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Summary: Somehow Sakura was always invisible. She played the guitar, but no one cared. No one ever saw her. Until Sasuke heard her… SasuSaku

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Invisible Girl

Chapter One



She opened the door as quietly as humanely possible, pushing it open slowly so it wouldn't even squeak. The bell had only rung about a minute ago, she was fine. Besides, it was the first day of school. Any teacher with a heart would let her off with a warning.

"Miss Haruno! You're late again!"

Or not. "But – !"

"I don't want to hear it! Just take your seat! It's the only one left, as you can tell. Since you were LATE."

She sighed. "Fineeee," Sakura grumbled, walking further into the classroom. She walked to her seat, third row, and fifth desk – the only desk open. By some odd twist of fate, she had sat here for math class for the last two years. Yep, she and that bit of table were good friends now. If you asked her, she could probably draw out on a piece of paper every scratch, carving, and pencil hole that had been carved into it.

And somehow, she always sat in front of him in math, their entire high school career. When she was a freshman, she had grudgingly been plopped in front of him. As a sophomore, the teacher had been extremely lazy, and had told them to just sit where they did the year before. This added up to two years, and now it was the start of a third year. Seatmates for two years already, yet he didn't ever notice her. She wasn't exactly Normie McGee either.

Haruno Sakura, age sixteen, a junior at Konoha High School. In a nutshell she had pink hair, green eyes, and a big forehead. She was unpopular, overly sarcastic, and the only useful talent she possessed was the ability to play the guitar. Social Status: Invisible.

Uchiha Sasuke, age sixteen, a junior at Konoha High School. Girls fawned over his raven-black hair, and onyx eyes. The personification of 'popular', the boy radiated arrogance, and he was the captain of the varsity basketball team. He was a hot, cocky bastard. In short, everyone adored him.

Two teens, complete opposites, so different it seemed impossible, and yet, every math class, Sakura sat in front if him. But he never noticed her. NEVER. Well, unless she was getting yelled at. But come on, you thought the freakish hair would attract someone's attention. Not that she cared, but she was a bit miffed at this.

The teacher began going into a speech about how they were juniors now, and how math was more important than ever. Yeah right. That's what they had said in freshman and sophomore year too. Honestly, who gave a flying fuck about trigonometry? Triangles weren't everything!

Sakura took out her notebook, and pretended to take notes, even though she was actually composing the lyrics for her new song. She had had that melody stuck in her brain forever, so she had to get the lyrics down soon, or else she might go insane. Yes, little nobody Sakura wrote her own songs and could play them on her guitar, but no one really cared. Besides, she wasn't a freak who liked to flaunt and advertise their talents to attract attention.

When the bell finally rang (first period math should die, she had decided), Sakura gathered her stuff, and waited for everyone else to clear the room. After all, there was no use rushing to try and squeeze past through the Just Rang Bell Mob when it clearly wouldn't do her any good. Sasuke was sensible like that too, walking down past her only after the initial clump of people had cleared. She watched him discreetly, a small, dreamy look subconsciously crawling its way onto her face.

As usual, he didn't even see her. He just strolled by to meet up with his basketball buddies, Hyuuga Neji, Uzumaki Naruto, Gaara, Rock Lee, and Nara Shikamaru.

It wasn't that Sakura hadn't expected that to happen by now, but she sighed in disappointment all the same. When everyone was gone, she headed out the door to her locker. She twisted the dial, yanked on the handle, failed, then repeated. After three well aimed punches and a throbbing fist, the metal door creaked open.

Yeah, students were allowed to carry around their bookbags, but who really wanted to haul around eight binders and at least 4 textbooks everyday? Sakura quickly exchanged notebooks, shoving her trig notebook and textbook inside the red locker and pulling out her biology stuff to replace them.

She looked down the hall to glance at the clock. She had a minute to get to class. Double checking her supplies, she was about to smack her locker door shut, when another door happened to smack her in the face.

Her new locker buddy didn't seem to notice that he almost smashed in the face of the girl next to him. Instead, he went on exchanging books. Heck, he might as well have been whistling a happy tune while he was at it.

"Oww! What was that for!" she demanded, glaring, while massaging her abnormally large forehead, which was now sporting a bright cherry color.

He looked up in surprise, and turned around to see if anyone was behind him. The hallways were nearly vacated with the exception of him and Sakura. He twisted his neck and turned, but never one glancing in Sakura's general direction. Not seeing anyone, he shrugged and said, "Thought I heard something."

Sakura ground her teeth together in irritation, but let it go. It wasn't like she could do anything anyway.

Sakura shut her locker and collected the notebooks she'd dropped, heading for her biology class. Squeezing past the crowd of girls that were practically crying because Sasuke wasn't in their class, Sakura made her way to the back of the room, quickly settling in.

The late bell rang, and students that had been standing outside the classroom slowly began to filter in. A cloud of laughter headed her way and sat down around her. Or, more specifically Gaara, Shikamaru, and Neji.

They started talking around her as if they didn't even see her (even thought she was literally a foot away from her), which wasn't very surprising.

When the teacher started the class, they stopped talking, although Sakura could pretty much swear that she saw cell phones being flipped opened and text messages start to be sent as soon as the lecture started.

Rolling her eyes, Sakura took out the notebook she had been working in before. She wanted to perfect the lyrics by lunchtime…

The teacher noticed her lack of attention, and just to humiliate her, asked with smirk, "Ms…uh, whatever your name is, what did I just say?"

Sakura looked up, startled, but then answered innocently, "I don't know, weren't you listening when I told you before?" Her large grass colored eyes widened with a fake eye-pout.

The teacher's face purpled with fury, first day of school and already some bratty, self-centered teenager was back talking. "Detention! One hour!" he barked shortly, slamming down a yellow detention slip on her desk. It was already filled out prior, her name just being hurriedly scribbled into the "Name:" space.

Sakura resisted the urge to make a witty comment, deciding one hour was enough for the first day of school.

She paid attention from then on, though she didn't answer any questions unless called upon. Her small amount of self-motivated participation was sure to piss this guy off.

After another hellish half hour, it was time for physical education.

P.E. was Sakura's worst nightmare. To put it bluntly, she sucked at running. In fact, she was pretty terrible at all sorts of major energy expending activity. But especially running. And at the beginning of every class, they had to run ten laps. Around a real track. That was like…two and a half miles.

SO not healthy for just a "warm up", Sakura thought to herself as she pulled on the gym uniform – a pair of red shorts with the Leaf symbol and "KONOHA" printed on the left left leg and a black t-shirt. The shirt was definitely uni-sexual, seeing how it was baggy everywhere and seemed to give neither of the genders any body shape whatsoever.

When everyone had changed into gym clothes, they started to run, and almost immediately everyone was in front of Sakura. Surprise, surprise.

By the time Sakura had finished her first lap, everyone was on his or her third. When she collapsed halfway around on her eighth, everyone was already done and tapping their feet impatiently, waiting for the last few people to finish.

"YOU! Get up! You're pathetic, you can't even do ten easy-peasy laps?!" the rather buff gym teacher hollered at her. The nametag "Momochi Zabuza" was slung around his neck.

Sakura just gave a weak moan and laid there on the black track.

The teacher frowned and strode briskly over to her. Hauling her to her feet by her shirt, he set her roughly down on her feet, ignoring how she struggled to stay balanced.

Zabuza gave her a stony glare, then barked, "Trying to quit?! Ignoring orders! Detention! Two hours, Haruno! Now keep running until I tell you stop!"

Sakura covered her face with her hands and groaned.

"YOU GOT A PROBLEM?!" Zabuza growled.

She decided to shake her head no and sprinted off as fast as she could.


Finally after the hellhole they liked to call "gym class", the juniors were allowed to eat lunch. Since it was still nice outside, they were allowed to eat in the courtyard. Of course, Sakura didn't plan on eating. Don't get her wrong, she loved food, but the terrible phys ed class had given her an idea for a new song.

After changing out of her gym clothes, Sakura took a quick trip up to the band room and grabbed her guitar. She didn't have guitar class this semester, but she kept it up in the band room for this purpose anyway. Heading down to the courtyard, she looked around, rolled her eyes at the cliques that littered the park-ish area, and chose her favorite spot, behind a secluded old willow tree that was far away from everyone else.

Sakura plopped herself down in the nook between the trees protruding roots, scribbling furiously in her notebook until she was finally content with her latest song. Strumming a few starter chords on her guitar, she picked at notes until she figured out how she wanted to play the song, and started to sing, a smile on her face at last.


Sasuke didn't eat at lunch. Instead, he, like most other students, chose to do the one thing they loved the most, and then cram eating in the last five minutes. In Sasuke (and Co.)'s case, they played basketball, much to the delight of many of his fan girls. Not that anyone could blame them – it was one thing seeing their heroes walking through school and another to actually see them in action.

Gaara, Lee, Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru had fanclubs too, although much smaller than Sasuke's.

Anyway, the ball somehow went out of bounds (Naruto probably did something stupid, like punch the basketball), so Sasuke offered to get it. He was closest anyway.

The orange ball rolled across the courtyard over onto the grassy area that was near the trees, over in the deserted corner. By the time Sasuke had caught up with the basketball, it was behind an old willow tree.

The willow tree itself was quite depressing. The drooping branches looked particularly melancholy as the leaves slowly disappeared (autumn was coming), and it was the only tree around for a good twelve foot radius.

Sasuke shook his head and quickly picked up the ball, and he about left when he heard a note hang in the air, and a voice begin to sing.

"I'm late again.
Got a lower grade today than yesterday.
You hate me.
That's why you don't care what I have to say.

And I try,
But my running sucks.
And I try,
But I hate doing gym class.

I, I play guitar.

But in your class,
That won't get me far.
Please, give me a "C"
So that I can be
Finally out of P.E.

I'm never gonna win a medal,
But maybe a Grammy.
You don't care.
You just wanna make sure that you fail me.

In my mind,
I'm so far away.
In my mind,
I made a mistake.

I, I play guitar.
But in your class,
That won't get me far.
Please, give me a "C"
So that I can be
Finally out of P.E.

You may think I'm just a troublemaker.
But I have talent you can't see.
Just because I'm not athletic,
Doesn't mean that you can degrade me.
I show up, shouldn't that be enough.

I, I play guitar.
But in your class,
That won't get me far
Please, give me a "C"
So that I can be
Finally out of P.E.

I, I play guitar.
But in your class,
That won't get me far.
Please, give me a "C"
So that I can be
Finally out of P.E."

Sasuke was mesmerized.

Whoever was singing had a beautiful voice. It wasn't emotionless and flat like some of the chorus kids – it was filled with feeling and enunciation. The guitar accompanied their voice perfectly too, like two pieces of a puzzle put together into one.

He had to find out who it was.

Taking a step forward, he heard some rattling, then some quick steps.

Puzzled, Sasuke walked from behind the tree, but no one was there.

Shaking his head once more, Sasuke turned around to head back to his friends.

Maybe the willow tree wasn't that depressing after all.


Sakura took a huge gulp of air as she panted. Getting up from her crouched position in the bushes, she brushed herself off, and stood up. She had just finished singing her newest song for the first time, when she heard someone shuffle around behind her tree.

Like any normal person, she had panicked and then fled.

Sakura scowled. She didn't know who it was, but whoever was there ought to learn a thing a two about scaring the living crap out of other people. It wasn't too kind.

Wellll, I tried. I know it's not great, but I tried.