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Previously on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sisters…:

The door hissed and opened up and an old rat stepped through.

"A modern invention my son made." The rat boasted.

"Woah! He used Titanium and Iron alloy!" Donatella exclaimed.

The rat frowned. "Yes. I think that's what he called it."

Donatella gave an excited squeal.

"By the way, my name is Splinter."

"So, you're Splinter!" Leia exclaimed.

"Yes I am. Now, I do believe it is rude for a host to not let the guests in. Please, come in." Splinter moved out of the way, allowing the sisters to enter.

They all shuffled in, and stared in awe at the size of the place.

"Cool! Chem. lab! Whoa! Awesome! Half-pipe!"

"I'd better call my sons." Splinter said to the amazed sisters. "DONATELLO! MICHELANGELO! RAPHAEL! LEONARDO!" He bellowed.

"Man. What's up?" a male turtle with an orange bandana asked.

"I was working on my newest invention!" complained one with a purple bandana.

"Master Splinter, what is it?" asked one in blue.

"Our guests are here." He replied.

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael turned, and came face to face with Leianarda, Michelle Angela, Donatella, and Raphiette…

Modern time:

The eight turtles just stared at each other.

Donatello tilted his head and looked in interest.

Mikey's and Michey's eyes rolled to the top of their heads and they both fell backwards.

The one with the red-bandana and Raphiette started laughing and snorting.

Donatello rushed over and kneeled by Michelangelo's side. Donatella did the same for Michelle Angela.

"He's out cold." He reported. "He just got startled, that's all."

Just then, Mikey woke up. "Man…I had this weird dream that these aliens cloned me, but they mixed up my dudeness with dudetteness. Then, they cloned all of you guys too, but those wacky aliens couldn't get it right and made dudettes that look like us! I'm glad that was just a dream."

Michelle had also just woken up and she rubbed her head. "I had this dream like you wouldn't believe. Aliens cloned us, but they like messed up. I need Doritos!" she sobbed.

Then Michelangelo turned and looked at the female turtles again, screamed like a little girl and leapt into Donny's arms. "HOLD MEEEE!" he wailed "THE CLONES!!!"

Then, Michey turned and caught a glimpse of the male turtles again. "AHHHHH!!! THE CLONES!!!!" she screamed like a little boy and jumped into her sister's arms.

Raphael howled with laughter, holding his stomach. Raphiette screeched and started pounding the floor with her fist in a fit of laughter.

Only Leia and Leo stood in the middle of this scene, unmoved. Leonardo reached up and rubbed his brow.

Donatella frowned at her sister. Donatello scowled at his goofy brother. They looked at each other. "Next!" they both cried in union and dropped their siblings with a hard thud on the sewer floor.

Raphael and Raphiette were holding onto the other, laughing like hyenas

"Ow!" Michey and Mikey both cried out at the same time. They looked at each other and gulped. Then they looked back up at their scowling siblings, arms crossed.

"Awww Man!" they whined. Michey was the first one on her feet. "You're not like me, Clone. You can't defeat me in my ultimate game!" she declared.

"So be it, Clone! What game is it that you wish to challenge my expertise?" he asked, making it on his feet.

" I challenge you, Clone, in the difficult art of……Burping!" she shouted, her hands on her hips.

"You are SO on!" Michelangelo cried out. They stared into the other's eye. The air seemed to crackle under the tension.

Michelle Angela let out a long belch that echoed through the halls of the male turtles' home. "Hah! Beat that!"

"I will! Check this out!" Michelangelo boasted. He opened his mouth and let out a tiny squeak.

Michey let out a laugh and held her arms up in triumph. "Hah! I knew you couldn't beat me, Clone!"

"But, I'm not a clone!" Mikey whined. "You're a clone!"

"I'm not a clone, you are…Wait, I'm not a clone, and you're not a clone, that must mean… you're not a clone!"

Donny shook his head and Donna coughed. "Nice going Sherlock, you've found the answer to the mystery." They both chimed out.

"Daughters, shouldn't you introduce yourselves?" Sliver asked.

"Sons, shouldn't you do the same?" asked Splinter.

The Turtles got into a line across from the other, Leia from Leo, Michey, from Mikey, Donna from Donny, and Raph from Raphie.

Leianarda and Leonardo shook hands. "I'm Leia. Leianarda." "I'm Leonardo, Leo for short."

"I'm Donatello, Donny." "I'm Donatella, Donna."

" I'm Michey, also known as Michelle Angela!" "I'm known as Michelangelo, but you can call me Mikey!"

Raph and Raphie clanked their fists together. "Raphael. Raph" "Raphiette. Raphie."

"So," Donatello started, rubbing his hands together, "what will we do next?"

Donna pondered for a moment before she said anything. "Well, do you want to split into cou…uh, I mean duos and do the things that we like best?"

"I'm sure one of you gals like TV, right?" Michelangelo chimed.

"Ohhh!!!! I love television! I adore television!!" squealed Michelle Angela.

Mikey smiled and bowed with his arm pointing toward the den. "This way, ma'am."

"I hope one of you like technology." murmured Donny.

"I do! I do! Oh! Before I forget, would you like to see some things that I whipped up?" said Donna excitedly.

"I would love to!" Donatello exclaimed, gesturing to his room.

"Do you have anything to punch or kick?" asked Leianarda.

"Yes! We do! In the dojo!" Leonardo voiced.

"Anything dangerous around here?" Raphiette asked.

"If ya include my motorbike." Raphael replied. "Wanna ride?"

"Love ta."

"Good, now let's go before it gets too light to see."

He and Raphie ran off into the sewer to fetch Raph's bike and bring it out of a man hole.

Donny sighed and led Donna into his room carrying her bag on his shoulder.

Leia followed Leo into the dojo and Mikey and Michey plopped on the sofa.

"Quickly, my sister, before they get back. We must meditate…"

"I agree. Teenagers." Sliver said, shaking her head and followed Splinter into his room and closed the sliding door.

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