A/N: I've read a million of these in the Eragon section and decided that there should be one for the animorphs, so here it is!

100 ways to annoy the Animorphs and company!

1.) Steal every one of Marco's jokes.

2.) Give V3 a rose from V1

3.) Tell him that you hope they'll be together forever and ever and ever…

4.) Join Crayak and kill Jake.

5.) Call the Ellimist 'Toomin', no matter how much he tells you to stop.

6.) Tell Rachel, "Don't worry fair lady, I'll protect you!"

7.) When she tries to kill you, use Tobias as a shield.

8.) Continuously ask Tobias if he's part hork-bajir and yeerk too.

9.) Tell Jake that he doesn't love Cassie, it's actually Marco he likes.

10.) Lock Rachel in a room with Marco. (Okay, that one will probably make Rachel happy, but at least you manage to piss off everyone else.)

11.) Ask Ax if he's telepathic.

12.) Constantly point out the similarities between Z-space and 'Wrinkles' in time.

13.) Keep talking about that 'disc' that kept showing up in the tv show.

14.) Point out the similarities between Marco, Christopher and Mo'Steel. (From Everworld and Remnants.)

15.) Keep insisting that Ellemist is god and Crayak is the devil.

16.) Point at Elfangor and yell "Hey! You're not little or green!"

17.) Insist that you need to find a shell for each of those 'poor little snails'

18.) Have a bath in the yeerk pool. (Eww… that one makes my stomach turn.)

19.) Keep insisting that Elfangor isn't dead, they just imagined him getting eaten.

20.) Make them all read V3/Elfangor.

21.) Yell at Cassie for 'not saving Bambi's mom.'

22.) Tell Erek that he should get neutered.

23.) Keep telling Crayak that Jake's immortal.

24.) Compare Jake to David and Jobs (From Everworld and Remnants)

25.) Tell Tobias that he's 'a good little birdie'

That's all for now. Not as funny as the stuff coming, so if you want to see new stuff, review!