A/N: Hello everyone! As I'm struggling through my minor writer's block with my story Converse (I'll update ASAP I promise!!!), I am writing various oneshots based on the 100 Themes List on livejournal to give my mind a break...and I'm somewhat proud of what I've done. So I decided to start posting them all under the title "Shards of Ornaments". Why this strange title? Because I thought of each oneshot as a little "shard" of life and moments can be compared to ornaments - you know, on a xmas tree where each one is different and you remember the history behind almost every one. Each "theme" will vary in length (I have one that's almost 12 pages and one that's not even 1/2 a page heh).

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074: Afro

Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya were anything but friends. In fact, when asked of their exact liaison, they would both laugh and say: it's not for the faint of heart – it's a rather ugly relationship. They never seemed to agree on anything. It was almost as if they were created solely to oppose one another.

However, there was one day when they actually agreed on something – it was May fourteenth and their mutual friend Sano had just walked into their homeroom…

"Oh, my God, what the fuck is on your head Sano?" Kaoru exclaimed, pointing at his head. Where his trademark spikes were supposed to be, was instead replaced with what reminded Kaoru of a rather large poof ball.

"Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing." Kenshin added, joining Kaoru's side but not giving her a glance; almost as if she wasn't even there. She didn't acknowledge him either.

"Well Yahiko and I had a bit of a fight this morning…and well…the pillow fight kinda got out of control when he jumped on me and well…you know what happens when a pillow rubs against hair for a long time." Sano grumbled as he tried to comb through his hair.

"You look like you just stepped out of the seventies." Kaoru stated. Kenshin smirked.

"Hey, the afro looks pretty cool though." Sano looked at his reflection in the window. "I mean, black power and all that."

"First of all, you're white." Kenshin stated.

"Second, your hair is spiky, not curly. That thing on your head was obviously not done by man given that your brother is a spawn of the devil."

"And third, you look like a dumb-ass." Kenshin finally added. Kaoru and Kenshin looked at each other and nodded in approval.

"Yeah, pretty much." She said.

"Thanks a lot guys…and I call you my friends." Sano grumbled before the final bell rang. Everyone was scrambling around to their seats before the teacher walked in the classroom.

Kenshin and Kaoru had their seats on the left and right of the room respectively and on a normal day wouldn't admit the other existed. However, on May fourteenth, Kenshin and Kaoru gave each other a side glance and smiled in amusement.

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