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White Seduction

By HVulpes

Chapter Seven

Alexis Rhodes went over the possible moves that she could make in advancing her mission to seduce Jaden. Sneaking into his bed didn't seem to have the effect that she was looking for. Instead of making him melt in front of her, it had just caused him to blush and find a way to prevent that from happening again. He did now want to stay close to her, so that he could keep her mind off of the 'nightmares' that she was having. That little condition made sure that her actions weren't a complete loss. She did need a better card in her hand if she was going to win this game.

'I was planning to show up in his shower when we could be alone together, a time where the two of us could look at our nude bodies by 'accident' and let our hormones take their course. The problem with that is his friends tend to go in groups to the showering area, making it harder to get that alone time that I need. Keeping an eye out for a moment when it could occur or finding a way to make it occur are my only option for that plan.' She told herself, as she moved on to the next idea.

'There is also the plan of sending him pictures of myself in more... exciting poses. Poses that would be just for the man that I loved, poses to be shared in private with the two of us. Dressing up in special outfits which would cause most men to lose control their brains and think with other body parts. I'm worried that it could scare him off more than it could excite him, so I need another option.' She turned to her third choice.

'The best thing I can think of to get one of us nude is play a game where the two of us would have to strip to keep playing. A strip duel is obvious, but the duel disk does make it harder to strip as it gets in the way of our clothing. So another game would have to be used instead, something that I can control so that I'm the one making the decisions on who gets naked and when.' She went over the different games that could be played and the best that could be used remove clothing.

'The game that keeps popping up in my head is poker. A more erotic version of the traditional game of luck and skill, playing for clothes rather then money. Poker has a strong element of luck, an element that most people would say couldn't be predicted. As a member of the Society of Light, I know that everything in the world moves according to the dictates of fate. Fate I can see due to the wisdom that my master has given me. If destiny is willing, I should be able to predict the cards that I am going to get in each round. It should even be easier than a duel since there are fewer cards it could be.' It was then that she had a moment of doubt.

'Jaden has proved himself to be a man who could change the lines of destiny, to win against the unbeatable odds. It could be possible for him to beat me in a game of poker,' Alexis shook her head as she looked on the bright side of things. She continued her thoughts, 'Jaden might be a savant in Duel Monsters, but he's an idiot in most non-duel related topics. What are the chances that he could be a master of any game he doesn't know? Perhaps I should test him with a few other card games before I begin with my plan. With a deck of playing cards, there are hundreds of games to play. There has to be one that Jaden can't win.'

Now she just needed a private place where they could play their card games without being detected by anyone else, especially since one of them should be naked before the night was done. A room in the main academy building was a good place for such a game, since most students shouldn't be there at night. This is where the resources of her new friends would come in handy, since they could open doors normally locked for others. Sartorius might not be close to Aster any more and able to use that influence, however as the leader of the dorm that held most of the students on the island he could influence Principal Crowler anytime he wished. She would just have to give her master the plan on the secret channel.

She thought back to her last plan and the mixed results that it had gained. She couldn't sneak into Jaden's bed anytime soon since he was likely sleeping on the couch of the renovated part of the red dorm Chazz had created. Close to her bedroom, yet in a space that didn't allow for close contact.

'You did like having close contact with him when the two of you shared the bed. The warmth of his body and the security of his arms around you. It filled you up with contentment, a feeling that you would love to experience again.' whispered the voice in the back of her head. It had been popping up now and again since she had made that move.

'It was all for the mission. If it had been Crowler I was trying to seduce, I would have done the same thing. The person I am trying to seduce doesn't matter as long as it aids Master Sartorius.' She told the voice which was still getting louder in her head as she tried to finish her purpose in the red dorm.

'You dislike Crowler and you know it, you would do anything to avoid his attention. You did like Jaden a lot before you joined the society, respecting him for his game skills and for his skills in friendship. The fact he's handsome is just an added bonus. Who knows, if you didn't join the society when you did the two of you might be dating now.' said the voice as Alexis tried to block it out. She had a mission to complete and it didn't matter who it was she was seducing. The quiet voice just laughed softly at the thought as if it was a joke that Alexis didn't get.

Alexis got out her PDA and prepared to contact her master on their channel, so that he could get the room that she would need for her next move. She had a game to play and the ante was higher than it had ever been.

In the White Dorm...

Sartorius was receiving a call from his agent in the red dorm, the women that he had sent to seduce one of the shapers of destiny he needed on his side. His computer brought up the video conference call from Alexis and he began to speak, "Dear Alexis, what is it that I can do for you?"

"Sir, I'm going to need to secure a room within the academy during the night in order to advance the mission. The plan I am using will involve me and Jaden playing different games that will end in a few rounds of strip poker. That is why I am looking at the school as it's somewhere private for the two of us. Is that possible, sir? " She asked him, paying him deep respect even while she was out of his direct control.

"I believe that I can arrange access to a room after a conversation with principal Crowler and vice principal Bonaparte. I can also use the two of them plus the society to keep any intruders from reaching that room. I hope that your plans goes well. Is there anything else to report?" The psychic asked his servant as he tried to see where the plan was going.

"It's just turning out Jaden's seduction is as hard as I thought it would be. It might take time to perfect the right method to catch the prey. Has destiny shown you any hints of the success of this mission?" Alexis asked him, likely looking for the blessing of fate.

"With Jaden, it is impossible to see what fate has in store for us. However, it is possible to use what the future has revealed to us to aid our plans. I have taken measures to secure revealing the light to the world even if we do not manage to convince our two hero duellist to take our side." He told her as she suddenly bit her lower lip in reaction.

"So my mission is a complete failure, sir?" She sounded upset, which caused the fortune-teller to paused and then respond.

"Quite the opposite, since as I have said, Jaden is an element that I can not control. He might find a way to stop my newest plan in a way that I can not see due to the blind spot he creates. It makes it all the more important that you can take control of him and his loose cannon nature, otherwise everything that we have been moving towards will be shattered. I need you to keep working on the mission I have given you till I can see that nothing can alter the path the light will take." He finished as she smiled a wicked smile and sent him her good-bye before signing off.

Sartorius was tempted to try and read the future using the tarot cards that he kept to reveal fate. It would be tricky since Jaden was involved and the predictions he had about that boy were not the clearest ahead of time. No, those prophecies would only become clearer after the fact. Something that he didn't need in remaking the world after it had been cleansed by the light.

The only option was to have more then one plan be active at once as he moved forward. The first was the plan revealed to him by the Lovers card that he had drawn, by creating a connection between Jaden and one of those already converted. Especially if that connection was deep like that between lovers, which would link the browned haired boy firmly to Sartorius' society.

The second plan had come about with the planned battled between himself and the prince for the Gen X Tournament. Sartorius thought to himself, 'It was a simple matter to lure the prince into a duel with the rumour of the Destiny Heroes, then to defeat him and placing him into the society with my special powers. I now have access to everything he has, including the control device for the mind control satellite he created. An eye in space that should open the minds of everyone on earth to the glory of the light.'

So two plans were in the motions while he was developing a tool that could be used if one of those plans had failed. He was currently grooming the one friend of Jaden who had been willing to join the society without Sartorius' mystical powers. The psychic focused on that move, 'Bastion, so willing to have his skills noticed. So close to removing me from the island, if only he had kept up with his determination in winning. Fortunately, I found that he didn't want to win as much as he wanted to gain the glory that can be brought out by joining the society.'

'Still, the fact he isn't as under my control as the ones defeated by those holding my power. It was only by convincing him that he could get his glory with us, did I manage to bring him to my side. However with my plan of showing him all that can be gained from serving me... I should be able to bind him deeper to the right side of the conflict. I can then use his skills as a planner to create a force that will challenge Aster and Jaden, either individually or together.' He looked at the files on the computer of the two women he had sent after the boy, knowing they were part of his cause and would serve him well.

'Still, there are things that I have to wonder about. Why has Sheppard started this tournament at this time? Is it fate aidding my plans, or another plot to block my mission to bring the truth to the world? Why is Aster staying in the red dorm? Alexis informed me that my former friend is now in the same dorm as she is, the same dorm as the other chosen duellist. Is it part of a plan for the two of them to work together in stopping me or will this help me in the long run? So many questions, so little time. I guess my next readings will be especially important.' He turned and picked up his tarot cards, deciding it was worth the risk to read them once again. Unwrapping the silk, he pulled the deck out and shuffled his fate. He hoped that the wheel of fortune would continue forward for him.


"I have to say that the woman's move was quite bold, even if it was commited under the power of mind control. To sneak into a man's bed while he was sleeping and to become wrapped in his arms is definately a feat to be proud of for a mission of seduction. Too bad Jaden is too thick-headed to noticed. I am curious about why it is you didn't do anything about it, Atticus?" asked the confused destiny duellist.

Aster discovered the news of Alexis' move, finding it quite amusing. Something that could take his mind off of the troubles he would be facing when he battled his old former ally. He was less amused by the hidden cameras that he detected all over the red dorm, which he managed to trace to this secret hub located in a sublevel of the academy. One that currently being manned by the brother of the woman that was hunting his rival.

"Well, first off my sister is going to need proof of her behaviour after she regains her true personality. If she discovers rumours of what she's been doing while under Sartorius' control, she going to deny it until given the proof. This also gives me a chance to keep an eye on her so that she doesn't do anything too extreme, like trying to be physically intimate with Jaden. Fortunately as you said, Jaden tends to be a little thick-headed for anything like that to occur. Plus his morals are quite well defined which prevents him from taking advantage of her unless she was in her right mind." Atticus told the grey haired boy as they looked on screen at the actions of people involved in these events.

"The fact it would also be quite embarassing for her as well has nothing to do with it either, now does it?" Aster mentioned as he saw a goofy smile cross the face of the other boy who was dressed in a laybacked, tropical shirt.

"Hey, it's a brother's duty to show a sibling's mistakes to them so they can improve themselves. It also shows that while being a genius in duelling, Jaden can be a complete idiot in most other matters. I even met with Syrus and Hassleberry today to discuss the fact they know my sister is trying to seduce their idol." the elder Rhodes replied as he answered the question and gave a comment.

"I am guessing you told them to humour her, so you can capture more of these antics on film? Or do you have another plan up your sleeve?" Aster had done his research on the young man who was in front of him. Atticus was a duellist to rival Zane Truesdale before Mr. Rhodes had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. From the stories the pro duellist had found, the man had been brainwashed himself and turned into a deadly duellist before being freed by Jaden. So it would not be surprising that he might have more intriguing plot.

"I do want to keep filming my sister acting completely against her normal personality, for her own good of course," The blue said with a goofy grinned. He then turned serious as he continued, "I am, however, also trying to seek out the boundaries of the control Sartorius has on her. I have been where she has been and it is not an easy thing to be unable to control your own body, especially your mind. With me, it revealed a darkness inside myself I am still afraid could take over."

"I can see pieces of my sister in this white version of her, yet much about her has been twisted and warped by Sartorius so she believes the truth is whatever he says. It is my hope by forcing her to do this, to seduce her friend, he creates rips in the veil he has placed over her. Leaving her open for the time Jaden duels her to bring her back to normal." It peaked Aster's interest that Atticus would think that a duel would free Alexis the way it had freed the elder Rhodes.

"Why a duel? Don't you think it's a rather simplistic way of thinking? There obviously has to be better ways to do this?" Aster asked, curious about the reasons Atticus had for his theory.

"Besides the fact we're all duellist and everything we do seems to be linked with the game? I have some other reasons for this opinion. I was freed from mind control in a duel between me and Jaden, even if I didn't have most of my memories at that time. It took a different duel between my sister and another servant of my former employer to restore those. Sartorius' power seems to work through duels as well." Atticus pointed out as he started to use his fingers to count out his points.

"One, you duel Jaden and he loses the ability to see his cards when you win. I think in that duel Sartorius was trying to use you to take control of Jaden, but something protected him from your old friend's power. Perhaps some help from those new heroes he has. Two, Chazz changes white. My thinking is that he ran into Sartorius and duel the psychic psycho, then lost and falling under the power of the fortune teller. Three, the Obelisk Blues and my sister duels Chazz, then they becoming 'willing' members of the society. A sign Sartorius' power can be used by his servants. Those all show me that duelling is a leading method for converting people to the society" Atiicus had four of his five fingers out as he spoke, revealing each one with one of his number points.

Aster had to admit it did make some sense. Especially the first one as his former manager had wanted to see his deck before that duel with Jaden. He thought to himself, 'Did he do something to my deck, something to allow his power to use me as a channel. It didn't work on Jaden though. Could that be an advantage I could against him?'

Outloud Aster said, "So you think if a duel could cause this, a duel could cure this as well. Well, it's not as crazy as I thought. I am guessing there's something more which has to be done before the duel so that it can succeed?"

"Yes, I think the true person has to be forced out of the shell before they can destory that shell. Something to remind them of who they were, and this is where I am still trying to come up with a plan to dive down and get to that little girl I know. Do you have any ideas, Aster?" The brunette looked at the grey boy and had a look of hope on his face which was begging for help. Aster had to think hard before he spoke up.


Jaden was taking another look over the cards he used regularly and tried to decide what kind of strategies he would be using with these cards. He had the Elemental Heroes cards he had started off with in his first year, then there were the new Neo Spacians he had gained after being defeated by Aster. Both sets had strong cards which worked best together, much like his friends and himself. Until the light broke them apart.

'I just wished these cards could give my friends back to me, but just using these cards alone won't do it. I have to use something which will get to the real version of themselves, something they can't avoid by being part of the society. For that I am going to need a little more help from someone who knows more about this then me. It makes me wish Professor Banner was here.' Jaden thought back to the former red dorm head and Shadow Rider.

The man had been there for him when he needed him, but at the same time had been working for the other side during the threat of the Shadow Riders and the Sacred Beasts. He had turned out been trying to help Jaden to face those three powerful cards, even if it had been cruel the way that the Professor had told the red student that all of Jaden's wins had been staged.

'What really would have been of help was the fact Banner was a clever man with knowledge of the occult. He might have had experience with fortune tellers like Sartorius and their ability to predict the future. Plus he had to be involved with the brainwashing of Atticus, turning him into Nightshroud. He might know the weaknesses of mind control more than I do.' Jaden thought as he remembered the expertise of the man that had taught him much. It was kinda hard to talk to a dead guy, since Banner couldn't survive when his real body had finally gave out.

'That just means I'm going to have to use my brain harder than I have ever used it before. It means finding out what it is I can use to help my friends from the troubles they have gotten into.' Jaden then did something rare, getting a paper and pencil to start working on plans which crossed his mind. Or more exactly, the deep gut instincts he had developed through his duels to take him to the top.

The obvious thing to come into his head was the idea that it could all be solved with a duel. In his own words, 'Duelling got them into this, so duelling has to get them out of this. So what I have to do to get my friends back is pretty obvious, the real question is how the heck do I do it? '

'I have to use duelling as a means to break the white hold, but the ante is higher since I might just make it worse if I don't play my cards right. I could drive them deeper under the hold of Sartorius, rather then doing the opposite. There's also the fact Sartorius seems to have a basic idea of what I am going to do, and creates a powerful plan to counter it. Like how he duelled the prince with that zero turn kill.' Jaden thought back to the duel and still had to admit it was one cool move.

'Sartorius found a way to use his cards during the first turn, the turn of his opponent who was going to manipulate the duel to create a one turn kill. He expected the moves of his rival and build a deck that could completely neutralize those cards or turn them against the prince. If I am going to fight him, I'm going to need to have total faith in my cards and my ability to draw.' Jaden realized it might be possible to win if he had the right cards.

'Not just my Hero and Spacian cards, but cards linked with my true friends. Linked to who they were before they joined Sartorius' side and lost themselves to him. Cards that are Chazz, Alexis and Bastion. So that's the how, but it brings up the question of which cards should be used? This means that I'm going to have to think more about this, trying to peice together which cards will bring out of my friends.' Jaden looked at the random words that he had written on the paper and knew this next step would be the hardest part.

It was then Jaden started to get a beep noise on his PDA, which brought him back to reality as he headed to answer it. He looked up the message that had been sent to him by the person on the other end, who turned out to be Alexis.

"Hey, Jay. I been thinking about how good you're at duelling and was wondering if those talents extended to any other games. So I'm challenging you to a series of games tonight, to see if you have what it takes to be the next king of games. Meet me tonight at this location in the school so we can test our skills. Come alone since I don't want to show others my skills just yet. Bye, Alexis." The message said to him as he watched it over a few times.

'A couple of games late at night does sound nice, but it could be a trap to get me to join the society. On the other hand, it could give me the chance to get to know Alexis better so I can pick out the perfect cards to use in a duel against her.' Jaden was torn in the middle with these two options, so it came down to a simple tiebreaker that would make up his mind.

'Playing any games against a skilled opponent like Alexis would have to be tons of fun. I'm just going to have to show up there tonight and play against her. It might also help, since I get some of my best ideas duelling. Or when I'm eating or sleeping.' Jaden started to record a message for the young lady which said that he would be showing up for the meeting. He just hoped it would prove not to be the trap he dreaded.

'I can only do my best and get my game on! Then I might be able to get a little bit of hope that my gut can come up with something I can do other than wait for the perfect plan to just fall on top of me.' Jaden could only shake his head as he recorded the room number of the place the games would take place.

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