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This takes place starting two years after the end of Who We Are Now! So if you haven't read Bets & Love, Who We Are Now, you may be very lost.

"Mom!" Aubrey shouted walking in the door of her parent's house. "Mom!" She shouted again. "Great she muttered to herself the one time I really, really need to talk and…"

"Hey Squirt!" Aubrey jumped turning to the voice of her father.

"Jesus christ Dad don't sneak up on me like that!" Aubrey growled. Blake stepped back at her tone and slightly hostile nature.

"Sorry." He said pulling a chip from the bag he held and snacking on it. Aubrey sighed and slinked back resting against the wall behind her.

"No I'm sorry! Have you seen mom?"

Blake shrugged. "She was home a little while ago. Maybe she's in the shower." He said casually. "Anything I can help you with?"

Aubrey shook her head. "No I'd rather talk to mom. It's sort of a girl thing."

Blake chuckled. "I learned my lesson with that one when your Aunt Peyton thought it would be funny to joke with me about…"

"Her breast exam. Yeah she called and told me about that. You should know I practically almost died laughing." Aubrey giggled softly. Peyton had come looking for Tori and she wasn't home so Blake asked if there was anything he could help with and being Peyton she started going on and on about a breast exam and Blake was a captive audience unsure of how the hell to get out of it. When Tori walked in and heard Peyton talking about a breast exam with Blake she about fell over laughing.

"Thanks Squirt." Blake rolled his eyes slightly amused that his discomfort amused everyone. He had just been trying to be a nice brother in law.

Aubrey giggled softly. "Don't worry it's nothing like that, but I would just rather talk to mom if you don't mind."

"No I don't. I'll go look and see if she's upstairs." Blake said he handed her the bag of chips and then headed off upstairs. Aubrey started mindlessly munching on the chips when she heard her parents coming down the stairs. She swallowed her mouthful of food and then closed the bag of chips.

"Hey Squirt!" Tori said smiling at her daughter.

"Hi Mom, join me for lunch? My treat." Aubrey offered.

Blake chuckled. "I feel so loved." He joked with her.

"This is a mom daughter thing dad. I promise next week I'll take you out to lunch." Aubrey smiled.

Blake nodded. "Deal." He said kissing his daughters cheek as he took back his chips and left the two alone going into the kitchen.

"So what are we having?" Tori asked grabbing her coat and keys.

"How about burgers?" Aubrey said opening the front door and leading her mother out.

Tori shut the door and locked it and they headed to Aubrey's truck. "Sounds good."

Burger Joe's:

"So what's the matter? And why couldn't your father help? You know that bothers him." Tori remarked munching on some fries.

Aubrey sighed. "Mom how did you know you were pregnant?" She asked.

Tori choked on her fry. "Wh…what?" She asked coughing a bit and stuttering.

Aubrey smiled softly. "I think I'm pregnant and I don't want to do an at home pregnancy test, cause if its false I don't want Jarred to find it and think I was hiding it and I don't want to lie about going to the doctor…"

"Aubrey breath." Tori instructed smiling at her daughter. Aubrey took a couple of deep breaths. "Now what makes you think you're pregnant?"

"I'm like seriously…ya know late…and I didn't realize till a few days ago cause I've been really busy and time has just been flying by." She answered. "Plus I feel nauseous when I wake up in the morning. At first when I was oblivious to the other I thought it might just be a small flu coming on, but I'm not so sure now."

Tori nodded. "Ok so this is what we'll do, you and I are going to go by you a pregnancy test and then if it says your positive I'll schedule you an appointment with my doctor, she's great, and we'll tell your father and Jarred that we're spending the day shopping at the mall a couple towns over."

Aubrey nodded. "I hate lying to him mom."

Tori smiled. "But if you tell him what you think might be true and it ends up not being true, then he will have gotten his hopes up."

"And that's what I don't want. I know he wants kids. We've talked about it a lot since even before we were married."

"Well that's good to know. So now that we've got this semi figured out, let's enjoy lunch and then go to the pharmacy." Tori suggested.

Aubrey nodded. "Yeah."

Bradley house:

Blake had left some time after the girls to go hang out with Hunter for a while. "Has it been five minutes yet?" Aubrey asked pacing in her mother's bathroom. They had remodeled a little and the bathroom looked enormous, but wasn't really, things had just changed.

"Not since the last five times you asked in the last minute." Tori retorted teasingly.

"Don't joke mom." Aubrey whined.

Tori giggled. "Ok, ok I'm sorry. One more minute." She said. The room went silent and Tori's timer on her watch went off.

"You look I can't." Aubrey said ducking her head between her knees as she crouched to the floor.

"At least you haven't fainted and ended up in the hospital without a clue as to why."

Aubrey laughed softly from her position. "Is that how you found out?"

"Yep. Your father came into the hospital all worried and the doctor said it was normal for some woman in those weeks of pregnancy to faint. Blake couldn't believe what he was hearing. After the doctor confirmed he came in and told me. I thought he was joking I really did." Tori said softly she looked at the stick on the counter and sighed.

"What? What's it say?" Aubrey asked looking up, but not uncrouching.

Tori looked to her daughter and smiled. "I'm going to be a grandma." She said happily.

Aubrey's eyes went wide. "No way." She said softly.

Tori nodded. "Yes way."

"Ok I think it's time to see a doctor." Aubrey said in shock. Tori laughed softly at her daughter and she went to grab the phone. Tori called her doctor and scheduled an appointment for forty-five minutes later and then went back to Aubrey.

"I am going out on a limb and guessing that you're surprised, but not, at the same time." Tori said softly.

Aubrey looked at her mother as she stood to her full height. "Shocked a little, but yeah not so much I guess."

"It's because you know what kind of…"

"Sex life?" Aubrey grinned at her mother.

Tori winced. "I don't really want to know about that, but sure…you know what kind of sex life you have." Tori smirked at Aubrey.

Aubrey smiled. "I guess yeah. Anyways we going or what?"

"Grab that test. Last thing I need is your father finding it and thinking that it was for me." Aubrey grabbed the test with some napkins and wrapped it up. "We'll throw it in the trash can by the doctors office." Tori said.

Aubrey giggled. "Like two of us wandering back to the trash wont look suspicious." She joked.

Tori nodded. "That's why we'll take my car and clean it out at the same time." She said smirking.

"Brilliant." Aubrey said to her mother smiling.

Tori smiled back. "I know." After leaving a note for Blake and calling and leaving a message for Jarred that they would be out shopping till later on, the girls left heading for the doctors office.

Dr.'s Office:

"So Tori long time no see." The dr. said guiding them threw to her office.

Tori and Aubrey took seats across from the dr. "Well that's a good thing in your line of work, right? I mean it means I'm not ill or hurt." She said jokingly.

"True. So this is Aubrey?" Tori nodded.

"Yep. This is her. Aubrey this is Dr. Lang."

Aubrey smiled. "It's nice to meet you."

Dr. Lang nodded. "And it's nice to meet one of the two infamous kids Tori use to talk about non stop when I saw her."

Aubrey laughed. "What horrible stories those must have been."

"If I remember correctly they were all good natured. Anyways so you think you're pregnant?" Dr. Lang asked.

Aubrey nodded. "I took a pregnancy test and it was positive."

"Any other signs?"

"Early morning nausea the last few weeks. I lost track of timing and spaced on how late I was and I just thought the nausea was a oncoming flu." Aubrey answered.

"Well pregnancy can sometimes present itself early on as flu symptoms so it is a good possibility that the pregnancy test was correct. But I would like to do one of our own just to be safe, some times pregnancy test are wrong." Dr. Lang explained.

Aubrey nodded. "That's fine." She said a little sheepishly.

Dr. Lang began marking in Aubrey's started chart. "How long have you been married?" She asked kindly looking up at Aubrey.

"Two almost three years I believe. Why?" She asked nervously. Tori patted her arm tenderly.

"She's just making small talk, it was just a question to help you relax." She told her sweetly.

Aubrey took a breath and nodded. "Is it that obvious?" She asked giggling slightly.

Dr. Lang smiled. "Most girls your age are a little nervous about the possibility of a first time pregnancy. It isn't uncommon."

"Glad to know I'm not the only one."

"Are you worried that your husband wont want this?" Dr. Lang asked writing down in the chart some more things.

Aubrey shook her head smiling. "No, he really wants kids and that's why I'm with my mom and not him. I don't want to get his hopes up if it turns out it isn't true."

"Understandable. But just remember you have a whole future ahead of you to have kids even if the pregnancy test was wrong."

Aubrey nodded again to assure the doctor she understood. After that things went smoothly and Dr. Lang put a rush on the test results. Tori and Aubrey walked out of the doctor's office ready to leave.

"Now what?" Aubrey asked.

"Well Dr. Lang said we'd have results by this afternoon…"

"Thanks to modern technology." Aubrey laughed softly.

"So why don't we drive to the mall and spend some hard earned money?" Tori suggested.

Aubrey nodded and climbed in the passenger seat of her mother's new mustang. "It's Saturday Lily's off work why don't we call and see if she wants to go?" Aubrey asked.

Tori nodded. "I think that's a brilliant idea." So while Tori pulled out of the parking lot and drove off down the road, Aubrey called to see if Lily would join them at the mall and she said yes, so they swung by and picked her up on their way there.


Milling around the stores Aubrey wasn't finding much that she wanted to by. What if I really am pregnant, then I wouldn't be able to fit this stuff in a few months any way. She kept reminding herself as she would pick up something that interested her and then put it back down.

"Aubrey you've been quiet." Lily noticed walking over as Tori headed to the bathing suit section of Pacsun. "You ok?"

Aubrey smiled at her sister in law. "Can you keep a big secret?" Lily nodded looking a bit worried. "I am waiting to find out for sure from the doctor, but I might be pregnant." Lily had to place a hand over her mouth to keep have the store from hearing her squeal in excitement.

"Really?" She asked hugging Aubrey. The girls had become closer over the years, now being family and all.

Aubrey was forced to jump up a down slightly in the hug as Lily let her excitement get the better of her. "Maybe." She said breaking away.

Lily smiled. "Wait till Adam…"

"No Lily, you can't tell Adam. Not until I know for sure, and I need to tell Jarred and my dad first." Aubrey said almost pleading with her sister in law to stay quiet.

Lily nodded indicating zipping her mouth shut and throwing away the key. "I wont say a word." She said softly.

Aubrey smiled. "Thanks." After shopping for a few more hours Aubrey's cell phone went off and she pulled it from her pocket and looked at her mother.

"Want me to answer it?" Tori asked.

Aubrey shook her head and answered the call. "Hello?" After listening to what was being said on the other end Aubrey's face lit up. "You're absolutely certain?" She asked. "Thank you so much Dr. Lang." She smiled. "Ok bye."

Tori hung up and jumped up and down wrapping Tori in a tight embrace. "I take it good news?" Tori gasped at her daughter's tight grip.

Aubrey heard her mother and released her and Lily came over from another display. "What's going on?" Lily asked.

"Dr. Lang just called…I'm pregnant…It's official I am pregnant." She said excitedly and then her face started to pale. "Oh god I'm pregnant." She muttered.

Tori chuckled softly. "This is a good thing Squirt." She said happily.

Aubrey smiled faintly and then frowned again. "What if I'm a horrible mother? What if I am wrong and Jarred doesn't want kids? Oh shit I'm pregnant." She said unsurely.

Tori wrapped her arm around Aubrey's shoulder and gave her a one armed squeeze. "Aubrey you'll be a great mother, Jarred told you he wants kids, this is a great thing! Great news!"

"What about Daddy? What's he going to think?" Aubrey said softly as Lily and Tori guided her to sit on a bench in the center of the mall walkway.

Tori smiled at her daughter. "Your father will be just fine. Trust me. This is wonderful sweetie."

"Yeah this is great Bre." Lily said brightly.

Aubrey released a deep breath. "It is isn't it?" She asked smiling.

Tori and Lily smiled. "Yeah it is." They both said.

"Oh my god. I have to tell Jarred and dad, Adam, Sam my whole family. Uncle Hunter is going to kill Jarred." Aubrey giggled she was only kidding.

Tori smiled. "That's the spirit. Come on let's get you home."

Thomas Residence:

"Jarred honey you home?" Aubrey called walking in the door. She dropped the one bag of stuff she had gotten. It was a from Victoria secret.

"Office!" She heard him call back.

Aubrey made her way down to the office across the hall from their bedroom and went in to see him working away with a calculator and typing on the computer at random intervals. "Hi!" She said smiling.

Jarred looked up and smiled. "Hi baby did you have fun shopping with your mom?" He asked and she walked over and sat in his lap as he swirled around taking a break from his work.

Aubrey nodded. "Yeah."

Jarred seemed to sniff the air. "You smell like…"

"Grapes. I bought this really yummy smelling perfume at the Victoria Secret in the mall." Aubrey smiled as Jarred grinned and leaned in smelling and kissing her neck. "I take it you like?" She giggled as her hands wrapped around and got tangled in his now shaggy hair.

"Mmmhmm…smells sweet just like you." He said lifting his head and getting a soft kiss from his wife. "So what else did you get?" He asked casually as his hands ran gently, soothingly up and down her back.

"Something unexpected." Aubrey said softly. "Jarred I have to tell you something."

"It sounds serious, what's wrong?" Jarred asked now looking at her with concern and love.

Aubrey smiled. "I…I'm…pregnant." She managed stumbling over her words.

Jarred froze with a blank look on his face. "Pregnant?" He asked.

Aubrey nodded. "Yeah. You ok? I mean we both want kids and I just found out today and I'm so sorry I was sneaking behind your back I just didn't…" Aubrey was cut off when Jarred's lips crushed into hers pulling her closer then before and kissing her with heat and desire and passion and love. As he broke away moments later Aubrey sighed in relief. "Want you to get your hopes up." She whispered softly.

"You're sure?" He asked now smiling excitedly at the news.

Aubrey smiled and let her forehead rest upon his. "I'm sure. The doctor said I'm pregnant." She said sweetly.

Jarred jumped up holding Aubrey cradled in his arms. "This is great!" He said happily spinning around as her arms went around his neck.

"Honey! Stop! Jarred! You're making me sick!" She said trying not to laugh and make it worse.

Jarred stopped spinning but didn't set her down. He smiled cheerily at her. "This is wonderful. Sorry!" He said sheepishly.

Aubrey smiled. "Don't worry. I'm ok, as long as we stay still." She said giggling softly.

"I think I can arrange that. I didn't hurt the baby did I?" He asked worriedly.

Aubrey laughed lightly and her one hand came up and caressed his cheek softly like she had done so many times. "No. The baby is fine." She said kindly. "I was kind of hoping to go to my parents for dinner. My mom knows, but my dad doesn't and…"

Jarred started out of the office not caring about leaving his work. "I can't wait to see the look on Blake's face." Jarred chuckled.

"That's horrible." Aubrey said sardonically with a light laugh.

"You do realize that he's going to murder me, for even touching you." Jarred kidded.

"No he won't. We're married we're allowed to have sex." Aubrey joked.

Jarred chuckled again softly. "Still before he could just plead ignorance to it and laugh at the thought, but you being pregnant will be a huge reminder that we are actually having sex." He said jokingly.

Aubrey giggled. "You're right, he's going to murder you." She said teasingly kissing his cheek to his jaw line and to his lips as he reached for his keys on the island counter in the kitchen. Then Jarred proceeded to carry a giggling Aubrey towards the door stopping short to see the pink Victoria secret bag just sitting there. "What's in it is to celebrate later." Aubrey whispered laying a feather light kiss on his neck just below his ear.

Jarred groaned. "You torture me." He mumbled.

"I know." Aubrey giggled. And Jarred continued out of the loft.