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I received, much to my slight annoyance, the usual numerous wolf-whistles as I walked down 100 and 8th. My black five inch heeled thigh-high boots clicked against the pavement as I strutted in my natural walk. It was a mildly warm day, so this morning, I'd opted for the blue camouflage dress with the short sleeves that ended a few inches below where my boots began. I chose to promptly ignore the whistles, for despite my constant concupiscence, I was still a lady. More than once, I could feel the eyes of strangers undressing me with a lustiness I was accustomed to, and it gave me a sense of self-satisfaction. It made me feel like more of a woman, if you would. But that is besides the point. I was headed for a very specific destination of one I knew very well, and if things went as planned...it would be a very pleasurable day.


"Bankoutsu." The sound of my voice had his neck snapping towards me. He grinned as he sauntered in my direction, wrapping his arms around my waist and burying his face in my neck.

"Kagome...I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

"What cause do I have not to?" I replied smoothly. "You called, so I came."

"Ah...ever the faithful woman." He smiled placidly.

"If it pleases you to think so, then by all means, I won't hinder you." His tongue darted out against my jugular, slowly trailing against the cervix. I felt no emotion, only lust, and I veered my neck from reach. He whimpered, but I silenced him with a swift hand down the front of his pants. He gasped at the sudden sensation. I teasingly tickled his cock with my elegant nails, purring, "Now, Bankoutsu, you know all too well that I don't work that way." He hardened under my skillful touch. "Just...sit back..." I pushed him back onto the couch behind him, unlacing my boots. "...and let your girl handle this for you." I set the boots on the floor and got on my knees, sliding Bankoutsu's pants down to his ankles. His eager dick permeated the slit in his boxers, making my job--pun intended--that much easier. A bead of pre-cum already formed on his shaft and I lowered my head, my hot, moist, and purely intentional exhalations humidifying his lower head. He gripped the couch cushions tightly, so that he did not lay his hands on me. He knew the deal. He was not to touch me unless I gave him strict permission to do so. I eased back the foreskin and brushed his tiny slit with the tip of my tongue. The torturously brief contact caused him to hiss. I smirked, deciding not to tease the poor unfortunate so, and swiftly took his length into my mouth, imbibing him deliberately. He groaned, the utterance music to my ears. My tongue swirled around his cock, which inspissated with his fluids. Only a few more sucks and he would come. His hands trembled violently, and I could tell he desperately wanted to pull my head more onto him.

"Kagome..." he puled. "Please...let me..."

"Let you what?" I said in between sucks.

"Can I...may I...t-touch you? Please, Kagome...?" I sneered inwardly. I remember a few months back, when Bankoutsu actually used to be a playboy--calm, cool, collected. He had bitches begging him, but after one night with me...he learned the error of his ways. Now look who's pleading. Exteriorly, I gave a long-suffering sigh.

"Fine...just until you come." I permitted, and in a flash, his hands were threaded in my hair, his legs opened wide, and his eyes crossed in immense pleasure. With a final suck during which I fantasized his cock being a bronze lollipop, he erupted in a plethora of cum, his body vibrating. I gulped down the liquid, licking the remains from his shaft, and his whole manhood softened. He panted lightly, forehead glistening with perspiration. I rose to my feet, smirking at him as I unzipped my dress.

"Now, Bankoutsu, don't tell me you're getting soft on me already...you haven't even been inside of me yet." He gaped at me as I allowed the dress to puddle at my ankles and lifted my feet out of it. I sandwiched my breasts between my shoulders, granting him a lengthy look at my cleavage, hidden by my black strapless lace brassiere, from which I withdrew my Chocolate and placed on the table. His cock erected again as he literally salivated, his eyes hungrily trailing down to my dark blue bikini bottoms. "Take off your shirt." I commanded, and he hastened to do so, tossing the tee haphazardly. "Now ditch the pants and boxers." He did as I said, now standing before me in his naked glory. "Undress me." He crept up behind me, unclasping my bra and freeing my C-cups from their silken incarceration

"Oh, holy fucking hell..." Bankoutsu whispered, hands trembling again as he crouched down to peel off my panties. They soon joined the pile consisting of my bra, and I said simply, "Have your way." I thought the man was going to die of happiness, and snickered in my mind. He placed his face near my inner thighs, inhaling the clean scent. His wet tongue trailed along my pink jewel, making me moan in pleasure. That was as far as I would go; no screaming, no begging, merely moaning. However, even this meager amount was good enough for Bankoutsu, perhaps even better, for he looked quite satisfied with himself and licked my clit again. He gently placed me on the floor, situating himself atop me, his dick jutting into my gut. I whispered three words that brought the foreplay to an abrupt halt: "Fuck me, Bankoutsu..." He commenced mercilessly pounding into my nether orifice, fingers gripping my forearms tightly. Inwardly, I grimaced disapprovingly at the pain, but did not let it show. I would rebuke him about it afterward...I acted out moans at the right times, then when Bankoutsu looked as if he were about to climax again, I hyped myself up for it, too. His released was accompanied by the screaming of my name, while I gave a loud moan. It was actually a yawn, but I made it work. His chest heaved as he collapsed beside me, sweating profusely. I got up and headed for the bathroom to clean myself of his premature ejaculation, then when I returned to the living room, Bankoutsu was still prone. I suspected that he, with his moderate stamina, was tired out. I changed back into my clothing, smoothing out the slight wrinkles with a dignified air about me, and sniffed distastefully at Bankoutsu, picking up my cell phone and hooking it onto the collar of my dress.

"Bankoutsu, sweetie..." His reply was muffled by the carpet. "I don't mean to be a spoilsport, but...what were you doing, grasping me so firmly?" His head shot up, eyes wide in alarm.

"I...I did?" I showed him the faintly crimson welts on my arms where his fingers had been, cocking my eyebrow. "Oh, my Kami--I am so sorry about that, Kagome, I swear, I didn't mean to do that to you."

"Hmm. I'm sure you didn't." I said, obviously disbelievingly. "You know, I think I'm going to go, Bankoutsu." My cell buzzed and I looked at the screen. It read "Suikoutsu" and I smirked. "Perhaps your brother has a bigger dick than you, anyhow...There's just something about those bipolar guys that gets me so hot." Bankoutsu shouted my name frantically as I made for the door, him trying to leap into his boxers and tripping onto his cock.

"Wait, Kagome! I can be bipolar! I-I can get a bigger dick, too! I have a pump in my room! KAGOME!" Before I closed the door on him, I sneered, "Oh, and Mr. Premature Ejaculator? I faked it."

His cry of despair could be heard even through the metal door.


My assumptions in Suikoutsu's manhood size were proven correct--three times, in fact. He really did drive me wild with his violent mood swings. He invited me into his house with the politeness of a human male, but once I'd taken off my clothes, he attacked me with an animalistic, even demonic lust, despite his wholly ningen heritage. After the first round--during which he was quite adroit in maneuvering his cock--he was as sweet as a lamb, going slowly, so as to heighten the gratification I felt. However, I wasn't sure which I liked better--sweet and gentle Suikoutsu, or hard and rough Suikoutsu. In any event, he sexually satisfied me much better than his brother. As he drank--literally--from my honeycomb, I entertained the idea of he and his other brother, Kyoukoutsu, having a threesome with me. Kyoukoutsu was bigger than both Suikoutsu and Bankoutsu, so his dick was bound to be, too. He had muscles for straight days, and a tongue that could make almost any girl scream; I knew from experience. There were actually seven brothers--Bankoutsu, Suikoutsu, Kyoukoutsu, Renkoutsu, Mukoutsu, Jakoutsu, and Ginkoutsu. I've copulated with most of them at least once before, and the only exceptions are Jakoutsu and Mukoutsu. Mukoutsu is a middle-aged man, obviously much too old for me, and Jakoutsu was...ahem...well, just plain gay. He liked males almost as much as I did, which made it easy for me to converse with him about certain matters. We were friends, and he was the only male near my age that I knew and was not having or had not had sex with. Sometimes, people would mistake him for a woman, which was a very easy mistake to make. Jakoutsu was transgendered. We'd stroll up and down the sidewalks, scoping out men worthy of being fucked. Of course, once the man found out about Jakoutsu's cock, he ran away screaming bloody murder.

"Mmm...Sui-kun," I purred sweetly as we lay side by side in his bed, having had sex for the fourth time now. He was the only person I used that affectionate honorific for. "That was...incredible." He chuckled in response.

"I take it I'm much bigger in size than my brother, huh?" he said, referring to Bankoutsu.

"He's cockless compared to you." Men like Suikoutsu enjoyed compliments, and never missed a chance to accept them.

"Why, thank you, Kagome." He grinned proudly. I let a jaw-cracking yawn escape my lips and my eyelids drooped slightly. I felt extremely lazy, as I always did after sex with Suikoutsu. "Maybe you should go to sleep...?" I waved him off as another yawn slipped out.

"Sleep? No. I'll sleep when I'm dead. Right now...I'm hungry."

"For me?"

"For food, actually." I said, swinging my feet over the side of the bed and getting up.

"Ah..." he murmured, and as I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, I could tell he was staring at my backside. I rotated it for him, and his cock hardened again under the blanket. I laughed lightly. "Kagome, how about I take you somewhere to eat? I know this great Italian restaurant, around--" I held up my hand to silence him, but I could somewhat sense his confusion.

"Ah-ha-ha...that would indeed be nice, Suikoutsu, but...I don't think so."


"I can't get too attached to one person, Suikoutsu, you know that. And while you would be one of the top twenty choices were I in such a situation, I just can't allow you to take me on a...a date, as if I were a regular girlfriend. I'm truly sorry." I was heading for my clothing, but he scrambled out of bed, lightly grabbing my wrist and spinning me around to face him. He'd never been so rough with me out of sex, and I was about to tell him off about it, until I saw the pleading look on his face. I blinked, appalled, but not in a disgusted way.

"Kagome, please...it-it doesn't have to be a date...it's just two people going to fulfill a primary need."

"If that's the case, then we might as well just stay here." I chuckled.

"Kagome...could you please, please just come with me? I swear, it won't take any more than half an hour, at best, and I'll even drop you off wherever you want to go." I quirked a suspicious eyebrow at him.

"And if I get a phone call from another man, you'll drop me off at their place?" I knew that this was a hard topic for Suikoutsu, and I could see it in the way he averted eye contact when he muttered his assent. So I gave him a hug, something I very rarely did, even in Suikoutsu's case, and he was obviously surprised. I even allowed him to hug me back. I think he's in love with me or something. But suffice it to say, he isn't the first, only, and sure won't be the last one. My feelings for him, in all honesty, aside from lust, were somewhere along the lines of affection. I would never admit it to him, though, but he might've known anyway.

"Okay, okay, you big lunk." I said friendlily. "Fine. Luckily for you, I happen to like Italian food." His beaming smile was enough to brighten my day even more.

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