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Author's Note: After "Heart" I had the need for something fluffy. Here it is... silly, no plot, only dialogue-- the boys being... the boys. :-)

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"Put it down, Dean."


"You can't."

"I have to. It's my duty to."

"It is not. It is illegal."

"Move, Sam."

"No. I can't let you do this. We're in a parking lot. We're in a city. Someone will come out of those buildings eventually. The street is right there."


"Put the crowbar down."

"You don't understand."

"I do, Dean. I do. I know it--"

"It's an insult!"

"It's just business, Dean."

"... no wonder demonic activity has increased!"

"It's not personal, Dean."

"Dude. I have to take care of this! Move it! Get outta my way! I can't let that-- that-- thing roam the streets."

"Put it down,Dean. People are starting to look. There are more of them out there. Destroying one isn't going to change anything. Just let them be."

"SAM! You can't-- I mean-- it's-- it's..."

"It's a car, Dean."

"It's a goddamned embarrassment is what it is! It's sacrilegious and its no wonder the whole fuckin country is being POSSESSED when shit like this is allowed to parade itself down the roads of AMERICA claiming to be-- to be--"

"... could you stop the waving the crowbar around..."

"-- I mean SERIOUSLY-- people wonder WHY the motor vehicle industry is going down the CRAPPER-- well THERE'S WHY!!"

"... we should go, that guy looks like he's calling the cops..."

"You can't take a fuckin SEDAN and call it an IMPALA and not expect the EARTH TO SHAKE!"

"The earth hasn't shaken, Dean. It's just a name. It's just a brand."

"Sam... it's an Impala, man. An Impala."

"Yeah, I know... how 'bout you come cry in our Impala... and leave this one alone..."



"And I am NOT going to cry!"

"Okay. I know. Here... just give me the crowbar-- I know, this is bad and Chevy deserves to-- die..."

"... salted and burned..."

"Yes, salted and burned; good, thanks-- now lets take the crowbar back to the trunk..."


"I know... I know it hurts, just don't look at it anymore. We'll pretend this never happened..."

"I don't know if I can. I'm--"

"--oh for the love of-- Dean! It's just a car--"

"But they gave it her name..."

"Her nam-- oh, god, just get in."

"It's okay, baby-- we're gonna get far away from that anemic, tin can that stole your name."

"Oh god... are you comforting it...?"

"Shut-up, Sam."

"It's just a--"

"SHUT-up or you're walking."

"You realize that Chevy has--"

"You wanna walk?"


"Shut-up and get in."

"Fine. I'm in. Happy?"

"Fuckin ecstatic."

"... and you call me a girl..."

"WHAT did you say?"



"NOTHING, Dean. Nothing."

"Good... that's what I thought. Let's get the hell out of this city."

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