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Summary: This story takes place before Dracula's becomes a vampire, hence the name – Before Eternity. He is the ruling Prince over Wallachia, including the little village of Tirgoviste…where Sophia Shevich lives. She's eighteen, has a natural, almost simplistic beauty about her, is very soft-spoken, gentle (probably one of the most in all OCs, ever), and enjoys the peace she gets from being outdoors. But with her tender personality comes the terrible flaw of her vast naivety and innocence. She also 'suffers' from dreams. Strange, dark and sometimes unfathomable dreams that she doesn't know where or how she gets the ideas for – she has just had them for years (you, dear reader, can probably grasp what they foretell). When she and her family are taken to the castle charged with long overdue taxes, she is forced to step up and offer herself in their stead, only problem is, she thinks she will be a maid or servant in the castle… NOT giving herself to be Prince Dracula's new mistress. Once she finds out though, the shock is hard to swallow, especially when she had heard the infamous stories about him and has seen some of his 'handiwork'. Not to mention, Dracula already has one mistress, who, added to the mess, makes things much more complicated for everyone. Sophia and Dracula's relationship starts off rocky, and when things begin to clear up for them, there never ceases to be something to put a damper on it. Yet, one way or another, each time, they pull through.

Another note (since I feel it adds to the story but didn't want to put it in the summary): There will be, every so often, references and/or scenes with Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) legends. (NOT history! That means no long, lecturing reviews on how I'm historically inaccurate. I said legends. –ahem- Continue…) In fact, two major 'plot twists' will be based around two different legends. I'll probably let you know when I use one, even the smallest, because my goal is to make them sort of my own.

Rated T for: sensuality, suggestive situations, violence and mild language.

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This was heaven.

Sophia knew it just had to be… dark surrounded her as if she were in the midnight sky, hazy like she were in the clouds and the mysterious and pleasurable anticipation that enveloped her senses was akin to what a falling star might feel while it made its freefall to earth. Oh yes, this was heaven and she felt she had been here many times before, only she wasn't quite sure where herewas, nor could she recall any former memories of the place. But that didn't trouble her, she was safe, happy; she was also waiting for something to happen, like whatever it was she could expect and craved, but even that, she was unsure of what. Then as if right on cue, it happened.

From behind her, strong, pale arms and large hands reached slowly around her sides and wrapped around her waist and chest. The long fingers were astonishingly cool as they pressed into the thin silk of her dress and yet the coolness was matched by her own skin. The arms wrapped tighter around her, pulling her in until her partially bare back collided with something firm and perfectly sculpted: a man's chest. She relaxed into it, feeling no alarm that she didn't know who it was, for it was all too familiar and safe to be alarmed. An icy breath fell over her wavy, honey-colored hair that was scattered across her shoulders and a soft sigh left her lips. The hand that had been over her chest moved leisurely up, fingertips ever so slightly touching her neck then collarbone leaving lasting tingling sensations until they went about the task of gently gathering up wisps of her hair and then wrapping them behind the back of her neck so they would hang over her other shoulder.

She felt the icy caress again, this time closer and unblocked by her thick hair. It seemed like she was dizzy and lightheaded as that wonderful sense of anticipation washed over her again. Something soft and moist pressed into the bend of her neck and a light moan of euphoria escaped her lips; they were kisses and it felt like they were reverencing her flawless, alabaster skin. The hand that was pressed into her flat abdomen softly stroked over the silk of her nightgown, strengthening the sensations that were quickly heating her insides, while the idle fingers on the other hand ran down from her shoulder to her elbow to her wrist and then back up again, everywhere touching, her skin would crawl.

Soon what was the delicate kissing on her neck became more ardent and her skin reddened from the passions. There was the feeling of dull teeth nipping at her skin; it didn't frighten her when it turned rougher and the teeth sharper. Suddenly they broke the flesh, sending a brief, subtle pain through her body. She gasped but then it slipped into another rapturous moan, as the pain became pleasure. The scarlet liquid-life rushing through her veins, being pulled from her body through two small puncture wounds. It felt like she was melting away, a part of her becoming someone else's, no, not a part, all of her… and she was doing it willingly. After what was a blissful few minutes, the greedy mouth pulled away, leaving the wounds no more.

Sophia sighed heavily, coming only a little bit out of the daze she was in. Almost immediately, a hunger flooded her senses and her mouth started to water; whatever it was for, her existence was supported, fed by it. She turned into the possessive arms, which gave no resistance, until she was facing the broad chest and neck of her unknown 'lover'. They were very close and it felt so right that it didn't matter that she couldn't see his face clearly, only the raven hair that just touched his shoulders, the angle of his jaw and his pale oh-so-tempting neck… she was unsure what her carnal appetite was for but she knew she would find the quench there.

She bent her head down over the neck and began to place soft, unrestrained kisses on the unmarked skin, earning a low growl of pleasure from her 'lover'. There was a strange yet familiar sensation in her upper gums and before she knew it, she had pierced the skin and another aroused growl vibrated from that perfect chest she was turned to. A cool, thick, liquid substance pooled in her mouth and then slithered down her throat stating her hunger and worsening it at the same time. The taste was sweet, tangy and gently metallic. It was indescribably delicious, flooding all the senses at once. It was also foreign yet strangely familiar. In one word: addicting.

Something was slowly changing in her, what her 'lover' had taken of her; she was now taking of him. He was hers, as she was his. Both one in two bodies and it would be that way forever. Nothing could separate them…


"Sophia, wake up!" Alina, her twelve-year-old, younger sister shouted.

Sophia's golden-brown eyes shot wide-open and as quick as reflex she sat up, parting from the intimate dream world and into the harsh reality that was her cool, drafty home along with the discontented thought that today would be just another day of the ordinary, cooking, cleaning, and milking that godforsaken cow. Oh did she hate that cow! It was her first job in the morning and her very least favorite. She wished she could cover her head and go back to sleep, to that wonderful dream she had been so rudely awaken from, but nagging responsibility and her sister –six years her junior- wouldn't let her do that.

"Sorry but I had to wake you," Alina said and Sophia sighed. She was right; she had no choice but to wake her so Sophia didn't really have the platform to be mad at her. "You were dreaming weren't you?"

"Oh… yes," she responded absentmindedly, getting out of her cot and passing her sister.

"Care to share?"

She glanced sidelong at Alina and could see the faint traces of a wry smile on her lips. "You know that most of my dreams are dark, depressing and make no sense. And they worry you to death about me," she told her sounding unconcerned while using a comb to loosen the wavy hair fell to her shoulder blades that had become tousled in her sleep.

"But this one wasn't like you usual 'nightmares', was it?"

Sophia turned to the chest that was at the end of her cot and picked up her folded work-dress. "Since when did you become a soothsayer?" she teased, turning to face her sister who had a huge grin plastered on her face.

"It doesn't take a soothsayer to read facial expressions… or noises for that matter," Alina teased right back, earning a wide-eyed shocked look from Sophia.

"What was I doing?" she asked, keeping her voice calm but was slightly horrified.

"Well, for starters, you had this pleasant little smile on… then you started whimpering or moaning or something like that, it wasn't too loud to tell," her tone changed to imploring, "Oh do tell me what you were dreaming about!"

Sophia rolled her eyes. "Let me get dressed please," was all she said.


Sophia shot her a gentle warning glance.

"Fine," Alina said, sighing in defeat and left the room for her to change.

Sophia shook her head and eased up because her sister was no longer there to question her, then began to change, as she did so, thoughts of that dream came flooding back and a small smile inched its way across her lips… though things about it still puzzled her. Who was the man in the dream? What were they doing? Why did she trust him so well? Why did she feel like that was where she belonged with every fiber of her being? But more importantly, why was that dream so drastically different from the dark and sinister ones she had been having for years?

She didn't think on it long, she had chores get to, so she headed out of the room with the naïve thought that today would be just another ordinary day…


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