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Ed's POV

My stomach growled for the twelfth time that day. How long had it been since I last ate anything? Three days, I think. Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking, 'it's highly unusual for a person not to eat for three days'. But in reality it's not...not for me; For me eating is a luxury. Yup, that's me. Sixteen-year-old male, blonde hair, kinda sho-...vertically challenged, and 89lbs to boot.

God, at the rate that bastard has me losing I'll be dead by the end of the year. Damn asshole and his sadistic pleasures. I make the food then have to sit and watch him and Al eat it. Ah, Al...I wish he'd never found out. But one day Al came home early on a binge day and walked in as my head hung over the toilet, my father stuffing his own fingers down my throat demanding the food come out of my 'perfect little body'.

Things only got worse when my father lost his job. Instead of looking for a new job like a normal person, he seemed to suddenly realize that I could work. Sadly, not normal work. Oh no, he called up some of his disgusting buddies one day and had them come over to the house and give him a handful of twenty's. You can probably guess my surprise upon arriving home from school alone(Al stayed after to make up a test) only to get my brains fucked out by each one.

According to Dad, that how we'd get money from then on. Now, be it forced against my will or not, to every person my dad brings in I'm the same to them all. I'm Edward Elric, the anorexic- bulimic hooker.

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