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Kiba walked over to the brook and splashed water in his face. This was getting ridiculous! He glanced over to the sleeping Hyuuga. Shit… He splashed more water in his face. He had trouble enough keeping his hands off of Neji in the first place. Some random person was always got a handful of dog-nin and was always pleased when Kiba came home from a misson together with Neji. The Hyuuga-prodigy was beautiful, sexy, smart, a kick-ass ninja, hot… And now this! It was practically killing Kiba. Akamaru raised his head towards his master and best friend.

"Shut up!" Kiba hissed. "He is not inviting me to anything! He's asleep! He's dreaming!" Kiba froze when he heard a moan. Oh God! Not this too! Kiba laid his hands over his ears. No, he couldn't take this anymore. Just the smell of Nejis arousal made him want to do things he doubted Neji would like at all. Kiba got up to his feet. He had to wake him up. He would be pissed when he found out it was two more hours until his watch was supposed to begin, but Kiba would have to endure that. It would be a hell of a lot easier than what he was going through now.

Neji let out another moan. Kiba stopped right next to him and looked down on the flushed face. Nejis lips looked so wet and soft and-

"Fuck." Kiba hissed and shook Nejis shoulder. "Neji. Neji wake up."

Neji opened his eyes and looked around a bit confused.

"Kiba?" he said and sat up suddenly as the memories of the dream twirled around in his head. He glanced at Kiba who went over to the brook and splashed even more water in his face. What he needed was an ice-cold shower or bath. The brook wasn't big enough.

Neji blushed. Kiba did no doubt know what Neji had been dreaming about. But did he know about whom…?

"Did I say anything?" Neji asked.

"Huh?" Kiba didn't look around at his temporary team-mate.

"When I was asleep? Did I talk?"

"No. No you didn't talk."

Neji looked surprised at Kiba. Being the expert of reading people he knew what Kiba wanted. He swallowed hard. This couldn't be… He had heard people in the village talk about Kiba. He liked both men and women alike. That was what had gotten Nejis head spinning. The dreams had started then. And the jealousy he felt whenever Kiba was flirting with other people. Other people… He hadn't flirted with Neji at all. Neji didn't know if it was because he wasn't interested or if it was because of Nejis family. Every new week, Kiba would have a new person by his side. It was killing Neji. But now… Kiba wanted him? Neji felt his stomage flutter and cheeks burning.

Everybody knew of the behaviour of the Inuzuka-clan. Some people called it animalistic. When an Inuzuka-member hit puberty he or she started to look for a mate. That meant a lot of sleeping around to find the perfect match. A good personality, good sex, good parenting abilities, preferably a good ninja and without an advanced bloodline better than the Inuzuka one. Nothing should compete with the fact that all Inuzukas were dog-nins or worked with animals in some sort of way. Therefore Neji could never be together with Kiba. Neji mentally slapped himself. Was he just thinking that he wanted to share his life with Kiba? This crush he had on the dog-nin was getting out of hand…

He couldn't take his eyes off Kiba as he shook his head to get the water out of his hair, just like a dog. Neji smiled. He also knew that when an Inuzuka had chosen a mate and marked that person, it lasted for life. Nobody could break that bond. The Inuzuka would never look at another with interest and desire again and anybody who did this towards the mate, was in deep shit. In the mate died, the Inuzuka would not look for a new partner. Once the heart was given away it would never come back. That was the reason Neji got to his feet. Kiba was 19 now, and had not yet found a mate. Most found theirs around the age of 20 and no one above 25 was without. Neji knew that if he wanted to be with Kiba, if only for one time, this would be it. This was the only opportunity. Kiba wanted him and Neji didn't care at the moment that maybe it was only a reaction to the way he, no doubt, smelled.

"Where's Akamaru?" Neji asked and walked over to Kiba. Kiba stood up and looked around.

"He's off there somewhere." He growled and nodded towards the trees on the other side of the brook. "I told him to stay close…"

Neji smirked. The dog was smart. He knew something would happen before the two humans did and he had left to let them be alone. Kiba glanced at Neji. He wasn't mad that Kiba had waken him up. Something was different.

"Kiba, I wa-was just… uhm…"

Kiba frowned. Did Neji just stutter?

"You were just what?"


Kiba blushed.

"Yeah, that's why I woke you up. Nightmare?" he looked away to hide his red face.

"No, it wasn't and you know that." Neji said quickly. Better fast then stuttering. Kiba swallowed.

"It's okey, I-"

"I dreamt about you." Neji interrupted.

Kiba stiffened.


"I dreamt about you." Kiba stared at Neji who looked straight into Kibas eyes. The insecurity gone. He knew what they both wanted and he was going to get it.

"You want me right?" he continued. Kiba did nothing but stare in to the silver eyes. Neji took another step closer to Kiba and looked up at him. Kiba was slightly taller than the Hyuuga. They could feel the other's breath on their faces.

"I know you want me." Neji whispered. "I can see it in your face. And I want you." Neji laid his right hand on Kibas neck and nestled his long fingers into the brown spikes. He pulled down Kibas head carefully the remaining inch and kissed him. First careful sucking and nibbling but soon Neji opened his lips and licked on Kibas bottom lip. Kiba opened his mouth and met Nejis tongue. God, it felt so good! Kiba felt as if his legs were made out of jelly.

Neji laid his left arm around Kibas shoulders and deepened the kiss more, making sure to know every centimetre of the dog-nins mouth. Kiba laid his hands on Nejis hips and pulled him closer. They broke apart for much needed air. They just panted and kept looking into the others eyes. Nejis hand let go of Kibas hair and travelled down over his neck to the zipper of Kibas jacket. He pulled it down slowly and when he was almost done, Kiba started to kiss him again. Nejis hand travelled up under Kibas shirt against his skin. Kiba moaned into Nejis mouth. They Hyuuga pushed the jacket of his shoulders and lifted up his shirt pulling it over Kibas head. Kiba himself started to open Nejis robes as his own upper body was rid of all clothes. The robes fell to the ground and Kiba almost attacked Nejis neck.

Neji moaned when Kibas mouth travelled over his neck and left shoulder. His head fell back and he grasped for his breath when Kiba kissed the spot just below where his collarbone and shoulder met. Kiba smirked as he felt the shiver go down Nejis spine. So this spot was sensitive? He would remember that. Nejis hand found their way back up to Kibas hair and yanked him up, clashing their lips together. Kiba started to take of Neji his pants and the older man let out a relived sigh when Kiba pushed them off him. His erection was free of the pressure. He ran his nails over Kibas shoulders and Kiba groaned. Neji caught his mouth in an attempt to feel the vibrations.

"I've waited so long for this…" Kiba mumbled into Nejis mouth before kissing him again. Neji pulled back to look into the brunettes eyes. They were darker than usual and misty of arousal and want.

"Really?" Neji said and smiled a little.

Kiba answered by kissing him again.

Kiba tore of his foreheadprotector and threw it on the ground, then he did the same with Nejis. He felt a flutter in his heart as the bangs of almost black hair fell into Nejis face.

'He's so beautiful…' Kiba thought. 'And he wants me!'

"Give me your hand." Neji whispered and took a hold of Kibas wrist. He lifted it up towards his face and let his own slip up so he held his fingers over the back of Kibas hand. He pressed down the pinkie and ringfinger with his thumb and put the two remaining fingers against his lips. He glanced up at Kiba who looked at his mouth in fascination. Neji smirked and slid the fingers in on his tongue. Kiba swallowed hard. Neji closed his eyes and sucked and licked on the fingers, swirling his tongue around them before pulling them out with a little popping sound. He let the hand go and Kiba laid them against Nejis entrance.

"Do it." Neji commanded. Kiba pushed them in slowly. Nejis head fell back and parted his lips, grasping for breath.


Kiba pulled the fingers out, almost all the way, before thrusting them back in again. Neji kissed Kiba again.

"Faster, Kiba…" Neji moaned and laid his arms around Kibas shoulders. Kiba complied and kissed that spot next to Nejis shoulder that felt so good.

Neji moaned and ran his nails over Kibas shoulders again. Kiba pulled out the ribbon holding Nejis hair together with his free hand and ran his fingers through it. Kiba started to scissor his fingers inside of Neji to make him ready. Neji kissed Kibas cheek and soon Kiba met his mouth with his own.

"I'm ready, Kiba." Neji said hoarsly. "I need you in me…" Kiba nodded. Nejis hands travelled down over Kibas torso down to his pants. He unbuttoned them and pushed them down together with his boxers. Kiba pulled out his fingers.

"Lay down." He said and Neji laid down in the grass. It was summer and the night was still warm. Kiba went down on his knees between Nejis legs and bent down to kiss his lover with his hands on each side of Nejis head. Neji answered it passionately before moaning;

"Kiba, don't tease me. Give me what I want."

Kiba smirked, and Neji saw a shining white fang. Kiba was turning into his more animalistic self. He positioned himself at Nejis entrance and glanced up at the black-haired man before thrusting into him. Neji arched his back in painful bliss.

"Kiba!" he hissed. Kiba looked down at the man beneath him. He couldn't think straight. All he had was instincts. He thrust again and heard Neji moan. It wasn't enough. He needed him to scream his pleasure. He changed his angle a little and thrust again. No that wasn't it. He changed again. No, still not it. He changed a third time and now Neji screamed.

"Oh God! There!" Kiba smirked showing off his fangs. He thrust again and again. Neji kept screaming and moaning. Neji didn't know it could feel this way. It felt so incredibly good. All he could think about was that he wanted it and he wanted more.

"Kiba, faster! Harder!" Kiba grunted as an answer and did as he was told. Neji felt it build up and he arched his back and dug his nails into Kibas back as he came over their bellies.

"Kiba!" he screamed out.

Kiba felt Neji tighten around him and a few thrusts later he came into him. They panted together and looked into eachothers eyes. Neji saw the animal inside of Kiba and he wondered what he was thinking.

"Neji…" Kiba whispered and the dark glow in his eyes started to disappear. His arms wouldn't keep him up anymore and he almost fell against Nejis chest after pulling out of him. Neji ran his hands over Kibas back over and over. One hand crept up into Kibas neckhair and stayed there as the other kept stroking Kibas back, fingers following his spine. Kiba smiled. He liked it. He noticed the red spot by Nejis shoulder. The place he liked to be kissed. He kissed it softly and his thoughts went away once more. He kissed it again.

"Kiba…" Neji whispered. He didn't want anything. Just to say his name. Kiba kept kissing the spot, then lick it a few times. He started to nibble on it with bigger and bigger movements. He opened his mouth, running his fangs across the soft skin and was just about to bite down, when he heard Akamaru bark. He froze. What the hell was he doing? He got off Neji quickly and looked around startled.

"What's wrong?" Neji sat up. "What did he say?"

"Don't worry. Nothing's wrong." Kiba grabbed his boxers and his pants.

"Then why-"

"I'm just gonna go and-"

"Something is wrong" What did he say?" Neji got up to his knees and grabbed Kibas wrist. He looked up at him with demanding eyes. "Is somebody out there?" he asked and was just about to activate his Byakugan when he felt Kibas lips on his own.

"I was just about to do something I shouldn't. Don't worry Neji. It doesn't concern you. It's nothing." Kiba said and got free from Nejis grasp. He put on his clothes and walked away. Neji looked after him and saw him disappear among the trees in Akamarus direction. He started to put his clothes back on. He touched the red spot on his shoulder before closing his robe. He couldn't shake the feeling of being denied something he craved for. But what?


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