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Prologue: Eight turtles fell into toxic waste. Two rats, a brother and sister, dumped by their dead owner, found them. The sister took the females, while the brother took the males, to train them in the ways of martial arts. The turtles grew up separately, but one day, as fate planned, they would meet…

Modern time….

"Leia! Quite pacing! You're making me dizzy!" shouted Michelle Angela.

"I'm sorry! I'm just nervous about the trip to see Sliver's brother, Splinter." She shot back.

"Well, you know I'm nervous too, but….Check out this move!"

Leianarda turned to watch her sister skipping with a skateboard. She flipped in mid-air and landed, doing a three-sixty.

Leia shook her head. "Nice trick."

"I know! I asked Donna to trek it out! Isn't it cool?"

"Yeah. It's wonderful. Look, just get packed."

"Why? What do we own that we need to pack?"

Leianarda was dumbfounded. "Just help Donna pack her technology. And don't break it!" she called after Michelle Angela.

"Ug. Siblings."

"What? Am I really that bad?"

Leia whirled around. Standing behind her was Donatella.

"Er…No. Michey was being difficult. Again."

"Well, don't let it get you down."

Donatella walked down the hall of their sewer.

"I'm just so worried. Mistress Sliver hasn't seen her brother in sixteen years."

Leianarda got out her katanas and started slashing at the air, careful not to hit anything.

She then put them away, and started packing. She took a woven bag and put blade polishers and a sharpening stone in and sealed the bag.

"Done." She said to herself. "Now, off to see what the others are doing."

She set off to Donna's room first. She stopped and leaned on the door way.

"So, what are you bringing?"

"Oh, some extra cloth, gotta keep that grip on my staff, some of my tracking technology, mapping tech, communicators," she held up a backpack, "My hang glider, of course. And I do think that's it."

"Ah. Don't let that slow you down. I'll carry some of it if you can't. I'm off to check on Michey and Raphie."

Without another word, Leia slipped out of Donatella's room and marched down the hall to Michelle Angela's room.

She entered the doorway and ducked to avoid getting hit with a bag of potato chips.

"Michey, what are you doing? More importantly, what are you packing?"

Michelle Angela tried to stuff two more bags of chips in a suitcase.

"My games, my skateboard, my chips, and an extra bandana."

"Michelle, don't take those!" Leia exclaimed."Well, the bandana you can take, but potato chips? What are you thinking?"

"I just thought I would need them!"

"Well, I'm sure that there are chips where we're going. Leave them."

"Well, since you put it that way…Okay!" Michelle unpacked her beloved chips.

"I'm going to see what Raphie is packing. See you later."

Leianarda walked toward Raphie's room.

She peaked inside.

"So, what are you bringing?"

"Why? Does it matter?"

"Well, it does. Less bulk equals more speed. We're trying not to be seen!"

"Yeah. Whatever."

Leia felt her blood pressure rising, but fought it.

"What are you bringing?" she asked calmly.

"Sai polish, a sharpening stone, and extra red cloth."

"Sounds like you packed like Donna and I did."

"Yeah. Whatever."

Leianarda turned and walked out of her sister's room.

She rubbed the bridge of her forehead.

"Something wrong, Daughter?" a wise voice came from behind her.

"Oh. Just the siblings being difficult."

"Don't take them for granted, Leianarda. For in one time in your life, you will want them by your side."

"Yes, Sensei."

"Now, where are they?" Sliver asked. "DAUGHTERS!!!!"

Quickly, Raphiette, Donatella, and Michelle Angela rushed out of their rooms and lined up.

Leianarda jumped into file.

"Good. Now, are you all packed?"

Echoes of "Yes Sensei." went through the halls.

"Good because, we are leaving tonight."

"Tonight? But that's five hours away!"

"Not in New York. Now, are you all ready?"

"Yes Sensei."

"Donatella, do you need someone to help you?"

"Leia already said that she would help me."

"And what about you, Michelle Angela?"

"Um. Well. I think I'm good. I might just pack lighter."

"Good. Well, we're leaving in five minutes. I hope you will all be ready."

The four sisters departed and each went into their rooms.

Five minutes later, Leianarda was carrying a woven bag and a backpack. Donatella was carrying a tote bag. Michelle Angela had lightened her load and was carrying a bulging backpack and a skateboard under one arm. Raphiette had a black leather bag slung over her bicep. Sliver didn't pack anything. She just clutched her walking staff.

"Are we already to go?" she inquired.

"Yes Sensei."

"Let us go." Sliver lead the way out of their sewer home.

They caught a train heading North East. The sisters and their Mistress rode on top of the train for five hours. They hopped off just as they reached the station and opened a man-hole in the floor and dove through it.

They traveled through the sewer until they reached a big iron door. Sliver knocked.

"Who's there?" an old voice demanded.

"Your sister."

The door hissed and opened up and an old rat stepped through.

"A modern invention my son made." The rat boasted.

"Woah! He used Titanium and Iron alloy!" Donatella exclaimed.

The rat frowned. "Yes. I think that's what he called it."

Donatella gave an excited squeal.

"By the way, my name is Splinter."

"So, you're Splinter!" Leia exclaimed.

"Yes I am. Now, I do believe it is rude for a host to not let the guests in. Please, come in." Splinter moved out of the way, allowing the sisters to enter.

They all shuffled in, and stared in awe at the size of the place.

"Cool! Chem. lab! Whoa! Awesome! Half-pipe!"

"I'd better call my sons." Splinter said to the amazed sisters. "DONATELLO! MICHELANGELO! RAPHAEL! LEONARDO!" He bellowed.

"Man. What's up?" a male turtle with an orange bandana asked.

"I was working on my newest invention!" complained one with a purple bandana.

"Master Splinter, what is it?" asked one in blue.

"Our guests are here." He replied.

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael turned, and came face to face with Leianarda, Michelle Angela, Donatella, and Raphiette…

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