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Chapter 6: Boredom of Fighting

"I hate when they have rumbles." Morgan said to me. We were sitting in the living room of my house while all the guys ran around getting ready.

"Why's that?" Steve called over to his sister.

"'Cause ya'll go out and fight and you leave us here alone."

"What, you wanna come fight with us?" Soda asked, putting arm on Steve's shoulder, and leaning there.

"Wouldn't mind it." I shrugged.

"Not a chance." He laughed. Morgan and I glared.

"Not a chance of what?" Darry asked, walking out from his room.

"Rhia fighting." Soda answered. Darry actually laughed out loud.

"I am perfectly capable of holding my own." I said, through gritted teeth.

"Doesn't mean I'm gonna let you, sweetheart." He said the sweetheart just to bother me.

"Who said I needed your permission?" He wanted to mess with me, I could mess back.

"You go without it." Darry said. "See how long you'll last."

"Well you can't stop me." Morgan said to Darry. "I'm going." We were arguing with them, but we didn't even think we were going to end up going.

"I'd like to see you try." Steve snorted.

"Ya'll need to get a life and stay out of ours." I said.

"Who's in your life?" Dally asked, walking in the door.

"Your friends." Morgan supplied.

"She wants to fight." Soda gave him the missing information. Dally laughed, too.

"Screw you guys." Morgan said standing up. I followed her outside.

"Where are you going?" Darry asked, following us.

"To fight." I grinned and walked away. I wasn't really though, and Darry knew that because he didn't follow me.

"Be back by ten!" He called out.

We walked around for a while, when we heard someone call Morgan's name. We stopped and saw her boyfriend, Michael running towards us.

"Where've you been?!" He said angrily when he came to a stop.

"At Rhia's. Where else. Why?" Morgan said confused.

"I told you I'd be over between 5 and 8. Why weren't you home?!"

"I'm sorry I wasn't sitting around waiting for you for three hours." Morgan said sarcastically. "I deeply apologize for going over to my friend's house with my brother rather than sitting alone doing absolutely nothing." Michael took a step closer to Morgan.

"Listen, you—" He looked at me and stopped. He stared at Morgan for a second before turning on his heel and stalking off.

"What was that about?" I turned to Morgan.

"I dunno, he's just been stupid." Morgan said, but somewhat distractedly. Like she was hiding something. "Let's go back. I wanna be there before the boys leave." So we turned around and made it just in time to see them sprinting out the door. Dally, Johnny and Two-Bit all sprinted past us yelling bye, but our brothers stopped in front of us.

"I swear; if I see ya anywhere near that rumble, I'll skin you. Understood?"

"No, repeat that." I said. He glared at me.

"Yeah, I'll stay put." I said. Steve gave Morgan a look that said "you had better stay put too." She stuck her tongue out. Steve glared and said,

"Try me." Before he followed Darry, running after the other guys.

"Take care, little sis." Soda grinned at me, ruffling my hair.

"See ya." Pony said and he and Soda took off.

"Ya'll be careful!" I called.

"Uh huh!" They all called back.

Of course they weren't too careful because when they got home not a single one of them wasn't bleeding.

"And this is why we hate rumbles." I said as Morgan and I got out the first aid kit and started to clean up their wounds.

"I'm not wearing no band aid." Dally grumbled as he saw me force one on Ponyboy.

"Shut up, Dallas." I sighed and moved on to him.

"Nah, I'm serious." He said.

"No one's telling you to put a band aid on, so stop babbling!" I said as I put an ice pack in his hand and moved his hand to his eye. He stopped talking, but kept scowling.

After a rumble the guys were real boring. Just sat around and talked about it.

"I'm going to bed." I said and went to sleep.

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