Disclaimer: Apparently, Ken Akamatsu has caved in and given me the rights to Negima. This is due to my lawyer using the Chewbacca Defense and the Twinkie Defense. As stated by my lawyer, Ken Akamatsu will give me the rights to all intellectual properties based on it. Here's an excerpt of the letter:

"Ken Akamatsu will no longer hold the rights to Negima. All rights will be transferred immediately to Jxxxxx Dxxxxx, who will henceforth be known as the owner of the Negima franchise. Ken Akamatsu will still be known as the 'mangaka', or author of the 'manga series', but he will not be known as the 'owner' of Negima."

So that means I have total control over Negima as a series, and all events in the manga shall be orchestrated by me. I can do anything and everything I want with the series:

1. I can choose to eliminate all KonoSetsu references, and thus eliminate the KonoSetsu pairing;

2. I can make Ken have more Ayaka x Asuna references, and in effect make the pairing canon;

3. I can make Anya arrive in Mahora, for such a trivial reason as simply becoming harem fodder;

4. I can end the story abruptly (a.k.a. first anime);

4.5. or make it drag on endlessly (Ah My Goddess);

5. I can insert as many other fiction references and crossovers I want and deem fit, especially after I acquire rights for those as well;

6. I can choose to make Nagi evil, a.k.a. Darth Vader syndrome;

7. I can make Negima the new South Park;

and many others.

I do believe that the fandom is still important, and I will accept as many suggestions as I make ammendments to the series. In other words, I will dictate what happens in every form of fanworks on the series, be they doujinshi, fanfiction or fanart. The list is not exhaustive.

Hence, here are my statements to my once-fellow fiction writers:

To Raedric: Too late, I have won. It was inevitable after all.

To Serac (a.k.a. X Serac): I will make Connor canon, in one way or another. I think I can make him spontaneously appear in Mahora without any prior explanation.

To Master Masa Random: I will make both Masayoshis canon, as I will to Connor.

To Tsutomu Teruko: Howell needs canon manga time too.

To Ambrant Arandel: I will make Ku Fei end up with Negi. And turn Nodoka into stone too, just for kicks.

To Eternal-Longing: Wraiths will exist in the manga, soon.

To Midnight Sleeper: Since first anime events will also be integrated (although I do hate that series) Charlie might find his way in too.

TO The Ansem Man: Negima!? and PPD will be merged in the second season of Negima!?.

TO all KonoSetsu writers: I will promptly issue a restraining order against all who attempt to assassinate me. You may continue writing your fics, only to find that there is no real substantial basis for KonoSetsu. So there.

And finally:

To all who read this: This is my idea of an April Fools' joke. If you believed in any of the above, please note that these are merely my actions to take should I own Negima. Do not fret, the battle ain't over yet.

And thus I do not claim Negima as a series, and as the intellectual property of Ken Akamatsu. Happy April Fools' Day, everyone.

Note: I might decide to update this fic to show what would happen to Negima if I owned it, or I may not. Please review, and tell me your thoughts. Flame me if you will, but you'll never get me that way. The only way to stop my plans from coming into fruition is to beat me in the race to own Negima, which I am currently fighting the disappeared Raedric for. Since I have no substantial competitor, I may just win by default.