"Please!! Please don't kill me!!" Psycrow begged, almost sobbing as he stared down the barrel of the lazer gun that was pointed at his face. Earthworm Jim glared at him, gritting his
"Well, tell me where th' Princess is, and ah might spare ya..."
Psycrow, regaining an ounce of his confidence, reared his head back and spat at Jim's
Jim said nothing, but a strange grin played at his lips. "Bad move, Birdy.." he chuckled
"Bad move.."
He jabbed his gun into the side of Psycrow's head, squeezing the crow's throat with
his free hand.
Psycrow thrashed and squirmed in Jim's grip.
He glanced beside Him and saw Jim's finger on the gun's trigger.
"Let's try this again, shall we?" Jim hissed "Tell me where the Princess is, or you'll have
th' pleasure of seein' yer brains fer th' first -and last- time, comprende pardner?"
Psycrow's eyes widened in fear. "Yeah yeah! Wh-whateva ya say, Jimbo!" he
stammered "D-da Princess is ova dere!"
He pointed toward a cave. It was small and cramped. Anyone who went in there would suffocate within a short time.
Jim glared at Psycrow and threw him to the ground, then ran towards the cave.
The entrance was blocked by a large boulder. Jim rolled his eyes. "Psh. Easy" he said.
He grabbed onto the boulder and pulled, lifting it without much effort.
He looked inside and saw Princess What's-Her-Name lying on the ground.
Jim rushed inside and took the Princess in his arms.
That bastard.. he thought.
He walked out of the cave and lay the Princess down on the ground.
"Princess.." he whispered "Oh Princess, please wake up."
No answer. Jim looked around, blushed, and took a deep breath.
He placed his lips on the Princess' and exhaled.
He took another deep breath, and exhaled.
The Princess' eyes fluttered open and she looked up at her
blushing annelid saviour.
"Ugh...J-Jim?" she groaned. Jim smiled shyly at her.
The Princess sat up. "Where'd that fatass bird get to?!" she growled, clenching her fists.
Jim shrugged. "Ah dunno. Ah musta scared 'im off." he chuckled, flexing his arm.
The Princess laughed and rest her arm on Jim's shoulder.
"You're one macho worm, Jim." she said.
She motioned towards the Pocket Rocket. "Let's get back to Earth before Psycrow
comes back."
Jim nodded and they both boarded the Pocket Rocket and set off for Earth