Aubrey waited holding her son as Jarred went and got her parents. "This should be interesting." She giggled to Brayden. His eyes were an amazing vibrantly bright green, and he had darker hair, but lighter then hers and his skin was slightly tanner then Jarred.

The hospital door opened and Tori and Blake walked in together. "My baby has a baby." Tori said unshed tears in her eyes.

Blake chuckled at his wife. "You're just now coming to this realization blue?" He asked teasingly. Aubrey smiled at the couple, they loved each other so much and they loved their kids just as much if not more sometimes. "So you going to keep us in suspense or are you going to tell us our grandsons name." Blake asked jokingly.

Aubrey smiled. "Brayden William." She said.

Tori smiled. "You named him after grandpa?" She asked.

Aubrey nodded and Jarred tucked a loose strand of hair from her braid behind her ear. "Yeah. Nothing we had picked out went well with it so I had to do a little name search."

"Brayden…huh kind of reminds me of Bradley." Blake commented smirking at his daughter.

"Hmm…maybe that's why I like it so much." Aubrey kidded with him.

"Isn't that strange." Jarred joked with his wife.

"Shut up!" Tori and Aubrey drawled to their husbands playfully.

Tori smiled at her daughter and new baby grandson. Aubrey smiled and gestured for Tori to hold the baby and she accepted the invitation taking the baby from her daughter's arms. "Thank you, my arm was about to fall asleep in that position." Aubrey giggled stretching her arms.

After Tori held her grandchild, Blake was next and it gave him a new sense of purpose. Something he had felt the day Aubrey was born, but this was different. He wouldn't be raising this child, but he would be Brayden's grandfather and that was enough for him.

Next Day:

"Welcome home." Aubrey whispered to her son as they walked through the door into the baby room of their house. They had gone out a few months after Aubrey found out she was pregnant and got a place close distance between their parents houses.

It was weird so many of their college friends teased them for wanting to live close to home, but it didn't bother them. It was nice being a part of a family and it was nice, just being happy.

Aubrey sat down in the oak rocking chair that Jarred had gotten her and started to rock her snoozing son humming an old song her mother use to sing to her. And then the words started coming out. "A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain
Softly blows o'er lullaby bay.
It fills the sails of boats that are waiting--
Waiting to sail your worries away.
It isn't far to Hushabye Mountain"

Aubrey was a little startled when another voice joined in and turned to the door. Leaning there singing along was Sam. All her friends and cousin's had been able to see the baby in the hospital but Sam's flight had a slight delay in New York and she wasn't given that privilege. But it just was better being here cause there were no visiting hours and she could stay as long as she wanted/

"And your boat waits down by the key.
The winds of night so softly are sighing--
Soon they will fly your troubles to sea.
So close your eyes on Hushabye Mountain.
Wave good-bye to cares of the day.
And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain
Sail far away from lullaby bay."

The duo finished the song and Sam slowly walked into the room trying not to make to much noise. "Hey." She whispered softly leaning over to give Aubrey a slight one-armed hug.

Sam had been in England for some time now. After finishing college she had moved over there mainly to start a career and it was working she had an art gallery and clientele. It was what she wanted most, but she was considering moving home and opening a gallery in Blue Bay as of late.

"Hey. When did you get here?" Aubrey whispered.

Sam sat Indian style on the carpet in front of Aubrey and leaned back on her hands. "Jarred let me in about five minutes ago. I heard you humming and I couldn't bring myself to interrupt." She whispered softly back.

Aubrey smiled. "Want to hold your second cousin?" Aubrey offered quietly grinning.

"No, no, that's ok I don't want to break him. I mean you remember what happened with Austin." Sam said softly giggling at the memory.

"Him is Brayden and you wont break him I promise." Aubrey insisted whispering.

Sam smiled and nodded. "If that will make you happy."

"It will." Aubrey said. Sam sat up right fully and accepted the baby that Aubrey was cautiously passing into her cradled arms. When Aubrey was certain the baby was good she leaned back in the rocker resting her eyes.

"Oh wow." Sam whispered.

Aubrey's eyes opened and she yawned. "What?"

"I just I see a lot of Bradley in him." Sam said looking down at the baby. "He's going to be something special."

Aubrey sighed contently smiling at her cousin and baby. "I thought that the moment I saw him. But there's a lot of Jarred in him too."

"And it's obvious, but I can see so much of you and even uncle Blake." Sam whispered.

Aubrey smiled. "Adam thought I should name him Adam junior because he saw himself. I said why don't I just name him Blake cause that is really what he was seeing." She giggled at the memory.

Jarred walked in gently knocking on the doorframe. "Sam he's…"

"Oh yeah, my surprise." Sam started standing cautiously with Brayden still in her arms. "Come on."

"Surprise?" Aubrey asked.

Sam smiled. "I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce my surprise. Dad hasn't met him yet, so be kind I don't want to scare him to much."

Aubrey giggled. "I can be kind."

"I know I was just teasing." Sam grinned. Aubrey stood and took Brayden back from Sam and them and Jarred headed to the living room. "Danny?" A tall guy almost the same height as Hunter, with dark hair, deep green/brown eyes, and olive skinned turned away from the pictures on the mantel. "Danny this is Aubrey and my new baby cousin Brayden." Sam introduced walking over to his side. "And Aubrey this is Danny. My sort of kind a…"

"Fiancé." Danny interjected smirking at Sam and then looking back to Aubrey who stood mouth a gap. "It's nice to finally meet you." He said smiling.

Aubrey closed her mouth and opened it repeating the process for a few seconds like a fish out of water. "This is…"

"The guy I told you about in my letters." Sam said smiling.

Aubrey smiled back. "It's nice to finally meet you too Danny. But I don't want to be any where around when uncle Hunter finds out about the fiancé bit." She giggled gently swaying back and forth to keep her son asleep.

Sam pulled a ring out of her pocket and slipped it on her ring finger on her left hand. "See? He asked me a week ago. And I was planning on coming out so he could meet daddy and you decided to give me a really good reason." She said happily.

Aubrey chuckled softly. "I'm glad the birth of my child made a good cover for your real reason for being here. Danny I'll keep you in my prayers." She said sarcastically.

"What does she mean?" Danny asked Sam.

"Oh Sam didn't tell you about Uncle Hunter?" Aubrey asked.

Sam glared playfully at her cousin. "All she said was he was a little protective." Danny said looking from a teasing glare Sam to Aubrey and the baby. Jarred had disappeared into the kitchen to do something.

"A little? Huh cause if I remember correctly he's a lot protective. And he ain't going to be none to happy you put that ring on her finger before asking him first." Aubrey said jokingly. "Especially since you haven't even met him yet. He is very, very big on meeting boyfriends before they get engaged to his daughters."

Danny gulped. "Baby don't worry. She's only kidding. My dad isn't that bad." Sam said sweetly taking his hand. "Aubrey I told you not to scare him."

"Hey I'm just giving the guy the facts, before you throw him into the lions den unprepared." Aubrey said teasingly.

Sam scoffed lightly. "I'll get you back."

"You do that. Until then, I believe Austin and Mika are dropping the bomb that they are moving in together. Maybe you should play off that wave." Aubrey suggested.

Sam grinned at Aubrey. "Perfect. Pile the good news on, over whelm him and he wont no what to do but except the inevitable." She said laughing softly.

Jarred came back out. "Trying to figure the best time to drop the bomb?" Jarred asked his wife kissing her cheek as he handed her a small baby bottle filled with warm formula.

"Yeah. I told her about Austin and Mika's news so she's going to drop it on him at the same time." Aubrey said.

Jarred shrugged and smiled and his wife's cousin. "It could work. Hope it doesn't backfire, but I have to go a client called the office he's having some serious issues without me around to fix things. You'll be ok?" He asked Aubrey gently.

Aubrey smiled softly at him. "I'll be fine. Go." She instructed. She knew he had missed a few days and sometimes that was no good cause things and clients both became hectic. Jarred kissed her cheek and headed out of the house grabbing his coat from the rack by the door on the way out.

"I'm going to go explore and see what there is to do around here." Danny said kissing Sam's cheek.

Sam nodded. "There's a track if you want to go riding." She offered.

Danny smiled. "No bike." He said.


"In my garage." Aubrey interrupted. And if you need a truck you can take mine. What's your driving record?"

"Had my license for almost five years no accidents yet, and that is in England. Horrible drivers that they may be." He chuckled.

Aubrey smiled. "If your from England…"

"Oh no I grew up in Florida and moved to England to attend oxford."

"How'd you get into Motocross?" Aubrey asked.

"Always loved it." Danny said.

Aubrey grabbed her keys from the picture stand next to the tv and tossed them to Danny. "Maybe Uncle Hunter will like you after all." She said smiling.

"Be careful." Sam said walking over to him. "No stupid stunts ok?"

"Promise." He said leaning over and giving her a kiss. "Love you."

"Love you too. Have fun. It's a few miles up the road to the right of leaving the driveway. You can't miss it." Sam said.

"The garage is through there and her bike is the dark red Kawasaki. My bike is off limits." Aubrey said.

Sam rolled her eyes. "She protective of it. Just trust me on that. Like I said have fun."

"Bye." Danny gave her another kiss and headed to the kitchen and to the door leading into the garage.

Sam turned to Aubrey. "Keeper?"

Aubrey smiled. "Keeper. So how's everything? I haven't been able to call lately I'm sorry."

"Oh I totally understand. It's fine really. Well I'm moving home soon."

"Really?" Aubrey asked stunned.

Sam nodded as they both took up seats on the couch Aubrey still cradling her son against her bosom. "Yeah. I bought a building in town. The top half will be perfect for a studio so I can paint and I'm going to turn the lower half into the gallery. It's two stories and it's only about a block from storm chargers."

Aubrey giggled. "Oh the irony." She whispered.


"The guys were going to buy that and move storm chargers, but someone beat them to it." Aubrey said sardonically.

Sam gapped in shock. "Serious?" She asked smiling.

Aubrey nodded. "Dead."

"Wow. Well it's mine and I think that when I tell dad he'll be happy."

"On both accounts. I was just teasing Danny." Aubrey said.

Sam smiled. "I know. It's part of being in this family. If you can't handle the flames stay the hell out of the fire." She said jokingly.

Aubrey nodded. "Exactly. So what else has been going on?" The girls sat and talked for what felt like hours after Aubrey put Brayden in his crib finally. Sam and Danny decided to head over to see her parents and Jarred cooked Aubrey a nice meal, since all she had eaten in a while was hospital food.

Later one while they lay in bed listening closely to any noises the Brayden might make when he couldn't sleep Aubrey snuggled up close to her husband.

"You happy?" Aubrey whispered.

"Happy doesn't even begin to cover it." He whispered back.

Aubrey sighed rubbing her head against his chest getting more comfortable. "Me too." She whispered.

"Now all that has to happen is for the others the start popping out kids." Jarred laughed faintly. Aubrey slapped his bared chest playfully and the recoiled slightly rubbing away the sting.

"Shut up." Aubrey protested giggling. "My family isn't that big."

"No but once everyone is married and starts having kids, it will be."

"Yeah but that's the great thing, cause with other kids around Brayden will never be lonely." Aubrey whispered.

"Is that some round about way of saying he's our one?" Jarred asked jokingly.

Aubrey smiled and kissed his jaw softly her head finally finding a place to rest in the crook of his neck. "No. I want at least one more."

"At least?" Jarred asked.

"Mmmhmm…at least. If we have any more then that, well I'm going to have to quite working and become a stay at home mom and you know how I feel about that." Aubrey whispered.

Jarred chuckled. "I know. Don't worry I want you to be as free and independent as you want."

"Thank you." Aubrey whispered.

"I love you Aubrey and I just want you happy. If two kids is more then enough for you, then two it'll be." He said kissing her forehead lightly.

Aubrey sighed happy with the way her life was turning out better then she had ever imagined. "Two it is then. Besides there's going to be enough cousins to last a lifetime someday." She giggled.

"Told ya." Jarred smiled.

"So what do you think about having a little girl?"

"I think she's going to be as gorgeous as her mom and I'm going to have to scare away guys." Jarred said jokingly.

"Figures you'd say that."

"It's a dad thing." Jarred chuckled softly.

Aubrey smiled. "If you say so." They both her soft crying over the monitor and Aubrey went to stand when Jarred stopped her.

"No you sleep. I'll get him." He said kissing her forehead again lightly as he gently slipped out from their huddled position and head out of the room.

"Night." Aubrey whispered as her eyes fell shut.

Jarred turned back and smiled as she drifted off. "Night baby." He whispered and then headed down to his sons room.