VERY LATE WARNING: Do not attempt any of the things written on these lists without first consulting your will to live. Thank-you.

76.) Write Jake/Rachel. (Yet again, related people!)

77.) Treat Erek like a puppy. (Awww he's just sooooo cute P)

78.) Call Tobias emo.

79.) Hand over one of their books to the yeerks.

80.) Rant about under-vissers and thought-speak while in human form. (Just read book one again, you'll see what I mean.)

81.) Insist that Elfangor could have just morphed and saved himself after crashing in the construction site. (Hmmmm…)

82.) Insist that Ax is your horsie and you need to groom him. (Credited to: traycon3)

83.) Try to put a saddle on him.

84.) Attempt to feed him carrots through his nose.

85.) Tell Jake that the yeerks are innocent and only trying to make a life for themselves.

86.) If 85 doesn't work, pull out the big guns and tell him that it would have been better for the human race if we had been enslaved.

87.) Get Toby a copy of Hooked on Phonics

88.) Tell the Arn that they were created by the Ellimist. (So what if its probably not true. Dont you just want to wipe the smug little grin off their faces)

89.) Write a crossover with Everworld so that they have to save two worlds at once. (Bwahahaha! Bow at my evilness!)

90.) Insist on playing with Rachels hair.

91.) Serve Tobias some roadkill on a silver platter: tire tracks and all.

92.) (Credited to: Critic) refer to Prince Jake as royalty, Cassie his queen, Marco his jester...

93.) (Credited to: Squito) Take Erek to the Chinese Buffet and tell him what's in the food.

94.) Remind Jake that the SleazeTroll shows up right after you cross the Nether Fjord

95.) And if he hadnt kept losing their quarters, they wouldnt have met Elfangor. (Oh, harsh)

96.) Beat Jake and Marco at the arcade.

97.) Tell Taylor 'you poor thing.'

98.) Make them all listen to Animal I Have Become over and over.

99.) Dye Marco's hair Pink. (I know it has no relation to anything, but dont you just want to?)

100.) Omigosh! There's one missing! NOOOOOOO. I have COMPLETELY run out of ideas. If you'd like, you can send me yours and Ill post another chapter with them on it. OR you could make your own list. Thats even better. Then we can all laugh.

A/N: I Almost Forgot!

Ways to annoy animorphs fans!

1.) Write the first 25 of this list and then dont post for a year!

Sorry its been so slow in progress, but its finally done. Hope you enjoyed it!