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Invisible Girl

Chapter Three



Oddly, Sakura's next morning was perfectly wonderful. Given, waking up at 6:00 AM wasn't the most pleasant for anyone, but aside from that, everything had gone well.

Maybe it was karma's way of saying sorry for the hideous day before?

Either way, Sakura came to school completely happy this day. Her laundry was done, so she was wearing a good outfit today, the hot water tap was still filled to the brim with steamy water, she got a new hairdryer, and for breakfast, Sakura had wisely decided to eat cereal.

This was her morning so far – a big scoop of happiness with a sprinkle of good luck, topped off with a cherry of inspiration.

The cherry was courtesy of two girls at her bus stop, their conversation too loud and obnoxious for anyone to ignore…


Sakura idly examined her fingernails as she waited for the bus to get there. Two of the three other girls that usually waited there were there, and she heard snippets of their conversation as she pushed back her cuticles.

"I don't know Kelly, I just can't forget him," one of the girls moaned, her voice laced with despair. "He must have been really special or something to me, because after all this time, I kept his picture anyway."

Kelly wrinkled her nose. "You kept his picture? In what, a shoebox?"

The other girl looked away, silent.

And like magic, an idea sparked in Sakura's mind. She leapt onto the bus and tore her notebook out from her backpack. She gripped the pen tightly, keeping her letters straight and neat even as the bus flew over bumps and rattled down the narrow street.


The bus pulled into the high school's parking lot.

Sakura grinned in satisfaction, putting her notebook smugly back into its place in her messenger bag.

Her fingers itched for her guitar as she traveled to first period, the new song burning a hole through her bookbag.

(End Flashback)

Unfortunately (yet predictably), Sakura's good mood evaporated as soon as she remembered the fun she was going to have during lunch today. The stupid stakeout. Then again, she had a pretty good plan, nearly foolproof. It was so simple, it was genius, she had to say. She would just go to the courtyard early, hide out in the tree (the willow would hide her), and wait for her psychopath stalker to come. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

She cringed. The famous last words.


Somewhere else in school, with the other "cool kids", Sasuke was thinking almost the exact same things. Honestly, his stakeout plan was amazingly amazing. He would just make an excuse to his friends that he had to make up a test during lunch, go to the courtyard early, and hide out in the tree, while waiting for the mysterious yet thought-consuming girl to arrive. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Sasuke smirked. The famous last words.


It was fifth period – as soon as the bell rang, the junior class would break for lunch. Sakura sat tensely at the edge of her seat, her messenger bag already on, as she counted the seconds before 'The Plan' would start. She couldn't wait to figure out who it was…


It was fifth period – as soon as the bell rang, the junior class would break for lunch. Sasuke sat tensely on the edge of the table he and his friends were gathered around. He counted the seconds before 'The Stakeout' would start. He couldn't wait to figure out who it was…

(A/N: A-hem, déjà vu…)



The bell rang, and Sakura leapt away from her seat and took off like a whizzing bullet through the crowd, and for once, she beat the door mob, stopping her mad dash only long enough to tear open her locker (freshly rigged this morning!) and jam her unneeded book into. Then, she raced off to the courtyard.

When she reached the courtyard she fell once. Twice. Alright, three times, but it was only because of her lack of skill in running. Either way, she made it to the tree in one piece and scaled its droopy branches like a pro! …Okay, that was a lie too. But she only fell once…twice...okay, three times…fine, seven times total, but one time was because of that squirrel (or maybe it was a chipmunk…). It scared her!

Eventually, she made it up into the tree and onto a comfortably large branch surrounded by leaves and other fun stuff. Perfect…she thought, even though her hands were busy rubbing her poor abused knees.


Sasuke was out the door and in the tree before you could say "Stakeout!!1!!one!1!!1!!!", and he immediately had begun scanning the school grounds for his mystery singer. Any girl carrying a guitar and a notebook, and that must be her. He frowned. He saw his friends playing basketball, and Ino flirting with some random guy or another. He saw the nerds playing calculator games, artists with their sketchbooks out, and the chorus girls attempting to sing, hell, he even spotted several unsuspecting people picking their noses, but the guitar-playing, song-singing girl wasn't there.

He glared in frustration, and he heard some scuffling of the ground, but it was probably a squirrel. But then…he heard something else coming up the tree (he could've sworn he heard a quiet "Shit!" too), and this…being was too big to be a mere woodland creature.

He saw some big branches rustling too, moving as if someone had pushed them out of the way and just gone past them. Warily, he began to climb quietly over to the moving branches, intent on either finding out whom else had climbed into his tree, or capturing the biggest squirrel in freaking history. In all honesty though, Sasuke was kind of hoping for the latter. Think about it though – a giant squirrel could land him big. The thing could be on show for five bucks per person, and it could probably even get him on Oprah!


Sakura smiled contentedly as she snuggled into the lovely niche two branches created – the perfect backrest – as she peered behind the tree where the stalker had been before. She was about to move onto a different branch for a better view but then…


Suddenly she was on the ground, being squashed by a large, heavy weight on her abdomen while her clothes got extremely dusty and dirty.

Groaning, Sakura gazed up to see the one, the only (unless he had an evil twin), the famous…Uchiha Sasuke, staring right back down at her.

Sasuke stared at the figure he happened to be lying on top of. Too bad for him, it wasn't the world's largest squirrel to date, and it was only a girl. He did a double take.

…A really pretty girl. He had never seen her before though. Sasuke honestly tried not to gape at her, but he couldn't. She had abnormal, but silky looking powder pink hair that cascaded straight past her shoulders, with clear emerald green eyes. Her skin was angelic – creamy, soft, and porcelain like. Her forehead was a bit large, but Sasuke still thought she was positively beautiful, much more so than Ino at least. How could he have never seen her before…?

But still, she was a nobody, and she had ruined in wonderful stakeout. (Er, despite the fact that he was the one who had tackled her…)

Finally, voicing the question that had been nagging at his mind ever since he had landed onto the ground, he asked her.

"Who," he started disdainfully, "are you?"


She had really been minding her own business. She didn't even move yet, when she had been tackled unmercifully to the ground.

Glancing up at Sasuke again, she tried her damnedest not the droll as she looked at the wonderful piece of eye candy sitting on top of her. Unbidden, thoughts of the two of them together flashed through her mind, and wedding bells rang in the distance. She shook the thoughts away almost immediately. Yeah right, she thought to herself flatly.

Sakura was started to daze off again, getting used to being sat on when Sasuke's voice bought her back to Earth.

"Who," he asked with obvious disgust, "are you?"

Sakura scowled. She might have not had any social status, no friends, a large forehead, and the athletic ability of a teaspoon, but that did not mean that she had no dignity too. For Christ's sake, HE was the one who had tackled HER!

"A-hem, excuse me," she snapped back testily, "but I was just sitting in my branch there, minding my own business, trying to find out who has the person who's been skulking behind this tree is, because I'm tired of having someone around when I test out my songs, but then you had to come along and freakin' TACKLE me!"

Sasuke glared at her, "Well excuse me, but I was just sitting up waiting for that girl who's been singing to come by, when I hear some giant squirrel climbing up the tree!"


"Uh…never mind."

Then each other's words hit them approximately 3.2131423 seconds later. And not just hit them – their words jumped up and bit them in the ass after laughing at them for ten minutes and slapping their faces.

"IT WAS YOU!" they both screeched to each other incredulously.

They stood – er, sat – there in shock. Sasuke was first to recover.

"Wait…who are you?" he asked her, peering at her face with curiosity.

Sakura let out a puff of air, sending a strawberry bang flying. "I'm Haruno Sakura…and you're Uchiha Sasuke, the guy who's been stalking me!" she chirped back with a smile creeping onto her face.

Irritated as he was, Sasuke allowed himself to stop and take a minute to gloat over the fact that a girl he had never even seen before knew his name. Alright, the ego moment was over. Then he retorted, "I have not been stalking you! I just happened to be behind the tree every time you started singing!" he sniffed, trying to retain his dignity.

She eyed him with a dry look of amusement and snorted.

Sasuke sighed, running a hand through his blue-black locks – a nervous habit. "Look, I have a deal for you. You sing something for me today, and I'll stop stalking you. Deal?"

Sakura considered it, bit her lip, and a smile bloomed on her face, making the corners of her grass green eyes crinkle slightly "Deal." She held out her pinky. "Promise?" she asked with a half smile.

Sasuke stared down at her tiny finger and slowly linked it with his own. "Deal," he answered slowly.

They spent another short moment like that, a minute of tranquil companionship.

Sakura laughed nervously. "Y'know, if you want me to sing, you might want to get off of me and let me get up."


Sasuke quickly stood up, turning away so she wouldn't be able to see the flush he felt spreading across his cheeks. Sakura followed suit, taking a moment to dust herself off. The dirt luckily didn't stay embedded into her clothing, leaving her black shorts only a slightly mustier black. When she walked off towards the building, Sasuke grudgingly followed her. As she weaved through a sea of their classmates, no one seemed to notice that Sasuke was following someone, everyone stopping to greet him and not even glance at Sakura.

Sasuke scowled a little. How had Sakura slipped by him for at least two years?

Sakura retrieved her guitar from the band room, slinging her carrying case around her shoulder. After a short pit stop at her locker to get her notebook, Sakura strode meaningfully back out to the courtyard, Sasuke still trailing behind her.

Heading back to the willow, Sakura happily settled herself down between two large tree roots protruding out of the ground. Sasuke leaned against the tree, Sakura below him to his left, hands in his pockets.

Sakura glanced up at him. "One song?"

He looked down at her innocent face, snow white skin with big, green doe eyes, framed by pastel pink hair. "One song," he agreed.

She nodded, and started to play.

"I kept your picture in my shoebox…
I kept your picture in my shoebox…
I kept you picture in my shoebox.

Right now is all we need,
'Cuz this feels pretty good.
And I would stop the world,
Just to give us more time.

I kept your photograph and sometimes I take a look…
Do you think I should?
Are you gonna leave?
Is she a better girl?
...And does she know about me?

Hey you!
I think you're going in the wrong direction.
Hey you!
I could be everything you want.
And it's true…
You must have been something special to me,
'Cuz after all this time,
I kept your picture in my shoebox.

Tonight was you and me,
And it felt pretty good.
Just like we stopped the world –
For a minute in time.
And then you made me laugh,
About all the things we did.
Do you think we should?
Did you have to leave?
And the other girl?
Does she know about me?

Hey you!
I think you're going in the wrong direction.
Hey you!
I could be everything you want.
And it's true…
You must have been something special to me,
'Cuz after all this time,
I kept your picture in my shoebox.

I hear you talk but your mouth is closed,
You say the words and let me know.
I can't speak I'm petrified,
Wanna tell you what I feel inside…

I kept your picture in my shoebox…
I kept you picture in my shoebox…

Hey you!
I think you're going in the wrong direction.
Hey you!
I could be everything you want.
And it's true…
You must have been something special to me,
'Cuz after all this time,
I kept your picture in my shoebox.

I think you're going in the wrong direction.
I could be everything you want.
And it's true…
You must have been something special to me,
'Cuz after all this time,
I kept your picture in my shoebox.

I kept your picture in my shoebox…
I kept your picture in my shoebox."

Sakura finished the song, the last notes fading away on her guitar, echoing slightly. She glanced at Sasuke, her lips pursed in annoyance when she saw his passive face.

Though his face remained completely blank, a million thoughts were racing through Sasuke's head. The way she closed her eyes when she sang, the way the breeze ruffled her hair, the way the words formed so delicately on her lips, the way her fingers seemed to dance over the guitar strings, the way the song floated around his head, the words of the song…wait a minute.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked her abruptly, out of no where.

She looked startled. "Excuse me?"

He tapped his foot impatiently. "The song! It was about keeping his picture in your shoebox, did you have a boyfriend, is that what it's about?"

Sakura gave him a small grin, flashing her shining white teeth for a fraction of a second. "No. Well, that's what the song's about, but it's not about me. I heard two girls talking about keeping a guy's picture in her shoebox, and I just kinda wrote a song about it…"

"So it's not about some boyfriend of yours?" Sasuke persisted, not quite fully convinced yet.

Sakura giggled, a short bark of laughter, "Sasuke…if I can't even attract enough attention to have female friend, what makes you think I could ever get a boyfriend?" she asked him, smiling that small, understanding, half-smile of hers again.

For some reason, her words immediately calmed Sasuke. He shook it off, and ignored the feeling of turmoil that had presented itself inside him when he had asked the question. It had seemed like the thought of her having a boyfriend tore him up inside…

He nodded shortly. "Right then. No more stalking you."

She nodded slightly, and stood up. She glanced at him for a minute, a slight blush gracing her delicate face. Then she quickly walked off, leaving a rather confused and slightly forlorn Uchiha behind her.

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