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White Seduction

By HVulpes

Chapter Twelve

"Well, since you're not afraid of mine monsters, then you should not be afraid of this one. I summon to the field the Apostle of Ra in attack mode," called out Fritz as a warrior clad in armour of gold molded in the shape of the body of the Winged Dragon of Ra rose on the opponent's field. Fritz continued with his move by saying, "When ever one Apostle of Ra is successfully summoned, I can transfer two more Apostle from mine deck to mine hand."

Two cards were ejected slightly from his deck on the duel disk so they were easy to grab from the pile of cards. The artist took those two cards from the deck and placed them into his own hand of cards. He went straight into his next move with a magic card, Trap Booster. This instant magic card could allow him to discard one card from his hand to activate one trap from the same hand.

"I sacrifice a card to bring out Ultimate Offering, my permanent trap card. By giving up five hundred of mine life points, I can summon one monster during mine main phase or your battle phase. But I choose to summon two monsters for one thousand of mine life points, my two apostles in mine hand. Can you guess why I do this?" asked the grey haired man as he pulled out two monster cards and placed them on his field.

Jaden was trying to figure out what he could do with three monsters weaker then his own Elemental Hero Neos... 'Unless he's not going to use those monsters to fight, he's using them to summon! To summon...'

"I sacrifice mine monsters to bring the wraith of a god on you. With the power of mine Ultimate Offering, I bring on the field the Winged Dragon of Ra!" was the reply as the magic card glowed and the three warriors disappeared. The sky above them darkened like a storm was brewing, with lightning flashing dramatically in the sky. Fritz's life points dropped yet again to twenty five thousand, yet with this monster he had little to fear from further point loss.

"Keep on your toes, Jaden-boy. Ra's not like any other monster you have faced before!" said Pegasus as he yelled out above the thunder. Jaden was doing all that he could to keep his mind in the game since this would be as great a test as when he fought the Sacred Beast cards.

Fritz began the chanting, which according to rumour was needed to summon Ra at all, "O sleeping soul of God! Now, bring forth your figure! Let this one know that it was foolish to oppose us! Winged Dragon of Ra!"

With the chant finished the clouds above them opened up to reveal an eye to the storm, from which descended the divine figure of Ra. Ra, the strongest of all of the god cards even given it's position in the dorm ranking. A creature of gold which was a mixture of phoenix and dragon, it brought a sense of excitement to Jaden and even a hint of fear at the image of the beast.

All the young Slyfer could get out was, "This is the famous Winged Dragon of Ra! The card held by Marik and then Yugi during Battle City."

"The power of Ra is directly related to the combined attack power of all of the monsters used to summon it. Each of mine monsters held eleven hundred attack points, so this give Ra the combine attack points of three thousand and three hundred. More then your E-Hero Neos!" told Fritz as he looked at the younger man standing across from him.

Jaden could feel the pressure of the power of the card beat down on him. It was more then he could stand, so the red student didn't think Fritz could use it. It was proven correct when Pegasus spoke up again to Fritz, "Stop this!! You can't handle this power, only a duellist choosen by the God Cards themselves can use them. You'll only bring the wraith of the Gad card down on yourself."

Fritz had no reaction on his face as he spoke to his former boss and his opponent, "I've finally completed the necessary component to use Ra without being choosen by it. A card which can control the will of a god itself. Let it rage and rampage all it wants, but it shall be me who is it's master with my card! The Mounds of the Binding God!"

A field magic card was activated on the German's disk, which Jaden could read on his own duel disk's display. Chains rose from the ground to wrap around the neck and wings of Ra, which cause it to roar with seething anger. The chains pulled mounds of dirt which then floated in the air around the Winged Dragon. According to the card, if Ra was able to destory a monster then Fritz would be able to damage Jaden's life points by four hundred points.

"What the heck is going on? What are you doing to Ra? Can't you feel all of the pain your doing to him?" asked Jaden as he sensed the suffering of the monster.

"It doesn't matter what happens to Ra as long as I am it's master! I who has contained the power of god for mine own use. Now to show you my power. Winged Dragon of Ra, attack! God Blaze Cannon!" shouted out the artist as monster image reacted. A fireball blazed between the arch on the dragon's back as it's heat travelled from it's mouth in a stream, when it then grew into a larger fireball form.

It was all Jaden could do to watched amazed at the blast which came from the mouth of a god, striking the Necroid Shaman on Jaden's field before reducing the monster to ash. Jaden's points dropped from four thousand to just twenty six hundred points. It was then the chains struck back at Jaden as each one grew and lashed directly at Jaden causing a further four hundred points like the card stated.

The red student looked at the golden beast and saw it squint it's eyes and made a low even purring like growl. It was hard to believe what was happening to the great monster, but Jaden knew what was happening. It entered his thoughts, "Ra's crying?"

Meanwhile at the same time...

Alexis could not believe the events which had been occuring in the duel before her. Normally in a duel, the Winged Dragon of Ra could not be controlled except for a select core of duellist. People like Yugi Muto or Seto Kaiba. Now with one little card, this nobody had found a way around this and gained the power to master Ra.

'A card like that in Master Sartorius' hands would bring easier victory to the cause of the Light. Massive amounts of people would see how strong we have become and would be even more willing to join the movement to bring the light to each and every man, woman and child. Even if Fritz doesn't beat Jaden, and it doesn't seem likely, he would be a useful figure for my master. Yet how do I talk to him without blowing my cover.' thought the undercover 'blue' as she tried to come up with a plan. Jaden would be focused with the duel now, which would also occupy Fritz. If it ended, Jaden would still be looking for a rematch. Which made contacting the german even harder.

'Pegasus would also be keeping as close an eye as possible on our godmaster, so he would also observe me talking to him. The best I can do is report the duellist is on the island to my master and he will send someone to offer him the light. Notfiy the master and keep an eye on the duel to see if Jaden can be beaten by Ra. Cause my old 'friend' has been known to turn a duel around at a last moment and this one is anything close to over.' thought the girl as she also noticed all of Jaden's friends around her, which would make it difficult to contact Fritz.

'Keep my eyes open and note everything down in my mind for later use by Master Sartorius. Or my own use in seducing Jaden to the side of the Light at last.'

Back with the duel...

Jaden could hear the voice of his friends cheering for him behind him. Syrus encouraging his best friend to take this guy down, Hassleberry's kicking this guy's butt around the island, Chumley's go for it! All of it was getting him fired up for the next part of the duel. With new confidence, the red draws a card to start his turn. The first move is to switch Neos to defense mode.

"With Neos in defense, I summon my Card Gunner in defense mode with Neos. Then I'm done for now." spoke the slacker student, as he waited for the next move.

Fritz began his counter, "I summon my two Nubian Guards, in attack mode." With this move, two warriors emerged from the ground on the German's side. They are mummy warriors with deadly spears and shields to protect them.

The man with glasses continued, "Attack, Wing Dragon of Ra!" It was the most obvious move he could make. Fire again blazed on the dragon before blasting away neos with a single hit. The chains did their bit and attack Jaden again. While the attack on Neos did no damage due to it being in defense mode, the chains did four hundred points of pain which lowered Jaden to two thousand life points even.

This Chapter is incomplete and only half finished, the rest will be coming as soon as possible. This is just a gift for those who have been waiting all of this time for it.