So how long has it been since I last wrote a fic for The Outsiders? Well, I'm back. D'you all miss me? No? Well, that's okay. So I would like to introduce to you a new Curtis sister fic. But at the same time, a Randle sister fic.

Rhiannon Curtis and Morgan Randle grew up together. Just like their older brothers they were best friends, so close they could practically read each others' minds. With their brothers and their friends, their gang, nothing can stop them.

I dedicate this one hundred percent to MY best friend, Mak. (AKA Makado Felton. Maybe if you beg her enough she'll her AMAZING stories back up.)

Well, let's rock. Here we go:

"So what are we doing tonight?" I turned to my best friend and sighed."Nothing." I answered.

"Why not?" She asked confused."We always hang out on Monday nights…and Tuesday nights…and Wednesday nights…and Thursdays and Fridays."

"My brother found my research paper." I sighed again. "With a huge, red F sprawled across the top of it." I continued, cursing my English teacher.

"I really hope," Morgan said, somewhat horrified. "That the answer to the question I'm about to ask you is 'Ponyboy.' Or even 'Sodapop…'" She paused before asking her question. "Which brother?" I slammed my locker shut.


"Aww, Rhia!" Morgan groaned.

"It's not my fault Mrs. Fisher's such a bitch!" I said as we started to walk outside to meet our friends for lunch. "If she would have just answered my questions I wouldn't have failed!" The research paper was one that all sophomores had to do it. It was one of those make or break your assignments.

"I know." Morgan nodded. "But couldn't you have hidden it better?"

"I did. That's why I got into so much trouble."

"Huh?" Morgan asked, again confused.

"I ripped it in half and put half of it in the garbage can out front and the other half in the garbage can out back…" I trailed off so Morgan could finish laughing. "Beats me how he found it."

"Let me guess." Morgan swallowed her last chuckles. "He gave you a speech on dishonesty and crap?" She got a serious expression on her face and started to imitate my oldest brother. "Rhiannon Carly Curtis. If you had only shown me your paper instead of trying to hide it…" She stopped to allow me to crack up.

"Bullshit." Morgan shook her head. "He woulda grounded you anyway if you had showed it to him."

"Ain't it the truth." I sighed as we reached Morgan's brother's car.

"Hey, sis." Steve said to Morgan. "Hey, Rhia."

"Hey." We both said to him before greeting our friend Two-Bit and my little brother, Ponyboy.

"Where are we going?" Two-Bit asked no one in particular.

"The Dingo?" Morgan offered.

"Let's go to the DX." I said, referring to the gas station my older brother worked at. "I wanna talk to Soda. Maybe he can get Darry to lay off me."

"He found your paper, didn't he?" Ponyboy snickered as Steve pulled out of the parking lot. "I told you to tear it to shreds instead of in half."

"Shut up." I grumbled, which of course only made the rest of the people in the car laugh.

"How long you grounded for?" Steve asked.

"He didn't say."

"Are you coming to the game with us on Friday?"

"Ah, shit I forgot about that…"

"Better hope Soda can work some magic." He grinned at me through the rearview mirror.

"Lord knows he can." I nodded.

When we reached the DX, Soda was behind the register ringing up some chick's Pepsi and gum. She was flirting with him like crazy, but Soda didn't seem to realize.

"So how old are you?" She asked him.

"Too old for you." I scoffed. She looked to be in her twenties.

"Who are you?" She glared at me.

"His sister. His sixteen year old sister. The sixteen year old sister of that seventeen year old." Soda was laughing.

"Age is nothing but a number." She turned back to Soda.

"Are you kidding me?!" I slapped my forehead. "He has a girlfriend. Now go away." Soda continued to chuckle as he looked over at me.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to ask you a favor." I said hopping up onto the counter.

"And what would that be?" He asked passing me a Coke, and passing a Pepsi to Ponyboy.

"What about me?" Two-Bit asked.

"You can pay." Soda scoffed at him.

"Steeeeve?" Two-Bit whined as Steve got himself and Morgan drinks.

"You can pay." Steve repeated.

"So what do you need?" Soda asked me.

"Darry found my research paper…"

"I told you ripping it in half wouldn't work."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." I waved him off. "Get him off my back? At least for Friday. I've finally convinced Dally to come to the game with us, I can't not go!"

"Who all is going to that game?" Two-Bit asked.

"Me and Lindsey, Soda and Amanda, Rhia and Dally and Morgan and Michael."

"Damn, me and Pony are the only ones without girlfriends…or boyfriends." He added looking at Morgan and me.

"You two could just go together!" Morgan grinned, always one to crack a few sarcastic blows here and there.

"Okay." Two-Bit played along, scooting closer to Ponyboy.

"Two-Bit, Two-Bit." Pony said scooting away. "It's not that you're a guy, it's that you're an idiot."

"So if you could shut up for just one second of your life, Two-Bit," I said turning back to Soda. "Will you?"

"Yeah, all right I'll talk to him." Soda nodded.

"I knew I could count on you, big brother." I grinned. Soda just shook his head, and threw away my now empty bottle of Coke. Soda and I were very close, but I was also very close with my other two brothers.

Soda kept his word. That night, as I was sitting in my room where Darry had ordered me to go before I could do anything else, I could hear them talking from the living room.

"It's not her fault, Dar." Soda was saying, and by Darry's moan I could tell Soda was rubbing his shoulders. "I had that Fisher last year. If you're not a Soc she won't give you the time of day."

"She shouldn't have hid it." Darry mumbled.

"Oh come on," Soda said. "You know you woulda gotten mad if she hadn't too." When Darry didn't answer, Soda continued. "She probably didn't wanna disappoint you. She's a good kid."

"I know she is." Darry agreed.

"Soda seems to be getting through to him." Pony said as he came into my room.

"He always does." I grinned up at him from my bed.

"I wish he didn't have to." Pony sighed. "I wish Darry would just lay off us." I sighed. Pony often said things like this. Darry was hard on the both of us, wanting us to do well in school so we'd make it somewhere. Darry gave everything up when Mom and Dad died, and Soda dropped out of school to get a full time job to help with the bills, but was happy about it, so Darry really wanted Pony and I to be happy as well. I realized that though, and Pony didn't. While I loved Darry all the more because he cared so much about us, Pony failed to realize this, and just couldn't understand why Darry was always on our back. I guess that's why Soda and I were closer to Darry than Pony was.

"All right." I heard Darry sigh, and then he called, "Rhia, can you come here a sec'?"

"Good luck." Pony joked as I walked past him.

"What's up?" I asked sitting down next to him, and a grin from Soda told me he'd succeeded.

"If you've done all your homework this week, you can go to the game on Friday." And before I could even say anything, he said "Harder, Soda."

"Thanks, Dar." I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Uh huh." He said. I winked at Soda, saying thanks without actually talking, and went back to my room.

"Dinner!" Darry called at about 7:30, and from different parts of the house, everyone headed to the kitchen. Morgan and I were in my room, working on some stupid assignment for our history class, while Pony had been watching TV with our friend Johnny, Soda and Steve. As we sat down at the table, we heard the door swing open and a familiar voice call "Where is everybody?!" A second later, Dallas Winston appeared in the doorway.

"Why ask if you already know?" I said to him.

"Eh." He shrugged. "What's for dinner?" He asked taking a chicken wing off of Steve's plate. He squeezed my shoulder as he passed by me. We'd long learned not to show any kind of real affection in front of Darry. I remembered the day he found out me and Dally had gotten together. I'd gone to the movies with him, Pony and Soda, but afterwards my brothers had wanted to swing by the dingo, while I just wanted to go home. Obviously, it being night, I wasn't going to walk home alone, so Dally walked with me. By the time we got home there was a kiss involved and a hollering Darry. My brothers had learned to accept it since then, but they sure weren't happy about seeing anything.

Nights at our house usually ended about the same. We'd all hang out in front of the TV, some of us watching, some of us doing other stuff, until slowly everyone would leave, unless they'd decided to spend the night on our couch. When the house was empty as it was going to get, we'd all head to bed.

That night was no different.

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