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It was so quiet…

Bakura smirked, his boots clunking heavily against the salt-worn boards of the deck. Twenty pairs of eyes followed him as he walked, his head held high and hands behind his back.

"Just the usual tonight, boys." Bakura's voice filled the air. "I know you're all a-hankering for summat shiny." He started walking past the row of men, smirking. True, they didn't look like much, a motley looking crew of rags and eye patches, but Bakura thought he had the best crew in the world. The man smirked. "But tonight, we'll be a-saving the cannonballs, so make sure you load up your guns." Twenty heads nodded. "I'll stay here." Bakura paused at the end of the row, and clapped a hand on a bony shoulder. "With Malik." Lavender eyes stared up at him sullenly. "Don't give me that look."

"Want anything?" A blonde head peeked out from the line of straight backs. Bakura looked up, and arched a slender white eyebrow. "Sir?"

"Well..." Bakura stepped back from Malik, who growled gently, crossing his arms. "A bit of company would be nice… If you get my drift." Everyone smiled nastily. "You know what I like."

"Yes sir." Joey smirked. "No other cut?" Bakura shook his head, and turned on his heel. He stared out across the bay. The Black Grail was crouched like a spider in the corner of it's web. Although the moon was full, it was shrouded in thick cloud, completely hiding the pirate ship.

"Nah." Bakura smirked at the small English town, clinging to the large rocks. There were only a few little sparks of little, oil lamps still flickering at this late hour. It was miles away from anywhere, it's port was almost empty, and they had no army. Bakura couldn't have thought up a better place to raid if he tried. "Orright." Bakura spun around on his heel again, scrutinizing his crew. "Move out!" The ragged band all nodded emphatically, scurrying across the deck to the lifeboats. Only Malik remained behind, staring down at his bare feet.

"'Snot fair." He muttered, crossing his bony arms. Bakura only sighed, and rolled his eyes.

"Malik Ishtar, you are the most unruly little slave I have ever met-"

"I'm not!" The words that tumbled from those lips were cold with anger. Bakura only frowned, his hands on his hips. "I'm not." He repeated weakly, shaking his head. Strands of blonde hair fell into his eyes, but he ignored them.

"I should punish you for your defiance." Bakura muttered through gritted teeth, staring at the Egyptian. "But I won't." Malik only bit his lip, and looked away.

"I thought you didn't play favourites." He sighed, shuffling his feet. Bakura stared at the teenager for a long moment, before looking away.

"I don't." The pirate captain turned away. "Now come downstairs and I'll give you a game of Rummy."

Malik nodded, staring out over the sea. He could just make out the tiny shapes of lifeboats skimming across the water, heading to the town. Oh man.

Ryou sighed to himself settling against the pillows. He held Othello in his hands, and his wide brown eyes were focused on the pages intently. The thick book was a gift from his tutor, in celebrance of his fifteenth birthday three days ago, and he was already up to Act V. The oil lamp at his bedside table burned brightly, effectively lighting up the page. The sky was as black as ink inside, and it was very cold, but Ryou, curled up in bed under his thick blankets, was warm and comfortable. He was so entranced, and caught up in the play, that he was totally shut off to the rest of the world. He never heard the thumps of the pirates as they jumped onto the dock, or the bangs of wooden doors being knocked down.

He jumped, though, at the first gunshot. Ryou tore his eyes away from the page, a stab of fear slicing through his heart. He placed his thumb in the page, and got up on his knees, to look out the little window that hung over his bed. What he saw made his jaws drop.


The band of thieves were running down the little lane, guns and torches in hand. They ran into the houses, and came back with sacks of loot. They stabbed and shot down those who stood in their way, or tried to defend their treasures, even the women and children. Ryou fell back on his rear, the book tumbling to the mattress.


Ryou gasped, freezing. His limbs started shaking, and he looked over to the lamp. Put it out! He scrambled across his comfortable bed, his trembling fingers groping for the little tweak on his lamp. He turned it, shutting out the light. Now, the only light that entered the room was the light that came from the flames outside. They'd started lighting the looted houses on fire, locking doors and torching the wooden houses with families still locked inside. Ryou whimpered, and looked around his room. He was exhausted from staying up half the night reading for the past two days, but now Ryou was alert. His chocolate orbs darted to his bed, and the small space underneath it. His heart thudding in fear, the teenager flung himself down onto the floorboards, and rolled. The valance dangled over the bed, hiding the teenager from view. Ryou scooted across the floorboards, which were coated in a thick sheen of dust (Ryou never swept under his bed like he was supposed to), until he was pressed against the wall, shivering in his thin nightshirt.

"Don't come to us." Ryou begged, pressing his face against the wood. "Please… Leave Mother and Father and I alone…" He bit on his lip hard, clenching his hands together. He tried to make himself as small as possible, his heart thudding in his ribcage like a drum in his chest.

Ryou squeaked as the door to his house banged open. He whimpered, holding his hands over his head. Go away, go away, go away

The town had always feared pirates. Being a tiny little settlement of less than two hundred people, they were always prone to attack. And because they were so far away from any other help… It had become a safeguard, a tradition, for all of the young boys to receive combat, in case such an even happened. But that would be nothing against hardened pirates, Ryou had always known.

Tears pricked the whitnette's eyes as he heard screams downstairs. They sounded like Mother… If Ryou was stronger and braver, he would run downstairs, hollering and yelling, and grabbing the sword over the mantle to protect himself and his mother. But he wasn't. He was a scholar, not a fighter. And although he heard thuds, and heavy footsteps growing ever closer to his room, Ryou was just too scared to move a muscle, for fear he would get caught.

The door to his room was opened so forcefully, that it rebounded against the wall hard. Ryou gasped, and then held a hand over his mouth. The urge to cry grew.

"'ello?" The whitenette's voice crawled at the drawling, accented voice.

"No one's here, Joe. No shiny shit in here, let's go."

"Wait." Ryou held his breath as he heard the first man walking across the floorboards, to his bedside table. Joey pressed an index finger against the glass shade of Ryou's oil lamp, and jumped back.

"Fuck. That's hot. The brat's in here somewhere." Ryou's eyes widened, and his heart was beating painfully. The teenager tried to stop it, to quieten his pounding heart for fear that the pirates would be able to hear it. Joey's coffee coloured eyes scanned the room, and settled on the bed. "Aha."

No! Ryou mentally screamed, starting to hyperventilate as Joeys' feet stopped beside the bed. He backed into the little corner the bed was pressed against desperately, shivering in the cold. Joey bent down, and grabbed the valance in his grimy hands. Rather than just lifting it up, he tore the section of material away completely, and peered underneath the bed.

"Hello." Ryou yelped, trying to back under the bed even further at the sight of the ragged-looking blonde. There was a flash of gold teeth, bared in a grin, before Ryou felt a bony hand on his hair. Joey smiled at the teens screams as he wound a hand around Ryou's silky white locks, dragging him out from under the bed. The whitenette thrashed in desperation every inch of the way, but his strength was no match for the hardened vagrant.

"Let me go!" Ryou yelped, trying to claw at Joeys hands, and failing. The blonde only smirked, easily pinning Ryou to the ground with one hand. He brushed the soft locks away from Ryou's face with his free hand, his breath catching in his throat as he stared down at Ryou's face.

"Fuck she's pretty." Ryou gasped as a second face hovered over him, and he closed his eyes. Tristan smirked.

"I'm not a girl…" He whimpered. The teenager honestly thought that this would improve his bleak situation, but Joey's smile grew, and he raised his eyes up to look at Tristan.

"Really?" Joey leaned over a little, to whisper into Ryou's ear. "That's good luck then." Ryou froze. "Our captain just loves young boys, don't 'e, Tristan?" The whitenette's eyes swelled in fear, and he started struggling madly again. Tears pricked at his eyes in horror. This wasn't happening… This couldn't be happening! He's obviously fallen asleep whilst reading Othello. Yeah… That was it.

"Let me go!" Ryou cried out as Joey stood up. He wrapped his arms easily around Ryou's chest. The teenage was crying, knowing that the blonde who held him in this grip could easily crush his ribs, if he wanted to. "Please." Joey and Tristan only laughed.

"Hear that?" Joey walked across the room easily, Ryou starting to cry. "The brat's got manners. Bet 'es aristocratic." The blonde pirate had a little trouble getting his tongue around the last word. Tristan laughed.

"I'm not." Ryou moaned. "People think I am because of my appearance, but I'm not…" He hiccupped on the last word, sobbing. "I-I'm not worth anything… Please let me go…"

"'E speaks like a right royal." Joey yanked hard on Ryou's hair, forcing the teenager to look him in the eye. "Mebbe e's worth summat."

"I'm not." Ryou moaned weakly, shaking his head. "I'm not… Please, I'm just a little villager. I-I have nothing for you to take…"

"He knows his letters." Tristan held up the copy of Othello, which was still on the bedside table. "Pretty smart for a villager."

"Let me go." Ryou whispered, bowing his head. "I-I'm nothing special, I swear. Please… Please… Let me go. I-I beg of you…" Joey only laughed.

"Sorry kid. I got orders from the 'ead cheese, see." The blonde started walking towards the door, Ryou screaming and crying in his arms. Tristan followed, slamming the door behind him. Ryou moaned weakly, beating his fists against Joey's side, but to no avail. "Did ya get the shit from the rooms?" Tristan ginned, shaking the sack he held in his left hand. Ryou's eyes widened at the sound of clinking metals.

"I-Is that our pewter?" He cried out, kicking his feet against Joey's shin and having absolutely no effect on the pirate. "Y-You thieving scoundrels! Those were my fathers…"

"'E don't need it." Joey smirked nastily as the reached the bottom of the narrow stairs, crossing the entranceway to the main living room. Ryou's heart froze as he caught a glimpse of two still bodies sprawled across the floor, blood spreading across the floorboards.

"No." He gasped, his mouth falling open. Silver bangs fell into his eyes, but he didn't bother trying to brush them away. "No." His parents… They weren't… They couldn't. Ryou sank, limp in Joey's arms, closing his eyes. "No no no no no no no no no..." The blonde raised an eyebrow at Ryou's mantra, casting an eye over to the shaking form in his arms. Ryou bowed his head as he cried, his breathing coming out in harsh, shallow gasps as he sobbed.

The single street of the tiny fishing town was lined with shattered pieces of furniture and dead bodies. Most of the houses at this point were burning, and the only people that still lived were the vagrant pirates, shooting from their guns and laughing in sadistic pleasure at what they had done.

"Joey!" The blonde grinned as a tall, bony figure stopped beside him, a heavy sack in one hand. The pirate's emerald eyes gleamed mischievously.

"Devlin." The blonde smirked. "I got Bakura's share 'ere." He jerked his head to the limp figure in his arms. Ryou had stopped struggling, and he just stared at the scene as it unfolded before him, his eyes as wide as saucers and his lip trembling.

"Y-You…" Ryou started hyperventilating, shaking his head. "No." Joey only laughed, turning away from Devlin and starting towards the only dock.

"Get the rest of 'em." Joey called over his shoulder. "Come on, Tristan." The brunette followed, shifting the sack to his other hand to relieve some of the stress on his wrist.

"No!" Ryou started screaming, thrashing about in Joey's arms once more. "No!" Joey swore as Ryou managed to kick him just above his knee, and bit his lip. He managed to stagger across the docks, however, jumping into the large lifeboat that had been tied there. Tristan followed suit, the sack clanking heavily in the bottom. Ryou was shaking his head as he fought against Joey, sobbing.

"Aw, bloody 'ell." Joey grumbled as he kept Ryou's arms pinned against his sides. "Calm down, you slippery little-"

"No!" Ryou howled, thrashing about like an eel. "Let me go! I demand you unhand me right now, you filthy little-"

"OI!" Ryou gasped as Joey slapped him roughly across the face. The force of the blow turned Ryou's face to one side, and he stared out across the water, shaking. "You watch it boy, or I'll cut yer tongue out." Ryou closed his eyes, pressing his lips together as he fought back a fresh wave of tears. "Come on Tristan, give me the stuff." The brown-haired man smirked, and started fumbling with a different stack underneath the boards of the boat.

"Found it." Ryou whimpered as Tristan's hand closed around a small glass bottle. His heart was thudding in his chest, and he felt sick with grief and fear and shock. The impact of his parents dead, and his town totally destroyed, was yet to fully sink in. Ryou's eyes widened as Tristan uncorked the bottle, his tearful chocolate orbs lingering on the thick brown liquid that was inside.

"Don't…" Ryou whimpered as Joey forced his head back. He cried, struggling in vain. Tristan smirked, starting to tip the bottle over Ryou's face. The whitenette closed his mouth firmly, turning his face away. Joey sneered, gripping Ryou's face firmly and holding it in place. Ryou whimpered as Tristan's spare hand tried to force his mouth open, his feet kicking in desperation. The whitenette kept his lips firmly together however, and Tristan wasn't able to prise them open. He changed tack, however, and pinched Ryou's little nose easily with his bony fingers. Ryou's eyes widened, and fresh tears filled his eyes. He tried his hardest to hold his breath, slowing the pace of his limbs in order to preserve his oxygen. He couldn't breathe at all, and his lungs were burning. Ryou closed his eyes as he started to feel dizzy, whimpering. Eventually, the whitenette parted his lips, taking a deep gasp of air, which was cool and soothing against his burning lungs. Tristan immediately upended the bottle over Ryou's mouth, until a good amount had been poured down his throat. Tristan sat back, removing his hands from Ryou's nose and corking the bottle the once more. Ryou coughed and spluttered as the liquid trickled down his throat. It was awful, burning his insides like a fire. Joey chuckled as Ryou gasped for air, choking.

"Nighty night." Joey released his hold on Ryou, who tumbled to the floor of the boat, moaning. The heavily-drugged liquid worked on Ryou almost immediately, and the docile teenager could feel his vision darkening, and his limbs growing numb…

He was out in another few moments, sprawled out along the floor of the boat, which rocked from side to side as more and more of the pirate crew jumped into the boat, all hefting sacks of semi-precious belongings with them. The boat was dangerously low in the water as six of them started to row, which earned the crew a bit of water in the bottom of the boat whenever they hit a large wave. That, coupled with a small leak in the boards, meant there was a fair bit of water sloshing around the bottom of the boat. Ryou groaned weakly, his clothes and hair sodden with dirty, salty water, unconscious.

And his hometown, the place where he was born, where he had never, ever left in his whole life before now, slowly burned to the ground.

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