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CHAPTER ONE: Dates and Cheerios

"Toby, can't I turn my back for two seconds- two seconds! - without you making a mess or destroying something?" Sarah asked, exasperated. The toddler giggled amid the mess of milk and cheerios that he had managed to throw around his chair, landing some on himself, the countertop, and, somehow, the ceiling. Sarah had looked away only to answer the telephone, had engaged in a thirty-second conversation, and had returned to the kitchen to find this mess. You had to love Saturday mornings.

"Sorry," Toby said, speech slightly slurred, as a toddler's would be.

Sarah looked over at the toddler in his booster seat and rolled her eyes, her angry expression and resolve completely melting away. She found it extremely difficult to remain upset with him for very long.

For the last two years, Sarah's father and stepmother had wondered if she had completely lost it. The old Sarah had never been nice to her younger brother. It had taken Sarah a month to convince her parents that she wasn't on drugs and hadn't been abducted by aliens and replaced with a nicer, more civil version. Sarah 2.0, as her father sometimes jokingly called her, never minded staying home with Toby. In fact, she enjoyed it, and often encouraged her parents to go out. Her parents didn't complain; they were impressed at how Sarah had grown up. Fortunately for Sarah, they didn't know what had caused this sudden change in her feelings for Toby. Her trip into the Labyrinth, coupled with two years of gaining wisdom and maturity, had drastically improved Sarah's attitude.

As she was cleaning up the heart-healthy mess upon the floor, Sarah heard Hoggle walk into the kitchen. Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and Ludo had been spending just about every day with her, arriving shortly after she got home from school and leaving before her father and stepmother got home. Their timing had gotten to be very precise, and her parents were none the wiser.

"Did it again, did he?" Hoggle grunted, noting the mess on the floor. As Sarah nodded, Hoggle shook his head and tutted. He didn't care very much for babies, though he and Toby had learned to coexist harmoniously. Sarah knew he went out of his way to be nice to Toby because of her, something she was grateful for. Besides, they'd be good friends eventually… just as soon as Toby stopped drooling and throwing food around.

"Who was that on the phone, anyhow?" Hoggle asked, sidestepping the cereal.

Sarah tried to suppress a grin, to no avail. "Mark," she said, blushing slightly. "He's going to pick me up at eight tonight."

Sarah had had a bit of a crush on Mark for the last year or so, and he had finally asked her out a month or so ago. Sarah had happily accepted, elated that Mark had asked her out to dinner at last—and also glad that she had another guy to keep her mind off other things.

Since she had returned from the Labyrinth, its ruler had been plaguing her thoughts almost constantly. She was still very angry at Jareth for what he put her through, although she was a little glad that she had gone to the Labyrinth; if she hadn't she never would have been able to get along with Toby, and they would probably still be fighting. But all the same, she had come very close to losing Toby that day. And although she refused to admit it—to anyone other than herself, at least – she was afraid of him. Who am I kidding? She thought to herself. He scares the hell out of me.

Breaking out of her reverie, Sarah finished cleaning up the cereal. Looking around, she realized something was missing.

"Where are Ludo and Didymus?" she asked Hoggle, who had helped himself to the orange juice in her refrigerator, drinking it straight out of the carton.

"Didymus has the flu," Hoggle said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and replacing the juice. "Ludo decided to stay and keep him company. They told me to say hi to you, by the way." He grinned.

Sarah smiled back', then frowned slightly. "Won't Ludo get sick, too?"

Hoggle shook his head. "He seems to be immune to diseases," he said. Sarah raised her eyebrows, then shrugged. Stranger things had happened.

"I wasn't aware that having the Flu in the Underground was even possible. I thought it was a human thing."

Hoggle rolled his eyes, though Sarah knew he was only teasing her. "Humans. Think everything's about them." Sarah let this slide.

"Looks like it's just you and me, then." She wasn't about to complain; she loved Ludo and Didymus, but it was rare that she ever got to spend time with Hoggle all by himself. "What do you want to do today?"

Hoggle gave Sarah a sour look. "Anything but Scrabble."

Sarah laughed. She had to agree—Didymus practically demanded that they play Scrabble nearly every day.

"Okay. I'll go wash Toby up and we'll figure out something to do."

Lifting Toby out of his high-chair, Sarah headed up the stairs, grabbing a towel out of the hall linen closet on the way. As she turned on the water, she smiled. Today was going to be another good day.


Sitting on the windowsill, the king of the goblins gazed down at his kingdom, impressed with how it had turned out over the last few decades. He often felt that the view of the Labyrinth and the city calmed him, and allowed him to think freely. Tonight, he let his thoughts wander Aboveground, to Sarah.

It had been two years, thirteen days since he had last seen Sarah in person— the day she had defeated the Labyrinth. The goblins in the Underground remembered that day like Americans remembered Pearl Harbor: no human had ever beaten the labyrinth. Jareth recalled that day for an entirely different reason; no human had ever driven him crazy the way Sarah had.

Jareth still checked up on Sarah periodically, by way of his crystals. She had gone from being an ignorant sixteen-year-old brat to an eighteen-year-old woman, and had still remained just as brave, smart, and beautiful, if not more so. He had watched her mature, and liked to think that her newfound kindness toward her brother was his doing.

It had not been easy, keeping his obsession with Sarah a secret; the castle, although it was the largest in the Underground, was not very big, and he was constantly surrounded by goblins, who had not failed to notice that their king had changed, become more distant, in the last few years. It was very important that the goblins did not discover that he was infatuated with a human girl; many of the goblins thought that being with someone who was not of your own race was disgraceful, and it was likely a civil war would break out. He had enough problems as it was.

He had neglected to check up on Sarah in the last week or so, due to the small group of goblins who had rebelled against their king. As miniscule a group as they were, many of the goblins leading the pack had been smart, cunning, and daring. Jareth had had a somewhat difficult time regaining control over his kingdom. A civil war had ensued, and goblins loyal to the king had finally overcome the rebels, though not without losses. The battle had destroyed the goblin city. Jareth had spent the last week restoring it—it had taken a long time even with his magical gifts. It looked as good as new now, and he finally had a moment to spare.

Summoning up a crystal from thin air, Jareth peered into it. Ah . . . there she is.

Sarah looked quite stunning, wearing a short red dress, with her hair pulled away from her face in a clip. Jareth could see that she had applied the tiniest hint of makeup. Gorgeous though she was, Jareth wondered what the occasion was. Sarah hardly ever wore anything but jeans, having all but given up acting in favor of more reasonable things.

Growing curious, Jareth stared more intently at the crystal. Sarah was walking up the sidewalk to her house. Jareth could now see a black-haired boy of about the same age as Sarah following her. Dread hit the goblin king like a bucket of ice-cold water as he realized what was happening. He forced himself to watch, however, as the boy and Sarah arrived at the doorstep.

"Goodnight, Mark. Thanks for dinner," Sarah said. The boy nodded and stepped closer to Sarah.

Jareth watched them kiss in horror, and he felt his blood begin to boil over. He felt nauseated, horrified . . . and furious.

Jareth clenched his fists together so tightly that his knuckles turned white, and he began to shake uncontrollably. Hardly realizing what he was doing, Jareth changed his human-like form into that of an owl and glided silently out the window.