a/n: I wrote this for ourancontest on LJ, and am posting it here for your reading pleasure. ;) It's just a short, 300-ish word drabble, but I think you TamaHaru fans will enjoy it.

Family of five seeks living space.

The twins were setting something of Tamaki's on fire. Fire.

No; family of five seeks place to blow up.

Two children and a mommy (the one who was always in charge), a daddy (who only appeared) to be in charge, and two very, very naughty children.


Haruhi glanced over at her father.

Oh, no. She'd just mentally referred to Tamaki as her 'father'. How insane was she, to play along with these 'family' games now?

Now, when she…

Another glance to her 'father'.

His blue eyes were so kind.

How would they look on a child?

Not-not my child, Haruhi thought, trying to hide her inner panic as Tamaki let out a screech and the twins began to laugh. I mean, I'm not a silly hormonal girl, planning ahead to my marriage No, no, that's not it, it's just…. I just… mean…

A baby, a blonde, a mini-Tamaki, would be adorable.

But it wasn't that.

Haruhi wondered how those eyes would have looked five years ago, on a younger Tamaki– were his eyes always this happy when he was a child, or had they lost a little of their shine over the years? The years he was called unwanted, a bastard, a motherless child, a half-foreigner, an outsider.

But, she realized, Tamaki-senpai must have felt very alone, but everyone has always loved him. It's because of him that we're all here, and that the only thing the twins destroy now is napkins, and not hearts. And that Kyouya-senpai feels free to even be here. The only reason that I've…

"Don't you want to play, Haruhi?"

The flaming napkin had been picked up and properly disposed of (doused by the water of a flower vase) by Kyouya.

"No, thank you," Haruhi said, with the taste of what was to happen on her tongue, "I don't want to –"

"Haruhi. Another fifteen thousand yen to your debt."

Family of five, happily dysfunctional…