Title: Duty

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Disclaimer: Elrond is the property of Tolkien. The words of this poem belong to me.

Rating: PG-13 for angst.

Summary: You could say this is a companion piece to "Inseparable, Even Unto Death." A prose poem on some of Elrond's thoughts. Revised to include Celebrían, after I accidentally left her out. Thanks goes to Raina (known as Aimme on for pointing it out!


I watched my mother leave,

She transformed into a bird.


I watched my father's ship,

Carrying the light of Gil-Estel,

Sail across the horizon each night.


I watched my brother succumb to old age,

And leave me alone on this earth.


I watched my beloved lose her hope and joy,

Her eyes sad and dim,

And I let her go.


I saw how evil took the lands,

One by the one the kingdoms falling.

I saw how oaths were turned to madness,

Into desperateness.


I watched my kin turn against each other,

The bitterness and enmity clear on their faces,

The many lives that were lost.


What good can come out of this?

All this destruction?

I have witness much pain,

Much torment,

Seen more cruelty than many.


I have watched my family leave me,

One by one, they passed from this earth.


Why do I still stay here,

When the world seems to be crumbling before my eyes?


I stay because I have hope,

Therefore, I live.

I stay here for the sake of others,

Not for myself.


I linger in these lands to fight for what is good,

For the sake of all free people.


Someday, the war will be over.

Someday, the air will be anew with peace and freedom.

Someday, I will leave,

Until then, I stay,

For my people.


The End

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Calenlass Greenleaf, Keeper of Legolas' pronunciation of "Aragorn" and the brotherly love between Aragorn and Legolas.