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"I need your help" Sky said running out the front yard when he saw the Prius pulling up.

"You mean you're here to help me" she rephrased with a smirk popping up the trunk.

"Sure whatever, but I'll still need your help. Holy crap! Are you moving back home?" he said looking at all the bags she had there.

"Nope, just laundry day" she smiled. "Make sure you get all of them"

"I'm not taking them in by myself"

"Fine, cry baby, I'll help" she picked up a bag "Just drop them by the kitchen door I'll sort them later"

"I think I threw my back out" Sky exaggerated after dumping the bags of laundry.


"I'm serious... I can't walk!" he exaggerated dropping onto the kitchen chair.



"Didn't you want something earlier?"

"Oh yeah!" he jumped up from the chair and grabbed her hand. "Come with me"

"I thought you pulled your back?"

"I'm healed. It's a miracle" he deadpanned. "Now come with me"

"Where are we going?" she asked laughing.

"The bathroom" he kept pulling but Rory stopped following.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa I stopped helping you in that department when you were four, sorry. Isn't Dad here to help you...? In that area"

"Ha! Like I would ask Dad's for help. Come on" he chuckled and kept pulling at her arm but she wouldn't budge.

"Sky, no" she held her ground. "I'm not helping you with anything in the bathroom"

"Please, it's nothing gross I promise; it's just that I can't reach; otherwise I'd be doing it on my own"

"Ew, Sky" she pulled her hand from him and crossed her arms to stand her ground.

"Rory, please?" he pleaded. "I swear it's nothing gross or anything like that; I really do need your help"

"How badly?"

"I'm standing her begging you to come help me in the bathroom, I'd say that's pretty bad"

"You did something stupid, didn't you?" he nodded "Fine, let's go"

They were halfway up the stairs when Sky started taking his shirt off.

"What are you doing?" again she stopped. "You never said anything about being naked"

"I'm not naked"

"You're not wearing a shirt"

"That's not being naked, it's like swimming; just pretend we're going swimming"


"It's just the shirt I promised" and he resumed taking it off.

"Oh my God!" Rory exclaimed when he finished taking the shirt off.

"I know, I've been working out" He smirked.

"Tell me that's fake"

"Nope, pure muscle here"

"Sky! That thing, on your back, tell me its fake"

"Its fake"

"Is it really?"

"No, but you told me to say it was"

"You're dead. When they see it, your dead"

"That's why I need help with it" he urged. "That's why you can help me and Dad can't"

"Need help with what? You can't get rid of that" she pointed to his back.

"I know, but I don't want it to get infected or anything. Can you help me clean it please? I can't reach unless I shower and I've already showered 3 times today"

"Who knew all it took for you to shower was a tattoo"

"Ha-ha very funny, will you help me?"

"Sure, let's go" she resumed up the stairs.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

.o0 Few Minutes Later 0o.

"Ah! Damn it" Sky said and Rory giggled. "Stop doing that!"

Lorelai had seen the Prius when she pulled in, she knew Rory was coming for the week but didn't think she'd be home already. Lorelai was fully ready to walk in the house yelling for her daughter but instead heard Sky yelling out in pain and Rory laughing; she decided to go upstairs and see what was going on… without them noticing.

"Ah! You did that one on purpose" Rory laughed.

"No I didn't, everybody knows you need warm sudsy water"

"Warm not scalding" He hissed Rory laughed more. "Stop laughing. Are you done yet?"

"Yeah I just need to dry it"

"Pat dry" he specified. "Carefully pat dry" he begged.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Didn't this hurt more when it was being made?"

"No, I was high on adrenaline"

"You were high on something" she mumbled.

"Shut up"

"It's a cool design"

"You think?" he perked up a bit.

"Yeah, it's kinda like keeping the tradition alive"

"I know that's why I did it" he said proudly.

"I doubt Dad will see it that way though"

"Yeah, I know"

"Maybe if you were older"

"Yeah" he said a little down already knowing the hell he will pay when his Dad finds out.

"Now what?" Rory asked once she finished patting him dry.

"I need to put Aquafor"

"What's that?" he handed her the little tube of lotion.

"Just a thin layer to keep it moisturized"

"Man... maintaining a tattoo takes too much work" she said rubbing the lotion on.

"Nah this is just the first week or so"

"Still too much work"

"What are you guys... Doing?" Lorelai finished quietly. "That better be fake. Sky?"

"Mom I..."

"The next words coming out of your mouth better be 'mom it's a joke' so...?" she waited

"Mom, I..."

"Get over here" Lorelai ran her finger over the tattoo; the only thing left on her finger was the Aquafor.


"Suck it up! Who did this?"

"A tattooer" He said smartly.

"I'm not playing around; you're 16, where did you get this done" Lorelai said close to losing it.


"Where in Hartford?"

"The Black Rose Tattoo" he whispered.

"You're 16, how'd you do it? Where's the fake ID?"

"I don't have a fake it"

"Lucas, I'm not playing! Do you know how much trouble you're in?" Rory noticed how Sky deflated at that comment, Lorelai had never called him Lucas before; yes she had introduced him before but never called him to his face.

"Yes, sorry. I don't have a fake ID I just went there, told them I was 18, they made me sign a form and that was it" Sky explained quietly.

"I can't believe I'm gonna say this" Lorelai mumbled. "Go to your room and wait for your Dad to get home"

"Yes Mom" he said quietly and left the bathroom.

"Mom?" Rory asked quietly once Sky was gone. "Are you ok?"

"Huh?" Lorelai snapped out of it.

"Are you ok?" Lorelai nodded. "Really? Cuz you just called Sky 'Lucas'"

"Well my 16 year old son just got a tattoo! I'm allowed to call him whatever I want right now"

"Sorry" Rory said quietly. Lorelai took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, you just got here and immediately got sucked into this, and it's only gonna get worse when Luke gets here"

"It's ok" Rory waved it off. "You sure you're ok?" Lorelai nodded. "How's the little one?" she pointed to Lorelai's belly.

"Good, staying out of trouble" Lorelai added with a fake smile.

"We should have a movie night... while we wait for Dad to get here, to pass time, and forget about Sky's tat"

"Sure... I'm just gonna go change into something more comfy"

"Sure" after Lorelai left the bathroom Rory waited to hear the door close before going over to Sky's room.

.o0 Sky's Room 0o.

"What?" Sky asked from his bed.

"You ok?" Rory asked quietly walking in, Sky shrugged. "She didn't mean it"

"What? She's not gonna tell Dad?"

"That's not what I meant"

"I don't know what you're talking about"

"She was upset, she didn't mean to call you 'Lucas' you know that right?" he shrugged.

"It's my name"

"I know it's your name; I also know how much you hate it when people call you that"

"Its fine"

"Turn around"

"What?" he frowned.

"I need to put more of that thing on your back; also I'm thinking I should put a gauze on it so you don't rub that crap all over the place"

"It washes off"

"I know it does, I also know that you're too lazy to wash yourself so you're gonna toss your stuff in with mine and then all my stuff's gonna get all greasy"

"If I agree to this would you leave me alone?"

"Yup" she smirked.

"Fine knock yourself out" he flipped on the bed.

"Man, it's so surreal" she whispered before rubbing that thing on the tattoo again. "Do you think the design will upset him more?"

"I'm hoping for the opposite effect"

.o0 Stars Hollow Apartment 0o.

Luke had been cleaning the living room fan with Sky on the couch watching him. Sky was 8; he was home from school because he had been up all night with a fever.

"What's that?" Sky asked pointing to Luke's bicep.

"What's what?"

"Your tattoo, what is it?"

"Oh..." Luke lifted his short sleeve to get a better look. "... That's just a design"

"Did you do it yourself?"

"No" Luke said and stopped what he was doing to sit next to Sky on the couch. "My Dad used to have the same design but on his other arm" he explained.

"Why did you get it?"

"Because I always want to be like my Dad, he was a great man"

"Why didn't you get it on the same arm he had it?"

"Because as much as I want to be like him, I also want to be my own man"

"So... You have it to remember him but to remind you to be yourself?" Sky asked confused.

"Yeah something like that" he smiled.

"Then I'll get it too one day" he said proudly.

"No you won't"

"Yeah, cuz I wanna be like you when I grow up but I'm gonna put it on my butt" he started laughing.

"Why your butt?" Luke asked chuckling.

"So I can be my own man too"


"Yeah! I'll be buttman!" Sky started laughing.

"You are one weird kid" Luke got up and went back to what he was doing.

"Dad?" Sky asked after a long silence.

"You ok, Bud?"

"Yeah. I was just wondering... When did you get it?"

"Get what?"

"Your tattoo, when did you get your tattoo?"

"Oh, when I was in High School"

"Whoa! Since you were in school? That was a long time ago!" Luke just chuckled.

.o0 2004, Sky's Room 0o.

Sky had laid there not doing anything, he heard everything Lorelai and Rory did. First they had talked about him and what would Luke do when he found out, then they spoke about Yale and Rory, and lastly they talked about Lorelai's pregnancy. He heard Rory say goodnight after the movie ended and her door close. He heard Lorelai call Luke to let him know Rory was home and ask him what time would he be home; Sky assumed Luke was closing since Lorelai sounded down and right after the phone call she went into her room.

Sky waited until he heard no more sounds coming from his parents' room before leaving his room and going downstairs to wait for his Dad to get home.

If anybody is gonna tell him, it'll be me.

He sat in the dark living room for a good hour before he heard the front door.

"Hey, Dad?" Sky asked from the darken living room.

"Geez! Are you trying to kill me? Turn on a light or something" he said turning on the light. "Why are you still up?"

"I need to talk to you" Sky got out on a shaky voice.

"Can it wait?" here it is, it's your out

"No, it can't..." he took a deep breath. "I need to tell you something before anyone else does"

"You did something stupid didn't you?" Luke sighed, walked over to the couch and took a seat. "Hit me"

"I... I... I don't know how to start..."

"Sky, it's been a long day, I opened and closed; can we move this along please?"

"You know the tattoo you have on your arm?"

"You mean my only tattoo I have?" Luke asked sarcastically and Sky nodded. "Then yes, I know what tattoo your talking about"

"I copied the design off a picture"

"Ok... And?" Luke moved his hand to signal Sky to move the story along; Sky pulled the shirt he was wearing over his head "What are you...?" Sky turned and showed Luke his bare back; he had taken off the gauze earlier. "That better be Henna" Luke said calmly.

"It's not Henna" Sky said quietly.

"What did you just say? Luke said getting up, Sky took a step back, thought about it and took a step forwards.

"It's not a henna tattoo. I took the design, went to Hartford, found a place that doesn't card, and got it"

"You did what!" Luke was furious instantly. Both Lorelai and Rory heard him; each in their respective rooms, neither daring to go out.

"I got a tattoo" Sky said more confidently.

"Why" Luke growled.

"To keep the tradition going"

"What tradition, Sky?" Luke was still furious but was trying to control his voice since he knew Lorelai was asleep.

"Grandpa had this design on his left arm, you got the same one on your right arm because you wanted to be like him but slightly different, remember? So now I got the same design but on my back, that way I'm also like both of you but still slightly different"

"You're 16 years old!"

"You were 17 when you got yours" he defended.

"That's your argument? Really?"


"Damn it Sky! Do you know how stupid this is? Were you safe? Did they use a clean needle? Man I can't believe you!" Luke started to pace.

"They were safe, I saw them open a new needle; sterilized and everything. I'm not stupid, I'm 16"

"Are you serious? That's your defense?" Sky held his ground. "Your a man now?"

"Yes" Sky said not backing down.

"Alright then man go to bed and you better be up and ready to go with me in the morning; we're opening tomorrow man. I'll show you what being a man is really about, maybe you'll learn a thing or two; and go cover that thing"

"Sure" he mumbled walking upstairs.

"What was that?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Much better" with that Sky went back up to his room, Luke stayed down in the living room pacing.

"Are you ok?" Lorelai said walking downstairs.

"Can you believe him?" was all Luke said.

"I know, kids these days huh?"

"Don't make light of it, this is serious"

"I know it is; but really Luke, there's nothing we can do now"

"Like hell there is!"

"What are you gonna do, iron it off?"

"Seriously Lorelai?"

"I'm sorry, I'm at a lost here"

"Don't worry, I'll handle it. Bad cop, good cop remember?"

"I called him Lucas earlier" she confessed.

"Ok so... Bad cop, badder cop" she smiled.

"What are you gonna do?" Lorelai asked a little concerned.

"He thinks he's a man now that he's 16, I'll show him what it takes to be a real man" with that Luke went upstairs to their room.

"Great" Lorelai mumbled, sighed, and followed Luke upstairs.

.o0 Luke and Lorelai's Room 0o.

"Luke, honey, sweetie, baby?"

"Don't start please. I'm exhausted; this day is just dragging forever. All I want is to come home to no drama and go to bed with my beautiful, pregnant, wife; but can I do that? No! I come home to a 16 year old who thinks he's a man now and..."

"A beautiful, pregnant, wife?"

"Yes, sorry, I'm just venting..." he stopped and hugged her.

"Hormonal too" Lorelai added mid hug and Luke chuckled but just tighten the hug. "After you're done with him... Can I kill him?" she asked still in the hug, Luke laughed.

"Yeah, you can kill him"

.o0 Next Morning, Sky's Room; Wednesday 0o.

His door busted open.

"Geez!" he was almost ready, he was taping the gauze on his back before he put his t-shirt on.

"I thought I told you to be ready to leave?"

"You did"

"And?" Luke asked expectantly from the door frame.

"And nothing, I just need my shirt and to pop a pop-tart"

"Pop a pop-tart? Are you serious?" Sky nodded. "Put your shirt on, get your backpack, and let's go"


"I have a delivery truck coming in 10 minutes, do you think the driver is going to care if your pop-tart popped on time? If I'm not there, he leaves; let's go"

"Alright, alright, geez, let's go" Sky picked up his backpack from the foot of the bed and left his room before 5am that morning.

.o0 The Diner 0o.

"Charlie, this is my boy, he did something stupid so now he's here" Luke introduced.

"Nice" Charlie nodded towards Luke. "Hey kid, did you learn your lesson?"

"Not yet" Sky answered with a smile.

"Sky, start getting the trays off" Luke called after the brief introduction.

"Yes, sir" he grumbled and started unloading. After all the unloading was done he had gone to the dining area and took a seat on a stool only to have Luke come out and tell him 'the delivery is not gonna put itself away'. The moment the delivery was put away Sky started helping Luke get the grill going; once that was done, Sky had enough time to get to school.

Luke stayed in the diner to help with the breakfast rush, then went over to the Inn to have breakfast with Lorelai and Rory, came back to the diner in time for the lunch rush. Sky was at school all day, after school he had baseball practice; once practice was done he swung by the diner to see if they needed help but was sent home to do his homework and go to bed since he was helping open the next day too.

Sky had been doing homework for a while now; it was past 10pm and was almost halfway done. At around 11 he heard steps going to his parents' room, he had gotten up and was about to knock on his parents' door to let his Dad know he wouldn't be able to help him the next day when he heard something he wish he hadn't but opened his eyes. His Dad had a full day at work, and more since he worked the full day open to close, and came home and was still able to be a 'husband' to his wife. Sky walked back to his room to finish his homework and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before he had to be at the diner.

.o0 2nd Morning, Sky's Room; Thursday 0o.

"You're wearing a shirt, that's progress" Luke grumbled walking into Sky's room.

"Pop-tart Popped" Sky said with a smile, Luke rolled his eyes and left Sky's room; his sighed and dragged his tired body out his room.

That day it was a different delivery guy, because it was a different delivery. Again Luke did the same introduction. The morning went the same as the day before; once Sky got out of practice though Luke took him home to help him change the oil in all 3 cars, afterwards Luke went to the diner picked up food for Lorelai dropped it at the Inn then went back to the diner to close. Sky was, again, up until past midnight doing homework; and unfortunately for him, that night was the same as before for his parents.

.o0 3rd Morning, Sky's Room; Friday 0o.

By Day 3 Sky was lagging, he was still up and ready by the time Luke opened his door, but he was falling asleep on the drive to the Diner, was falling asleep during 3rd period at school; almost got detention, and was lagging at practice.

Luke wasn't doing much better at the Diner either, he never did 4 full days in a row before; well not since he opened the Diner, he was also lagging.

After practice Sky was at the Diner to help close, he was hoping he'd get a few moments alone with Luke.

"Hey Dad?" Sky asked while helping Luke close up.

"Yeah?" Luke came out of the kitchen.

"I can't do this anymore" Sky stopped. "I'm so tired, I almost fell asleep in school, I sucked at practice, my homework is barely getting done on time; I can't keep going like this" he let his body drop on a stool for emphasis.

"And why is that?"

"Because you're Superman and I'm not"

"Good try, but no" Luke smirked.

"Because I'm just a kid?"

"Close enough"

"Then I don't know" Sky sighed.

"You're not a kid anymore, but you're not a 'man'… just yet. Don't be on a hurry to grow up, because you can't go back once you do"

"So…I'm off the hook?"

"Oh no, no, no; not even close. You're off Diner duty though"

"Thanks Dad… can we call it a day?"

"You're not off Diner duties just yet, get your butt to work…" Sky laughed and got up from the stool. "… Hey kid?"


"Can I get a better look of it?" Luke asked quietly; Sky raised an eyebrow. "I just want to make sure they got it right" Sky smiled and lifted the back of his shirt to show his Dad.

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