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May rushed to her home in Petalburg gym. A thousand thoughts were racing through May's head. "MAX! MAX!" May called out as she rushed through the doors of the gym.

"MAY!" Max shouted joyously as he leapt into her arms. He had missed a lot, May looked up to see her Combusken. She smiled at him, he had taken care of Max just like May asked him to.

"May! Dad..they took daddy!" Max said sobbing as he hugged his sister tightly.

"Who took Dad?" May asked as she pulled Max away from her and looked at him in the eyes.

Max took off his glasses and wiped them along with his eyes, and then put the glasses back on. Clearing his voice and getting back him composure he began to speak, "It was Brendan, May. He was the one that did this, he's the one that took daddy away. I think he's just trying to get you to marry him!" Max said sadly.

May looked down at her brother, a feeling of guilt washing over her. It was all her fault, while she was living happily at the castle, her family was suffering. It was all her fault, and she knew what she had to make it right. If marrying Brendan was the only way to get her father back, then that's what she had to do. Even if her heart belonged to…no she cant think about anything else, her family came first.

"Max, you stay here with Combusken." May said as she got her coat and headed out.

"Wait, where are you going May?" Max said as he ran after his sister.

"I'm going to get dad back!" May said determined as she walked out into the bitter cold. Max ran to the window to look out as his sister battled the icy winds and made her way to the bar.

As soon as May reached the bar she pushed open the door, making everyone inside the bar turn to her. May's eyes searched the room, anger welling up within her. Then she spotted him, that arrogant, annoying little boy with silver spiky hair.

She walked up to him, he was sitting on the couch smirking. Brendan had his legs stretched out onto the table.

"Where's my father?!?!" May demanded of the boy.

Brendan smiled at her, it wasn't a nice smile, more like the satisfied smile of a snake after it had devoured its meal.

"May, I'm so glad you're safe." Brendan hissed, and May began to see him as he truly was.

"You see, your father was rambling on about a talking Flygon, and the doctor thought him to be…you know…a little…" Brendan made a circle motion with his index finger right next to his temple.

"My father is not crazy! He was telling the truth, I really was with a talking Flygon!" May shouted at Brendan as the rest of the room snickered.

"May, don't tell me you're losing it too." Brendan said as he got up and put his arms on May's shoulders.

May shrugged his hands of her shoulders and pulled out the golden pokeball. "This will prove it!" May said as she held it out. Brendan's eyes wandered over to it as he looked on with curiosity.

"Show DREW!" May yelled as the pokeball glowed and opened. Inside the picture of Drew appeared, he was raging about wildly.

Brendan snatched the pokeball from May's hands. "Look! It's a monster!" Brendan said as he show cased the pokeball all about the room.

"WAIT! NO, he's not a MONSTER!" May said as she tried to retrieve the pokeball, but was merely pushed back.

"We cant let this monster walk around and snatch away our girls, now can we?" Brendan roared as he riled up the crowd.

"COME ON! WHO'S WITH ME!?" Brendan said as he leapt onto a table.

"YEA!" the crowd of drunken men roared as they punched their fists into the air.

"Wait! No!" May said as the mob left to gather anything they could to fight off the beast.

May rushed out, just as she was about to chase after them she heard a familiar voice calling out to her.

May turned around to see a hand stretch out to her, "Dad!" May shouted gleefully as she ran to him, quickly she picked the lock and brought the old man out of the room.

"May, I'm so glad you're safe!" Norman said as he hugged the girl. "Oh dad!" May said embracing her father.

"Dad, I have to go back to the castle!" May said as she helped him back to their home.

"What? You cant!" Norman said as they approached the door.

"DADDY!!" Max said jumping into his fathers arms. "Max, you're safe!" Norman said returning the hug. Then he turned to May with a grave expression.

"May, you cant go back to that beast!" Norman said, still holding onto Max. "What, no May, you cant go!" Max said as he realized what was going on.

"I have to, Drew isn't as bad as you think he is, I have to warn him!" May said as she pleaded with her father. After a moment he consented to her wishes. May returned Combusken to its pokeball and jumped onto Rapidash.

May raced, hoping she would get there in time, but the mob had a head start.


"Master, there is a mob coming this way!" Ash said as his clock hands spun around frantically.

"What should we do?" Brock asked looking up at Drew who just left.

"I don't care anymore." Drew said grimly as he flew up to his room.

"Well we have to do something!" Gary chimed in, as Misty looked out at the fast approaching mob.

"I have an idea!" Misty said as the others gathered around to listen to her plan.

The mob quickly approached the gates and pounded through. May raced to get there in time as the mob walked into the mansion, not expecting the type of welcome they had received.

Boiling water was poured onto the men that walked into the mansion.

"NOW!" Ash said giving the signal as the other house appliances attacked the men. Brendan had dodged all of them and was able to get a glimpse of the Flygon going into his solitary confinement. Avoiding the others, he quickly made his way up to the room.

May had reached the mansion and quickly ran in. There all the men lay, beaten up pretty badly.

"May!" Misty said as she made her way to the brunette. "Misty!" May said as she embraced her little tea pot friend.

"You guys, it seems someone was able to make it to the master, a silver haired kid!" Ash said as he came to the rest of them.

"Oh no!" May said as she rushed toward the forbidden room.


"You've got no where to go Flygon!" Brendan roared as he and the Flygon stood atop the roof.

"Now, I will capture you and impress May!" Brendan said as he took out a pokeball.

"You'll never impress May!" Drew roared as he pounded his tail against the tiles of the roof.

"Oh really?" Brendan said while smirking, then it struck him. "Don't tell me you're in love with May! Ha! What a laugh a pokemon in love with a human! Do you really think she'll see you as anything besides a green lizard, you freak?" Brendan said, piercing the words into Drew.

It had always been what he feared, but to hear it was a different story. "Go Tropius!" Brendan said as he released his pokemon. Tropius flapped it's green leaf wings to show it's readiness for battle.

Drew sent out a hyper beam and Tropius easily dodged it. "Tropius use your razor leaf!" Brendan ordered, as the pokemon obeyed.

Drew not ready for this attack was hit directly. Just as Drew hit the ground hard Brendan ordered for a solar beam. Unfortunately for Drew, he wasn't able to get up in time and the Solar Beam hit him directly, adding major damage to him.

Not willing to lose to this guy Drew got up, and launched another Hyper beam as Brendan ordered another solar beam.

Just as the two attacks were launched a voice from near shouted "Combusken, use OVER HEAT!" Just as the attacks were about to collide, a fierce inferno blast came right in between them, making all the attacks blow up.

Drew and Brendan looked to the spot where the attack came from and there May and her Combusken stood.

Drew had used the last of his energy for the final attack and with barely any energy left he fell to the ground. May's eyes widened as he fell, and her legs brought her to his side.

"Drew!" May shouted as she picked his head up and placed it in her lap.

"Now, to capture it!" Brendan said as he tossed a pokeball in his arms carelessly. May's eyes were filled with rage and she looked toward Brendan.

"I wont let you touch him!" May screamed as her Combusken got in front of her, along with all the workers of the castle. A bit overwhelmed Brendan backed off, "Don't tell me you're in love with that…that …monster!" Brendan said in disbelief.

"He's not a monster! You are!" May said as Brendan walked away.

"Whatever, and to think I wanted to marry you!" Brendan said as he walked out.

"Drew!" May cried as she brought her attention to the Flygon laying in her arms. Drew looked up to see the angel that had shown him what love was really about.

"You…you came back.." he muttered with his last breath as his hands went up to touch her cheeks. May's eyes overflowed with tears.

"Of course I came back…I…I love you…" she whispered as his arms fell to the side motionless. Tears trickled down her face as she Drew's paws went cold.

Just as the words left her mouth the last of the rose petal fell. Suddenly Drew shimmered a golden light surrounding him. He was lifted into the air and right before May's eyes he was turned into the most handsomest boy that she had ever seen. The boy had the greenest hair May had ever seen, and as he opened his eyes she saw his emerald eyes.

"Who…who are you?" May asked, a bit scared. The boy chuckled, "Don't you recognize me? Or do you prefer the Flygon version of me?" the boy asked teasingly.

Instantly she recognized the boy and ran to his arms. "Drew!" she said as she hugged him tightly. "Hey May." Drew said, after sometime they parted and as the turned their head the saw the rest of the house had began to glow.

All of a sudden all the talking housewares turned back into people. And the mansion and all it's surrounding was turned back to it's original beauty.

Drew explained to May the whole story, "So you mean a faerie didn't turn you into a Flygon?" May asked the boy.

Drew laughed at this, "You're so gullible May, really faeries, you still believe in them?" Drew teased her.

"Shut up, besides you shouldn't be talking, you're the one that got turned into a Flygon!" May retorted as Drew smirked at her, making her blush.

"No, it wasn't a faerie, it was actually a weird man in a Cacturn costume. He had long purple hair and he came to my door saying that he was stronger than me and challenged me. I told him he wasn't even worthy of fighting me and slammed the door in his face. He got pretty mad and did this…although I'm not exactly sure how." Drew said as May giggled.

"Well I'm glad everything worked out great" May said. She was now living in La Rousse town with Drew and her father's gym was back in business, May had been a little disappointed to find out that Drew wasn't really a prince. But being the heir to a multibillion dollar company was close enough. That and seeing the look on Brendan's face when he found out who Drew really was, was also priceless.