Computer Cross: The Warp between worlds

Early one morning....

Ken Ichijouji woke with a start, drenched in cold sweat. When he jumped, Minomon, his Digimon partner, nearly fell off the bed.
"What wrong, Ken?" asked Minomon.
"Nothing. I just, had... had a bad dream that's all." said Ken rubbing his forehead, "It just felt so... so... real...."
"Don't worry. A dream is a dream. So let's get back to sleep. We promised Davis we'd go to the Digital world with him and the other Digidestined tomarrow morning. Remember? Mimi's going to be there too because she's on vacation here. And we also need to take that long bus ride so we'd better get some sleep." yawned Minomon, closing his eyes.
"...yeah, goodnight Minomon."
"Goodnight Ken." Ken closed his eyes and tried to force himself to fall back asleep but he couldn't help but think of that dream. It was like that dream was more of a sign but he couldn't remember any of it... just like how he can't remember anything good about his past. Slowly Ken felt the tiredness take over his body and he soon fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 1: The Bright Light

"Ken, what are you doing awake?" asked a voice behind him that nearly made him jump out of his skin. He hadn't expected his parents to be awake at this hour, and on a weekend.
"Ken, it's 7:00. Why are you awake so early?" asked his mother.
"Well, I said I'd go see a friend today and he wants me to meet him early, plus, I have to take the bus." said Ken.
"Well, try to be careful. And why don't you bring your friend some cookies? I'm sure you'll want a snack." said his mother smiling, "It's just so nice to know you have friends to play with." Ken smiled back. He loved to make his parents happy. He hated to see his parents sad, especially if it was something that he had done. He still blamed himself for what happened to Sam....
His mother went to the kitchen and brought back a plastic zip-lock bag full of cookies.
'How can she expect me to eat that much?' thought Ken as his mother put the bag into his hands.
"So which friend are you going to see? Is it the same friend that invited you to spend the night that one time? The one you invited to come over at Christmas? You know, for the party?" asked his mother.
"Yes, mama. His name is Davis." answered Ken pulling off his back pack(which was holding Minomon and his laptop) and putting the bag of cookies inside.
"You should invite him over more often." beamed his mother.
"Yeah, sure mama. I'll ask and see if he can come over some time." said Ken, "Well, I don't want to keep him waiting. Bye, mama."
"Bye Ken." said his mother as he walked out the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hey, Ken! Why did you take so long to get here?" asked Davis as Ken ran up him.
"I was wrong about the bus leaving at 7:30." answered Ken, "It actually leaves at 8:00. Sorry."
"Oh, well. At least Ken is here. Now we can go to the Digital World." said Yolie as they all walked towards the school.
"Before we do anything in the Digital World we need to pick up Palmon." said Mimi.
"Don't worry. We told her to stay with Tentomon so we'll be able to find her easier." said T.K. as they neared the school.
"Okay, everybody come in quickly!" said Davis as they hurried past the gate and into the building. As they walked through the halls of the school everyone stayed quiet. But it was getting a little too quiet for Davis.
"So, what do you have in the backpack?" asked Davis.
"Minomon and my laptop...." answered Ken.
"Why did you bring the laptop?"
"I don't know. I just had a feeling... we might need it." Davis looked at Ken, perplexed.
"A feeling? What kind of feeling?" asked Demiveemon.
"A bad one. Mabey I'm just imagining it all, but I just thought it would be a good idea to bring it." said Ken.
"You can take me out now!" yelled a muffled voice from inside the backpack. Ken took off his backpack and unzipped it. Minomon jumped out of it and into Ken's arms. "Thanks for letting me out Ken. It was getting stuffy in there."
"You're welcome." said Ken putting his backpack back on.
"Hey! I've got the Digiport open!" exclaimed Yolie jumping up and put her D-3 up to the computer screen, "Come on, everybody! Let's go!" All the Digidestined put their D-3s up to the screen and they were sucked inside.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In the Digital World....

"Palmon!" yelled Mimi as she ran to greet her digimon partner.
"Mimi!" shouted Palmon as they hugged each other, "Did you have a safe trip to Tokyo?" Mimi nodded.
"It's nice to see you you all today. Nice weather we're having?" said Tentomon.
"So, what's up, Tentomon?" asked Cody.
"Everything is just fine here in the Digital World, or at least as far as I know."
"Did you here that Ken? Everything is just fine. You were worrying over nothing." said Gatomon.
"Yeah, I guess so...." said Ken.
"Well, if anything happens you just tell us." said Davis to Tentomon.
"Sure, I'll tell you everything that pops up around here." replied Tentomon begining to fly off, "Goodbye!"
"Bye, Tentomon!" yelled Kari after him and waving.
"Well, there's no use just standing around. Let's look around or do some exploring." suggested Davis.
"Might as well." said Armadillomon, "Mabey we'll find a good place to have a picnic and a nice nap."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

6 hours later....

"Let's take a rest." said Veemon flopping down on his bottom, "I'm getting tired."
"Yeah, I could use a rest myself." agreed Davis sitting down next Veemon.
"Well, I'm hungry. When are we gonna eat?" asked Armadillomon.
"I guess we should all have a little snack." said Kari sitting down with Gatomon in her lap.
"I brought some things from my families' store but I'm not sure if I brought enough." said Yolie holding out a sack she had taken into the Digital World with her.
"Well, I think we should give all the Digimon the food, just incase we come to some evil Digimon." suggested Cody.
"Yeah, but we're going to need energy too." said Kari. They continued to debate over who would get to eat when Veemon began to sniff the air.
"Hey! Did you bring chocolate?" asked Veemon turning to Yolie.
"No. I didn't bring any chocolate, only the sweet sugar candies and the sour ones. Why do you ask?" asked Yolie with one eyebrow raised.
"Because I smell CHOCOLATE!!" yelled Veemon jumping up and down. Veemon began to walk around sniffing the air, "Chocolate! Chocolate! Where's the chocolate?"
"Hey! I smell the chocolate too." said Armadillomon sniffing.
"Yes, me too." said Hawkmon. Patamon and Gatomon nodded.
"I guess I would smell it too if I had a nose." said Wormmon.
"Well, my mom packed me some cook-" started Ken but Veemon jumped at his back pack making him fall over!
"COOKIES! Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!" chanted Veemon throwing things out of Ken's backpack, looking for the cookies. The only problem was, the backpack was still on Ken!
"Would you please let me take off the backpack first?!" yelled Ken who was now face down on the ground.
"Come on, Veemon! Get off him! You're a lot heavier than you look!" said Davis pulling Veemon off Ken's back.
"But he has the cookies...." complained Veemon. Ken sat up and straightned himself out before speaking again.
"I'll give you some cookies if you promise never to do that again." said Ken taking off his backpack.
"I promise! Digi-scout's honor!" said Veemon putting up his left hand and putting his right hand over his heart.
"And I promise too!" added Davis doing the same.
"Alright. I'm sure my mom packed enough. She always dose."
"I'll say! That plastic bag your mom packed is like one of those huge freezer bags!" said Yolie.
"That's because it is one of those freezer bags. Exactly how much do you eat?" asked T.K.
"That's none of your bisness, C.D.!" yelled Davis.
"It's okay Davis. Really, I don't eat a lot. My mother and father seem to think I need to though." replied Ken.
"Well, you are a little on the skinny side but besides that, you seem perfectly healthy and well-fed." said Yolie.
"How can you tell if I'm healthy and well-fed if I'm skinny?" Yolie sighed and shook her head, "I just thought you would like an opinion."
"Well, when you two get finished arguing Veemon will have already finished eating all the cookies." said Armadillomon,"Just make up your minds so we can all eat. I'm starved!"
Ken looked down and saw that Veemon had already eaten 5 cookies!
"Hey Veemon! That's enough! Let the other Digimon have some." said Davis yanking the bag away from Veemon.
"Sorry." apologized Veemon.
"Now, let's give the other Digimon a cookie, but right after I have one-" said Davis about to eat a cookie but recived a punch in the back of his head.
"Stop Davis! Those cookies are for the Digimon!" yelled Yolie grabbing the bag out of Davis' hand. Yolie turned to Armadillomon and held out the bag, "Here you go, Armadillomon."
"Thank Yolie-Hey! Who turned on the lights?!?" yelled Amadillomon shielding his eye's from the sunlight that came down on Armadillomon like a spotlight.
"I've always wanted a tan but this isn't what I had in mind!" yelled Yolie putting up her arm to cover her eyes as the sun's beams.
"I'm not worried about the sun! It's the noise that bothers me!" asked Davis pulling his goggles down over his eyes but it didn't help.
One by one, the Digidestined were swallowed up by the increadibly bright light and the ear-splitting noise echoed through their heads.
"I can't take this anymore!" yelled Mimi before she fainted. It wasn't long before all the other Digimon and the Digidestined fainted as well. And that, was the begining of one of the greatest adventures the Digidestined have ever had.
To be continued....