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Cassandra's cries were unbearable. Never had Jane seen anyone in so much anguish all at once. It had been barely an hour since her father had received the fateful letter, and already Cassandra's throat was hoarse, her hair coming out of it's clasp as she lay on her bed, her body shaking with sobs. She'd collapsed when she heard the news, standing up to snatch the letter before her legs crumpled beneath her and Henry had to reach out and catch her. She hadn't started crying until Jane and her mother had led her upstairs, pale as a ghost, repeating his name over and over in a dull monotone.

Mrs Austen had gone downstairs to fetch some camomile and Jane was left alone with her sister. For the first time in their lives, Jane couldn't think of anything to say, anything to make it better. Cassandra had quieted slightly, the exhaustion of so much grief all at once obviously affecting her, but the tears still seeped from her eyelashes silently. Jane walked over slowly and brushed Cassandra's hair from her face, pink and tear-streaked. Cassandra closed her eyes and began to mumble again, addressing Jane in whispers

'I never even got to kiss him,' she said quietly before letting out a burst of laughter 'Call me crude, sister, but I never did.' Jane was silent, but continued to stroke her sister's hair.

'The way he used to look at me…goodness Jane, it took my breath away. And the way he'd hold my hand when no one was looking…' her face screwed itself up again and she shook slightly as she cried. 'I should have told him I loved him. I should have told him every moment I had. Oh, it all sounds so dramatic doesn't it? I feel ridiculous, but it's the truth.'

Jane pulled her sister into a hug, burying her face in Cassandra's tangled hair and crying with her. She was thinking hard, regretfully, not of Thomas Fowle, but of a different Thomas, one with a roguish smile and an annoying and irritating way of reading her mind. And it was at that moment she decided that her characters, beloved creations she had yet to write, would have everything they ever desired.

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