Summary: James catches his two mates in the kitchen doing fishy stuff one night… siriusXremus

Pairing: Sirius Black X Remus J. Lupin

One night, James woke up to find that both Sirius and Remus were gone. Their beds were empty and he had no clue as to where they could be. Half awake, the boy took the Marauder's Map from the desk.

"I solemnly swear that I'm up no good…" he hissed. The ink began to spread all over the parchment, forming a perfect map of Hogwarts. He trailed his hand over it to check his friends' whereabouts. His hand stopped at… the kitchen. Yes, both of them were there.

Wearing the invisibility cloak, James sneaked down the dormitory and headed towards the kitchen. After several minutes of walking, he arrived at his destination at last. After he tickled the pear, he was just about to open the handle that appeared there, when suddenly, the sound of voices interrupted him. He stopped and listened.

"I'm not sure if we should do this, Padfoot. Seriously." It was Remus's voice.

"Moony you're no fun… I know you want this…" Sure enough, there was Sirius's voice. His tone was playful, and somehow excited.

James gulped.

"It's wrong. It's just wrong."

"You'll like it… You'll ask for more, I'm sure…"

James was shocked at what he was hearing and dropped his jaw in disbelief. His best friends… were gay… And worse… They hid it from him for so long! He was slightly angered and was about to burst in through the door until he heard Remus shriek.

"No Sirius…!"

"Trust me," The other answered.

Something was actually happened inside. For a few moments, it was silent. James pressed his ear against the painting, trying to hear more. He expected to hear the brunette's refusal, but then…

"Mmm…" said the werewolf.

"See? It turns up good? Heh, what I've been telling ya, Moony…"

"Uh-huh… Pad, maybe we can do this again some other time…" a hint of grins could be heard on his tone.

"Of course… With James."

In the mention of his name, James quickly rammed the door open.

"No! I'm not a freaking gay!" he shouted unintentionally. He looked inside to find both of his friends eating a cake, and to his surprise-fully clothed

"Prongs? What the…"

James flustered. "What the fuck is happening??"

"We… snuck out to eat something from the kitchen…" Remus answered plainly.

"Yea, and Moony refused for he hasn't really done this before… I mean… sneaking to the kitchen to 'steal' something… And in addition, the cake's colored weird… I was trying to insist that it was just food coloring thingies and the taste is great…" Sirius said.

"S… So both of you aren't..?" James started. "And why you didn't wake me up???"

"Well, we tried, Prongs. But you just kept snoring…"

"Bloody hell… So... you're not…" he gulped. "Doing… err… stuff?"

Sirius laughed hard at this. "You think we had a session or something?"

"Well, you two sounded weird, that's all! It isn't my fault…" James murmured.

Sirius laughed. His lips then curved into a smirk and muttered something to Remus. "But doing it in the kitchen is a good idea, don't you think, Moony?"

Remus blushed madly.

"What did you say, Pad?" James raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing…" Sirius replied. "By the way Prongs… want some cake?"


Author's Note: This is my first HP fic and it's an RLxSB… Yes, I know I need a beta… My grammar is AWFUL… Anyone wants to be my beta? Anyway, please do not flame too hard XD it's my first SiriRemus fic and that is why I'm excited about this. X3

Special thx to: Scision, and demonumber666 u guys help me.. a lot hugs XD