The Dragon Quest 8 Adventure: Chibi Style

Summery: In my story, I have the group meet - as chibis! Except for Yangus and Trode, but they're younger too and that means Alistair and the abbot is alive. They all meet up at Savella Cathedral when a murder happens and they have to find out who it and defeat them in battle.

Medea:12, Shiro:12, Trode:30, Anglo:12, Marcello:18, Jessica:11, Yangus:30, Alistair:19, Red:28, Abbot Francisco:40

It was a summer's day in Trodain and King Trode was forced to spend this beautiful day inside the castle, filling out paper work. He finished making the preparations before his guests arrived. Trode was a short man with pale, pasty skin, he had brown hair and small eyes. He was sitting in a chair and was wearing an orange suit with a green cape. A knock came to his door.

"Come in." King Trode said.

The door opened and King Trode's royal advisor, Reynard walk in. "Your majesty, your guests have arrived."

"Assemble the guards. I want us all to be in front of so that we can greet them." Trode got up from the chair he was sitting in and walked out of the room with the advisor.

"Come on Shiro!" Princess Medea called. She was a young girl with brown hair and green eyes. She was running around in the royal courtyard and a boy with brown hair and brown eyes was running after her. He was wearing the uniform- grey blue shirt and grey pants- that all of the young guards wore.

"I'm coming wait up." Shiro said. They stopped running in front of a huge sakura tree and they sat under it.

"Let's talk." Medea said.

"About what?" Shiro said.

"Tell me, how's your training going." Medea asked. Shiro had just came from the training area for guards.

"Well okay." Shiro blushed. He never was comfortable with being the center of attention. " But I'm still having a hard time with hand to hand combat. It's because I'm small; I don't have as much upper body strength, the captain's teaching me a fighting style that will help me use my speed to give me a good chance in a fight. We shouldn't be talking about me, you should be talking about you."

"There's nothing to talk about." Medea said, exasperated. "That evil woman has been trying to teach me how to be a proper lady."

"You shouldn't talk about Lady Nadine like that." Shiro said.

"Why not? She thinks she's better than anyone who isn't as rich as her because to her those people are garbage. I can't stand people like that. People are still people no matter what." 'She also says these really mean things about Shiro just because of the fact that he didn't remember her past. So what if he didn't remember? So what if he wasn't born from Trodain? It's none of her damn business!'

"Medea, look." Shiro said, interrupting the girl's thought.

Medea looked. Her father's advisor, Reynard was running towards them.

"Your majesty," Reynard called. "Your father's guests have arrived. We must be there to greet them. And Shiro you need to be there with the other guards so I suggest we go now."

Medea and Shiro got up and they walked with Reynard to the front of the castle. Medea and Reynard stood with the king and Shiro took his place right next to the captain of the guards.

Everyone in Trodain could see a large group of people walked towards them. These people wore a uniform that were mostly blue (some wore it in red), some wore matching capes, most of then wore a rosary, all of them had a weapon on their belts whether it was a rapier sword a staff or a bow and arrow and they were being led by a very small, old man with a long beard and long hair covered by a big hat with the sign of the rosary on it.

"Trodain walked up to these people. "Welcome, Abbot Francisco and the Templar knights. I am glad to have you here. Let us show you to your quarters, you must be tired from your journey." Trode turned around to look at the citizens of the kingdom, "We're going to have a banquet with a huge feast, honoring our guests. The guards will come with me."

Shiro and the rest of the guards went followed King Trode, the small man- Abbot Francisco, and the Templar knights into the castle. When they were all inside King Trode turned to them and said: "Guards, I want you to show the Templars to their rooms." Trode then left with the abbot at his side.

The captain then turned to Shiro. "Shiro, I want you to escort the young Templar knights to their rooms."

"Yes sir." Shiro said, while saluted. The captain and all the adults left, leaving the kids. Shiro made sure they were following him. When he started walking, he felt the back his throb. Something had hit him and it hit him with enough force to make him fall.

"Oops." A templar said. He was huge like a giant with small, beady eyes. "You really should make sure you're not around when I'm throwing things."

"Maybe you shouldn't be throwing things." Shiro said, boldly. "Especially not at me."

"What did you say?" The big boy came closer to Shiro until he was in his personal space. His breath smelled like poop. He grabbed the front of Shiro's shirt and he started punching him.

Everyone was just watching. It was obvious that some of these boys were afraid of this bully and others watched with interest, waiting to see how this would end.

"What's the matter?" The boy said, "You were so bold before, aren't you going to do something?" By now, Shiro had a black eye, a blood lip and a lot of bruises on his face. But this boy was still punching Shiro. While this was happening, a boy with long, white hair and blue eyes ran out of the crowd, jumped on the boy's back and held him in a choke hold and he said: "Stop it Greg!"

"Uh!" Gregory dropped Shiro. "Angelo, you better let go of me!" Greg ran backwards and slammed his back on the wall to get rid of the other boy. The other boy, Angelo, had the air knock out of his lungs, it was hard for him to breathing. Angelo let go of Greg when he fell unconscious. Greg turned around to deal with the wimp that he was dealing with earlier but when he turned around he couldn't find him. It was like he was never there. At least it was until Shiro body slammed him from behind.

Shiro had seen what that other boy- Angelo- did for him. Shiro never stood up for himself, he just didn't care. Shiro only did something to help others. After Shiro body slammed Greg, he straddled the other boy and punched him repeatedly. 'I hate people like him. I know it's a bad thing to think but this is very therapeutic, just punching people like this. I wonder though, why did that boy stand up for me? I think he was a Templar knight also, but the other Templar knights did nothing to help me. But why? I just don't understand it.' Shiro would've kept hitting Greg, but…

"Shiro get off!" The captain of the guards said, "I said get off soldier!"

Shiro stopped punching Greg (who was now covered in bruises and almost unrecognizable), he had too much respect for the captain to do otherwise.

"Come with me. I want to know exactly what is going on and I know that the King would want to know about this also." Shiro and the captain left the scene, side by side. They had a visit with King Trode.