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.o0 1994 Greenwich CT. 0o.

"Can I get a lil' sometin' sometin'?" called a little voice from the back seat.

"Depends, sky" Lorelai answered while she drove.

"You'll definitely buy me something, right Mom?" a ten year old Rory asked.

"Hey!" the five, soon to be six, year old protested.

"Same goes for you, Rory. If you're both good all day, I'll buy you something"

"She'll buy us something" Rory turned to the backseat and assured her little brother.

"Yeah!" the boy cheered.

And here I am, I think I'm settled now, my daughter is 10 and my son will be 6 in a matter of days. Two different kids, with two different Dads, in two different towns; I no longer see their Dads or live in those towns, who would've imagined I'd move so much in a matter of years. Lorelai started recapping in her head as she drove to the mall. Rory: father, Christopher Hayden; Town, Hartford CT; last name, mine. Sky (nickname by the way): father, Lucas Danes; town, Stars Hollow CT; last name, his; yep, my little boy is a Danes.

"Cookie?" sky pulled Lorelai out of her recapping.

"What, honey?"

"Got cookies?"

"Sorry, I forgot them, we can get something at the mall; we're almost there"

"Ok" he sounded a little sad and Lorelai saw him pouting through the rearview mirror. Luke would have a field day if he ever saw his son pouting; though he'd probably have a heart attack if he knew he even had a son.

"I'll buy you a cinnabon" Lorelai promised; Rory whimpered like a puppy next to her. "I'll buy you one too"


.o0 Hours Later, Back in the Car 0o.

"Let's go home" Rory whined, they had gone through practically every store at the mall and in the end Lorelai decided to go to Wal-Mart and buy some more stuff there. Both kids were tired, whiney, and hyper because of the cinnabon.

"Just a little while longer, Hon, I promise. Why don't you close your eyes for a sec? Like sky"

"Sky's sleeping"

"Seriously?" Lorelai looked at the sleeping boy in the backseat. "Wow, and here I thought he wouldn't sleep for days because of the cinnabon"

"Now that he's asleep… can I get something?"

"More stuff?" Lorelai asked with a slight giggle.

"Well, yeah"

"What kind of stuff?"

"I want a new book" Rory said shyly.

"Sure, kid" how did I end up with these kids?

.o0 Minutes Later 0o.

"Come on, sky, wake up" Lorelai cooed shaking him a little.


"Sky, get up!" Rory yelled laughing.

"Rory" Lorelai scowled; sky's eyes were popped out and he was about to start crying. "Don't cry, come on, after this we get to go home and you'll get to bug your sister"

"Hey" Rory whined.

"Let's go" Lorelai laughed pulling sky out of the car.

.o0 Stars Hollow, Luke's 0o.

"When are they coming back, Luke, when!" Kirk cried at the counter, Luke was just ignoring him.

"I don't know" Luke gruff trying to get him to leave the Diner and him alone.

"But why did they have to leave?"

"I don't know"

"When did…?"

"They just left, Kirk! So suck it up and leave. Babbette and Miss Patty didn't plan to 'tour all of Connecticut' in six hours; it is actually impossible to do that"

"I don't care, I want them back" Kirk pouted.

"So help me God, Kirk, if you don't leave…" Luke took a threatening step towards him and Kirk left. Miss Patty wanted to see all of Connecticut and find new 'prospects' and since she didn't want to go alone she took Babbette with her.

.o0 Greenwich 0o.

"Damn it" Lorelai grumbled, they were about the check out. "Rory, go get your brother" Lorelai pointed to the little boy wondering off.

"Ok…" Rory walked off after sky, and Lorelai kept her eyes on them. "Sky! Come on"

"Wow, that's a very pretty baseball cap" Sky heard a little coo so he turned around with a big smile.

"Whoa, look at the eyes on that boy" a raspy voice said.

"Sky…" he heard his sister calling in the distance.

"Is your name sky? That's so pretty. My name is Patty and her name is Babbette"

"Hi" Sky waved and smiled.

"That smile is so familiar"

"Sky where are you, hurry up!" Rory kept looking for him.


"Oh, honey, you better get going; that didn't sound good"

"Ok" he nodded and handed his cap to Miss Patty.

"Lucas, now!" Lorelai's voice was heard and at that sky ran faster; Babbette and Miss Patty shared a look before they started walking after the boy.

"Did you see the girl?" Babbette asked and Patty nodded. "She looked a little like…"


"Do you think?" Patty shrugged.

"Where were you?" Rory asked him while they both walked over to where Lorelai was checking out.



"Yes, about hat's, with two ladies" he told her.

"Mom…" Rory said when they were close. "Sky was talking to two strangers"


"No! It was Patty" he defended and pointed to where he had been. Lorelai's eyes immediately followed his finger and she saw it, them, Babbette and Miss Patty, here why? That's the reason I moved here, because no one ever comes here damn it!

"What did they say to you?" Lorelai leaned down to be eye to eye.

"Notin" he defended. "They like the cap"

"They didn't say anything?"


"Good" Lorelai whispered. "Let's go" she paid while Rory and sky put their things in the cart; afterwards they hurried out of there trying not to be seen by the gossip-pair.

.o0 In the Car 0o.

"How many times have I told not to talk to strangers?" Lorelai asked with a loud-firm voice, not yelling though. "Never talk to strangers, even if they tell you their names"

"Mom…" Rory said when she saw her brother's face.

"No, this is serious…" especially since there's a very real possibility they cracked it and now are on their way to tell Luke. "Talking to strangers is very dangerous!" sky started crying. "Damn" Lorelai mumbled.

"Don't cry, sky, when we get home we can watch the Lion King" Rory promised trying to stop the crying.


"I'll make you guys some popcorn" Lorelai offered.


"Crap" Lorelai muttered, this is not how the day was supposed to end; with her worrying about Luke finding out.


"Sorry honey, I just have something in my mind, and your brother scared me a little also" Rory gave her a look before turning to the back seat to look at sky and try to cheer him up.

.o0 Days Later, the Car 0o.

"Where are we going?" Rory asked buckling her seat belt.

"On a road trip" Lorelai said cheerfully.

"But where? Are we leaving the city? The county? The state? The country!?"

"Yes, yes, no, and definitely no"

"Where?!" Rory said giggling; sky was sleeping in the backseat.

"To a magical place…"

"Disneyland!" Rory interrupted.

"… called Starts Hollow" Lorelai finished.

"Where?" Rory seemed confused.

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