'God,' I whispered into Remus's soft brown hair, slowly breathing in the scent of his new shampoo. 'God.' No matter how many times we'd had sex, I could never get over how good it was. Reluctantly, I slid out of him. 'I should go.'

Remus bit his lip and nodded, his right hand reaching out to wipe away a stray bead of sweat rolling down the side of my forehead. I couldn't help but lean in to his touch, and bent forward to kiss him hard.

'I'll see you in the morning,' I said, finally pulling away and getting up.

However, Remus caught me by the wrist just as I was about to reach for my shorts. I looked at him questioningly, and was met by the most soulful gaze I'd ever seen. 'Stay,' he said so softly that it took me a while to understand.


His hold on me tightened. 'Please…just for tonight…'

I pulled my hand away as gently as I could, and focused on getting my clothes back on again instead. 'I have a long day at work tomorrow, Remus.' I pulled on my shorts. 'Besides, it's for the best…sleeping together…it's not our sort of thing, you know.'

Remus looked away. 'Yeah, of course, sorry 'bout that.' For a second I had a feeling I'd hurt him, but when he looked back up again, he had that beautiful smile on his face again; the one that you couldn't help but smile back to.

'Goodnight, Remus.'

I don't think I've introduced myself yet. I'm Sirius Black. A lot of you know me as the heir to the Black family fortune, and though it would be somewhat an accurate description, it's not one I'm quite fond of. Yes, I'm rich by inheritance, but that is only by default. I'm the only Black who had enough brains to know not to delve into political issues not concerning myself, and thus, the only Black who survived. My parents never liked me, and hadn't even seen me since I was sixteen, and running away from their Godforsaken house.

Let's just say that we weren't on the friendliest of terms and leave it at that. Therefore, I beg you not to refer to the stereotype notion of me being a Black and thus, undoubtedly evil. Infact, if you look beyond the box, you'll see that I do have a job in a well-established firm, I cook my own food every alternate day of the week, I do my own laundry every fortnight and am an excellent Godfather and babysitter to an adorable two year old on weekends. Apart from that, I'm drop dead gorgeous, rich and great in bed. Oh, and I forgot to mention, humble.

But this story isn't about me or how great I am in bed. Well, the latter does have a slight part, but mainly, it's about how the root to every disaster is love. Now, before you start protesting and pelting me with rocks, I want you to give me a chance to explain. I am a lawyer after all, and the previous statement will be backed up with strong and well-organised evidence. The characters, places and incidents henceforth, are all non ficticious, and any infringement of their rights will leave me crumpled in a dark alley, uncomfortably close to the dumpster.


After I'd run away from home, the first person I'd thought of turning to, was my best friend in the world – James Potter. James and I had known each other since we were in nappies. Our parents were both rich and thus attended nearly all the same parties. So like everything in my life, I found friendship in James by default as well. We even ended up in all the same schools up until graduation and competed not only for the best grades, but also for the greatest number of detentions.

We'd become so close at one point that people were often mistaking us for brothers and neither of us bothered to correct them. So when I'd ended up standing on the Potter's doorstep, soggy and shivering from my mishap with the neighbour's sprinklers, it was only obvious that I would be adopted as part of the family.

It was even more obvious that the two of us would end up sharing a flat together as we progressed into our respective careers. Of course, this assumption was made long before James Potter graduated to fourth year and met Lily Evans – the heat to his groin and the pain in mine.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love Lily, I truly do. She's a wonderful woman – caring, sweet, an efficient manufacturer of babies, and the best cookie maker in the history of cookie making, but otherwise, not to smart. Most people would beg to differ. She had afterall topped the Dean's list in all four years of her University career, but didn't have enough sense to not get drunk on graduation day and moreover use protection while having sex with James Potter.

Yes, Lily Evan got pregnant, and as a result I, Sirius Black, best friend and brother in arms to James Potter was kicked out of my own house. Lesson no. 1: love will steal your best froend.

'Come on, Sirius. Don't you think you're overreacting a bit? It's not the end of the world, you know!'

I banged my fist on the table. Overreacting? No I was not overreacting, thank you very much. 'Hell, yes, it's the end of the world! I can't believe you're abandoning me for…for…'

'A woman I'm getting married to?' asked James, raising a sardonic eyebrow.

Too much, it was just too much. How could he do this to me? 'We wouldn't even be having this conversation if you had the brains to use a bloody condom!'

James ruffled his hair, a habit he'd picked up whenever he was trying to impress someone or was particularly agitated. 'I was drunk. It was miracle I got it up!'

'Well, God bless you! A miraculous penis, and in nine months, a miraculous baby!'

James was silent for a while, probably allowing me to calm down. I didn't. 'Look, Sirius, it's not like I'm asking you to move out of my life. We're still best friends, you know…and we can still hang out and get a drink or two…just, I think it's time we got on with our lives…took responsibility and all that…'

I sighed heavily. For the first time, James Potter had failed to see my point. This wasn't about me living someplace else. I was afraid. Yes, it's unbelievable, but I was. I was terrified to do something on my own, without a friend to back me up. I was afraid of how this new life James was adopting would have no place for me in it. Sirius Black wasn't exactly known for his domesticity. And though I've always been quite popular, James was and still is the only friend I've ever had…and things were going so perfectly, you see. We dated, we drank, we had sex when we needed it…but at the end of the day, it was always just the two of us, beer and the tv. Why things had to change, I just didn't understand!

'I'll leave, James,' I said finally, not being able to look up at him. 'If that's what you want, I'll leave tomorrow itself…you and Lily, you have a good life with that kid of yours, yeah?'

James slapped me up the head. 'You can be a right melodramatic prat, you know that? Trying to make me look like the bad guy here.' He grabbed me by the shoulders. 'Look, Lily and I…we've been talking a lot…and we've decided to make you our baby's Godfather…'

My jaw dropped open. Me? Secondary caretaker to a living being? Had Lily managed to vapourise his brain during intercourse? 'James-'

'No, listen…we figured, it would be really great if you could be there at all times for the kid, you know. Mrs. Plentforth – the old cat lady – she's moving out in a week…and we'd like you to take up the flat before anyone else does. Put up an ad in the paper for a roommate, if you think the apartment's too big for you.'

It was a good offer, it really was, and part of me wanted to take it, but – 'I-'

James's hold tightened on my shoulders. 'Sirius, please, for me…'

And that was how I found myself face to face with Remus Lupin…