?" Saya said happily without any remorse, strange to Train. "I thought it would be a unique way of decorating. They do make a wonderful décor, don't you think?" She makes a rectangle shape with her thumb and index finger of both hands and smiled gleefully.

"But Saya," Train said with a bit of seriousness, "No one uses food for décor."

"Well, it's a first invention for another use of Pocky!" Saya pointed out.

"But why would you want to use Pocky?" Train asked curiously.

"That is because it reminds me of the first time I met you!" Saya tried to smile but a small tint of red couldn't help but appear on her cheeks.

"Saya…" Train looked softly at Saya.

"I still haven't forgotten how you suddenly came to the rooftop to hide from Rinslet for a prank." Saya smiled in reminiscence. "At that time, I was a new student and I didn't have any friends, so I ate lunch on the rooftop. I was so surprised when I saw you, Train. And you explained that you "were hiding from Death" so I shared that day's Pocky with you. And then after that, I made friends, great friends like Rinslet and Sven and Eve." When Saya saw Train not responding still, she continued, "So you see, it's because of Pocky that I'm with you today. And besides, I really like Pocky!"

Still, Train just stared at Saya, a nostalgic feeling overwhelming him. "But I guess it was quite stupid to put Pocky on Christmas trees." Saya admitted with embarrassment.

"You really want to put Pocky onto Christmas trees?" Train asked. Saya looked up at him with a surprised expression but nonetheless, she nodded.

"Here's what we can do…" Train suggested and Saya listened intently with wide open ears, and a smile after a few minutes later.

At the Christmas party…

"Great décor you got there, Saya." Eve complimented as he took a cup of punch prepared on the table.

"Thank you." The brown-haired girl said grateful. A sudden loud yelp attracted everyone's attention and Saya turned to look at how Rinslet had not-so-lightly twisted Sven's ears.

"You're eating all the food! Be gracious!" Rinslet scolded.

"But we're guests!" The green-haired man retorted, his pained expression earned reasonable giggles, not that that was a polite way.

"This is Saya's party, not yours!" Rinslet pointed out and a whole lecture of don't-eat-so-much poured from her lips.

Saya giggled slightly and looked at with an amused smile. A moment later, Train joined her and offered a piece of Christmas pudding.

"Your party is going quite well." Train said earnestly.

"Yeah," Saya nodded, "I'm glad."


The soft voice caught the emerald-eyed girl's attention and she smiled at Eve.

"What is it, Eve?"

"Did you hang anything edible on the Christmas tree before everyone arrives?" Eve asked innocently with curious eyes staring up at Saya.

"Um…why do you ask?" The brown-haired girl said in a exasperate tone and sweat dropped, including Train who chocked on his Christmas pudding and coughed.

"Because I smelt something when I went near those Christmas trees and I thought you hung cookies on those trees but removed them later." Eve explained and her two listeners stood there agape. "Did I say something wrong?" Eve asked worriedly when she saw their expressions. "Was it my fault for having such a keen nose?"

"No! No, not at all!" Saya quickly said and offered a cookie to the yellow-haired girl. "But I didn't hang up any cookies on the Christmas trees! None at all!" She said hurriedly in a tone which seemingly determined to mask a crime.

"I see." Eve concluded thoughtfully. Then she looks up at Saya with a small smile and said, "But you know, Saya, it would be rather cool to hang Pocky on Christmas trees."

Saya and Train stood there in silence, staring at Eve as if she was an alien or something. They were in such a shock but Train managed to say, "Yeah, it would be kind of cool."

"Hn!" Eve nodded and continued, "I need to go and stop Rinslet before she kills Sven." The trio turned towards the continuing scene of Sven at the mercy of the purple-haired girl. "So there!" Eve gave a small wave and left them, going onto the "limelight" and placed a hand on Rinslet. Saya saw the girl's mouth move, and then the purple-haired girl let go of Sven's ears, to which the victim was looking so thankfully at Eve you would have thought that he was worshipping her.

"By the way, Train," Saya spoke up and the brown-haired boy turned to her, "About what Eve said just now, do you think she knew I hung Pocky on the Christmas trees?"

"I don't know." Train admitted with shrugs. "Let's go take a look."

The two of them went into Saya's bedroom and switched on the lights. There laid two mini Christmas trees on the table with decorations of only Pocky, but the snacks have been shortened to fit with the tree.

"Do you think Eve found out?" Saya asked.


"But how?!"

"Well, maybe she came into the room for something and saw those Pocky trees." Train suggested. "Or maybe it was her 6th sense? She did some unexpected things back in grade three. And then maybe she had great deduction skills. After all, she was way ahead of us in almost everything."

"I guess so." Saya sighed and turned to Train with a small sly smile, "But since we're the only ones here, we should do something the both of us will surely like for Christmas."


And their lips were pressed against each other as Saya hooked her arms around Train's neck, and she felt a pair of strong arms holding firmly onto her waist. They smiled when they broke the kiss and Train said, "Let's go back out. Someone is sure to realize we're missing and suspect something. But when they're gone, I'm going give you something you'll never forget."

"I'm looking forward to it." Saya smiled and they shared a last kiss before leaving the room.

At a corner of the house which had full view of everything, a yellow-haired girl mused to herself, "With a decoration looking so lonely and out of place on the Christmas trees, someone is sure to suspect something." Eve plucked the last chocolate Pocky from the tree, detached the red string used to hook on the tree and ate it. "And because I secretly placed a small mini-camera in Saya's house which captured so many things, I discovered so many things and I'll have so many great ideas for my romance story now. Although if I let someone read, it'll cost me my cool image; I guess the only one who could appreciate my fine art is me." And after silent ramblings to herself, Eve went off for a cup of punch.

Train and Saya didn't have sex. Train proposed to Saya with a diamond ring.

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