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White Seduction

By HVulpes

Chapter One

Sartorius was once again looking at the destiny that his wheel of fate would have in store for him and his Society of Light, trying to see what the cards would tell him. He had failed in his attempt to gain control over the third person that would determine if the light would grace those the dwelt in the darkness. He thought, 'The one known as Hassleberry who represents the Strength card seemed to have much more inner power than I had expected. The Fool that stands for Jaden has also seemed to have great power over the wheel of fortune with an ability that rivals the prince or Aster. However, if I am right if I can bind Jaden to my side it might be possible to bind the Strength to my side and have two sides of the triad aiding my plans. But I will need something to which I can gain his full devotion to the cause... '

It was that reason that the fortune teller was using the tarot cards to uncover the path that destiny would be taking, knowing that each card if properly read could reveal the truth of the future. Shuffling the cards as he always did before a reading, he then began to deal out the cards in a classic tarot reading pattern as he had done hundreds of times before. Three cards were placed in a line flipped so that their backs were to him to help make the mystery of the future more impressive.

With his dealing finished, he turned over the first card and was not surprised that it was the Fool card once again in the upright position signalling Jaden's ability to affect Satorius's fortunes. It was the unpredictable of the young man that made him dangerous to Sartorius, as Jaden had turned the prophecies that the manger had predicted on their ears. Even the mystical powers that should have bound the Slifer to him were deflected, allowing the red to return with much more powerful allies against the master of the Society of Light. Turning to the other side of the line, he revealed the second card as following his gift's direction as the card known as the Sun sitting upright. A card that was connected with Splendour and Joy, it was a surprising turn to the reader until it was revealed by the light.

'This is a midnight sun, a source of light that can banish the abyss of darkness that is Jaden Yuki. The only light of that kind on my side has to Alexis Rhodes, the closest friend of Jaden that has seen the light. In many way she represents the light and joy that comes from the sun, but what is the best way for that light to drown out the darkness. What method would make her light welcoming rather than have it be rejected by one who is foolish enough to turn his back on the glory of destiny.' The multicoloured hair young man thought as he focused on the possibility that he might hold the key to unlock that which he desired.

'This next card is the key for it shall unveil the methods that dear Alexis should use to make Jaden see the light.' Sartorius turned over the final card in the set so that he could plan his next move with his own view of the future. His eyes opened wide at the card that was sitting in front of him, for the card that he had was the upright Lovers card.

'The Lovers card, a symbol of romance, passion and sexuality that can bond two people together. An interesting turn of events that I had not thought of until the fate brought it into focus for me, I would not have planned this before and yet it now seems so obvious to me. Jaden, for all of his powers of duelling and connections to the world of spirits, is still just a teen. As such, he should have a weakness to a beautiful young woman who is interested in being more than friends. What I can not gain from power and truth, perhaps I might be able to gain from seduction.' He then turned to collect the cards and placed them back in the deck as he placed them in the velvet that he kept them in as was the tradition.

He then turned to the intercom system that ran the length of the formerly Blue dorm that had been transformed into the Society of Light's White dorm, hitting the keys that would bring him the attention of one of his advisers. Or to be more exact, the one adviser that he had predicted would bring him the prize thought liberal uses of her natural attributes. He then spoke to the young woman in her room, "Miss Rhodes I have a very important mission for you to accomplish for me. Please come into my office so that I may discuss and inform you of the requirements that you will have to under take to complete this ordeal."

"Yes, sir!" Came the reply as he waited for her to enter the office and began to plan out the details that she would need to do so that she could best lure Jaden into a position where he had no choice but to see the light.

'Even if she has to use everything she has to make sure that he is brought to our cause, even if it means using her own body as bait for my catch.' He smiled as he came up with different plans that would hit the different nerves of this young man in just the right way to leave him off balance and open to induction.

Alexis travelled through the halls of the rededicated dorm known that she was about to in the presence of one of the wisest persons in the world, for he was the man that had shown her the light and had taught her that everything must obey the will of destiny. Her thoughts turned to that knowledge, 'I can't believe that I was so foolish to believe that we had a choice in our lives, that I was so small and closed minded to the reality of the world and the power of the divine will of the light. But know that I have seen the light, I know that I am merely one of a number of cogs that turn in motion with the wheel of fate. I can only dream that I can aid the luminous with it's plans, and the best way that I can make that happen is by listening to my Master Sartorius.'

She soon arrived at the door of the office that Master Sartorius was using to peel the veil of the future back so that they may do the light's bidding. Knocking three times on the door firmly so that the sound could be hear through the door, she was greeted by the words, "Enter, Alexis."

She walked into the white room that reflected so much of the new secret society that was growing in strength on the island as well as the world, the same shade of the all white version of the Duel Academy girl's uniform she wore in her submission to the radiance. She bowed to her master as she awaited the commands the he would give in his great knowledge of what her fate must be. All was revealed to him by direct contact with the illumination through his reading of the cards, which prevented him from making any kind of mistakes or missteps. She trusted in him to know what was best for her and what it was that she was meant to do with her life in regard to her duty to the light.

"What may I do for you, Master Sartorius?" Alexis asked, curious about what he had seen that would make him call her to this appointment. Whatever it was, she would do it in a moment for it would obvious be the right thing for her to do.

"Dear Alexis, the light has revealed to me an important mission that you must undertake for the wheel of fortune to continue turning in the right direction. I know that you have noticed that many of our plans have been... delayed by the actions of a certain duellist who is determined to defy fate, no matter how foolish that seems to us who know better. Every moment that we're opposed by him, is a moment that prevents the light from being felt by people across the world. But if we were to have him by our side, to have him as a member of the Society of Light, it would increase the speed that the wheel of fate turns to the embracing of the light by all. You mission is to convince him that it would be best to join us. Especially since you know him best among those that have seen the light. " Sartorius said as he sat looking at her, waiting for her reaction to the news.

Alexis knew instantly whom it was that her master was telling her to convince to join the Society of Light, for there was one duellist that could beat any opponent that her master had sent against him even attempting to turn those foes into friends of his. One of her so-called friends that had yet to see the light, Jaden Yuki. But the question was what it was that her master wanted her to do to convince Jaden, who was battling against the society and all that it stood for. Which she asked him in a very soft voice.

"I want you to use the talents that fate have given you as a beautiful young woman and with granting young Jaden the gender that he has. I want you to try and seduce him so that he understands the benefits that he can gain for joining the light, including the attention of women such as yourself. To use your mind, body and soul to bind him to the wisdom that we have seen." Sartorius told her as she watched her master's face

"I am willing to sacrifice anything to the light, even if that might be myself. But this mission will not be easy to complete, as Jaden seems to be a bit more immature than most of the boys on the island. Before and after I joined the society, boys would be falling all over in front of me. But Jaden seemed to be more focused on being my friend, rather than try and be my boyfriend. He has even been challenged by another student for the right to have my hand in marriage, and only competed in that duel because he loves to duels. He even had to ask what the word fiancee means, and I'm not sure if he is joking or not." The dirty blond woman awaited the reprimand that would come with fining fault with her masters plan, but it never came.

"Then it is fortunate that we have gained this glimpse into the future so soon, since this gives us some time to awaken Jaden's maturity then convince him of the power of the light before our mission must be completed. You will dedicate you life to this mission as long as it takes to show Jaden that which he must see, that he can not defeat destiny. If you must live in the red dorm, you will. If you must spend almost every waking moment by his side, it will be as if you are glued to him. If you must cheer for him even against those that I have sent, you will be the loudest voice there. I trust that you will find a way into his heart, one way or another." Sartorius spoke in his even tone as she nodded in agreement with her newest effort for that which she believed in.

"I will do as you ask, Master Sartorius. I will even force myself to love him if that would gain his trust for the society. Until the light is revealed to all the people of the world, I will live this mission with every ounce of my being. I will find a way to make it a success for you, Master Sartorius. I will begin immediately! " She told him as she waited for him to dismiss her so that she could do his will. With a simple nod, she was given leave to return to her room.

Reentering the halls, she thought about what it was that she would need to seduce Jaden who seemed unable to seduced. It wasn't like he was like Syrus or most of the other boys, who had been looking at her since the day she entered the school. Nor was it going to be as easy as Chazz, who just seemed to fall in love with her overnight. She was going to really have to flirt with Jaden to get his attention, and as she had never been the flirting type, it would be something of a challenge to her.

'I know that I have rejected the effort to make someone like me before, like when Crowler tried to make me into a pop sensation with my brother to bring more attention to the school. It just didn't seem right to try so hard to make people like you, they should just like you for being you. But now I realize that it doesn't matter what I think or believe as much as what fate needs me to do. It doesn't help that I have no idea what to do in this case, so I am going to need help from the girls within the society in gaining and keeping the attention of young men.' Alexis then started to think of those female members of the Society of Light that had the most experience with those of the opposite sex. Those what had expertise with hair, make up and clothing as well as the ability to flirt a man crazy.

'A little sleepover and nighttime chat, I should know what it is that I can do. Tomorrow, I will begin my mission to covert Jaden to the society and better yet, show him the light.'


Jaden was having a bad feeling of dread over the events that had been occurring on the island school, ever since Sartorius had arrived at it's shores to create a stronghold for his Society of Light. He had already transformed the Obelisk dorm into a white headquarters for the Blue students that he had brainwashed with his powers, and had just recently turned to converting select students of the Ra Yellow dorm to his cause. Jaden thought to himself, 'But the worst thing in all of this is the fact that he has been converting my friends and turning them against me, if it wasn't for the fact that I know that some of them had wanted to challenge his forces to stop him, I would be getting the idea that he has been focusing on them on purpose. Chazz, Alexis, Baston, and Hassleberry. In all but the last case he managed to bring them in line with his thinking.'

Jaden tried to think of the way that the fortune teller had of preying on the weaknesses of people, using time when they are looking for something in their lives and then fooling them into thinking that he has what it is that they need. In his mind he stated, 'They just don't understand that their futures are not set in stone, yet that isn't a bad thing. That they might not have what they want now, but that doesn't mean that they should give up cause the next draw of the card could bring that happiness that they have been looking for. Even if it's a bad draw, they might have a good card in their hand or a winner in the next card.'

'I know that I could get them to accept the truth if I could find a way to get through the mind control that Sartorius has placed on them, not only that it warp their minds but it protects them from getting their thoughts straightened out. But now, it seems that he is controlling the whole school and he's unstoppable.' That last thought was causing the dread that Jaden was feeling as he lay out on the roof of his dorm, trying to come up with some kind of plan that would break through to the friends that had been force to work against him.

It was then that he saw a star shooting across the sky and his thoughts turned to the alien heroes that were in his deck. A feeling of hope rose within him as he discovered that he was giving in the duel before he played his last card. He told himself, 'Just because he has a strong hand right now, doesn't mean that he might not misplay a card here or there. I just have to put my best cards forward and take advantage of every mistake that he throws my way. It might not hurt to try and come up with a few unexpected combos, cause this game isn't over till the last card is played. If I could get close to my friends again, instead of having them all stuck in that white dorm all of the time with all of those brainwashed member... I just might be able to get the truth through to them.'

'But what is the chance that "Master Sartorius" doing something that stupid? He want to keep my friends away from me so that he can convince me that the only way to get them back is to join him. I might not be the most studious of kids, but I can see an obvious move when one is played in front of me. But that freak has been know to play with people thoughts and feelings, so anything is possible. I just gotta keep my eyes out for the reasons for his moves.' Jaden got up and ready to go to bed so that he could see want the dawn brought with the next move.

In the White Dorm...

Sartorius mused over the plan that he was using, as it was a departure of the one he had been using of isolating Jaden from those he loved. The fact that he had failed to gain the Strength to his side due to an unexpected twist of fate had made him hesitate converting more of Jaden's friends, especially given the fact that while he now counted Baston as one of his members the hold was not as strong as the other two friends of Jaden.

'The only reason that young Misawa follows me is the respect that he expects to gain as a member of the society, one that he had not been gaining as an ignored student who happens to be friends with more assertive personalities or reputations. But if he finds something that is more important to him than that which I have promised him, he will leave the society without thinking of anything else. I am unsure if I should punish him if he leaves or be thankful that a false member of the society has been cleaned from those that have truly seen the light.' The multiple blue coloured haired analyzed the events that had occurred as he moved to the future.

'I have tried to leave Jaden alone without allies, yet he keeps many of his friends close. Plus he has worked with Aster when they both needed to pursue the same goal, with the fool proving to be stronger than the young prince. I had not guess that could be possible. So this plan of giving him honey while I play the part of the stick might be enough to draw him within my reach. Destiny has not lead me astray so far, it will lead me to victory.' The tarot reader then prepared for sleep and the future that had been revealed to him.

Author Notes:

First, this will be a limish fic as I do not want to place the mind controlled Alexis into a more lemonish situation before she is freed from the Light's control. This is a bit unusual for me as my lemon work has used MC, but it is something that I feel I must do. That doesn't mean there will not be nudity at some point, but the fic will not involve any sex for a long time. In fact, I have been fishing for scenes of seduction that could be used both serious and humourous. From revealing photos that I came up with to the idea of having a thong or no panties on while Alexis bends over to pick up things in front of Jaden that a reader suggested.

This story is made of collected episodes that I have written for the Anime and Maximum Addventures, both of which are round robins where anyone could add to the story. So if you want this story to move in a different direction, these sites would give you some options that I have written so that you can write a part of a version of it. This is true with a couple of other stories that I have written on those addventures.

I hope to make this a romance with a mix of other aspects, but I may have troubles with duels as I am not a player of the game of Yu-gi-oh. I may have to create my own cards as I have cause a major change in the plot which will likely have a cascading effect on the season two plot. I have tried to set this on a time before the GX tournament, but as I am moving I am not sure that I will be able to see the needed episodes to move the plot as it has not premiere here. I may have to subsitute in the Japanese episode summaries I can find online. Also this might mean that there will be a long period before I can update this again.

I hope that you have enjoyed this so far,