Hi. Many of you know me as the author Black Ice and Blood Rain. There's a fairly long backstory to my very long absence from .

My interest in anime waned a couple years ago for some reason. Maybe it was because I was getting older, maybe I inherently believed that it was a chapter of my life that I needed to leave behind, but it happened and it persists to this day. Recently, I have attempted to reinvigorate my love for anime by watching the entirety of the gateway anime for which I wrote fanfiction: Inuyasha. (I am currently on episode 24+.)

Regardless, your reviews have not gone unread. Though relatively few compared to how they used to be, the positive reviews still trickle in, mainly for this story. But to be completely honest, I hate all the stories I ever did. I reread them a few months ago and I thought, "What the FUCK was I thinking?" I think I'm a better writer now, though my tendency toward it (interestingly, like my love of anime) has diminished. I don't write nearly as much anymore, but I have a lot of ideas.

The point here is, I will not be updating any of my stories ever. And I mean ever. But I like the idea of rewriting them to reflect my increased maturity.

Maybe I'll return to the world of fanfiction, but maybe not. Until then, I'd like to thank everyone for their support and positivity.