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Chapter one: One heck of a night!

The red siren went on in the Titans Tower at night. Which only meant one thing, Trouble.

Robin went to his team and said "Titans! Trouble!"

The team stopped what they were doing and followed Robin.

"Where is this 'Trouble' Robin?" Starfire asked

"Over there!" Robin said as he ran towards all the mischief.

Starfire soared up to the sky and followed the trail of robin, so did Raven. Beastboy and Cyborg followed by foot.

They found the trouble.

It was a girl.She had 'super powers' just like the teen titans. She continuously threw her arms onto a brick wall, which released intense power.

"Whatever you're trying to do, stop! it's causing a lot of noise!" Robin said as he stood behind her with the team.

She lowered her arms and fell to her knees. She covered her eyes and tears started to stream down her face.

"I didn't want this I didn't want any of this!!!" She said crouching down

"Robin, You made a girl cry!" Beastboy said

"I didn't mean to!" Robin defended his part

"She's just a girl Robin! how could you be so mean!"Cyborg added

"She just started to cry!" Robin said back

"Perhaps we must comfort her?" Starfire asked

The girl got up, looked above and pointed both her arms to the sky.

"GAH!!" She exerted all her energy to that one 'shot' to the sky.

She suddenly became immobilized and collapsed. The titans were just plain shocked at this point.

"Is she okay?" Beastboy asked

"Obviously not!"Raven replied

"C'mon, we better bring her to the tower" Robin said feeling a little guilt, like it was some how his fault too.

They went back to the tower and laid the unconscious girl on the couch.

"Cyborg, find out who she it" Robin tasked

"Im on it!" he replied

"Beastboy, make sure shes okay" Robin assigned

"Raven and star, come with me" Robin said as he left the tower with his two team mates

Beastboy took a good look at her. She had dark brown hair and very pale skin. She looked dead, but she wasn't, she was just out cold. She was still in her school uniform. Beastboy looked at her hands they looked a little damaged. He held her hands, they were burning hot. He quickly let go. Then Cyborg came in.

"Her name is Sumer Laarika Savage, she lives here, in jump city" Cyborg said

"Oh, so maybe she goes to school here to!" Beastboy made a guess

"Most likely"

Robin, Starfire and Raven were in search for someone that could help Laarika get better. Robin felt so guilty.

They split up. Raven was in search for medicine, Starfire was getting dinner for them and Robin was looking for someone who might help her, or someone who knows what happened.

"Cyborg, do you know who she is?" Robin asked through his communicator

"Sumer Laarika Savage, she lives around here" Cyborg said back

"Thanks!" Robin said and disconnected with his friend.

He walked around Jump City finding some clue. Cyborg told robin the school she was from. So Robin went there. On his way he heard people screaming.

"How hectic could one night be?" He asked himself and asked a guy who was running away in fright

"What's happening?"

"A meteor!!! AHH" The guy ran away in panic as Robin went to where ther guy pointed.

Robin saw a spaceship like thing heading straight towards him. He looked a bit closer and saw something get out, something or someone. He got his communicator and connected with Raven and Star.

"Raven, Star! come quick! Theres a spaceship crashing down!!! Im near St. John of Capistrano College(NOTE:not a real school, just made it up)!" Robin said and hung-up

He ran towards the 'thing' that fell out. Until it lead him to a point. It was a person, a girl! She swam across the night sky and made a soft landing. She had beautiful wings that accented the night sky. Her soft maroon hair followed her movement to the ground. She knelt to the ground and started coughing. Robin went closer to her.

"Are you alright?" He asked coming closer

"Have you seen a girl? She has dark brown hair and she's about 5 feet tall. Shes in a SJCC (St. John of Capistrano College) uniform.??" She instantaneously asked

"What's her name?"Robin questioned again

"Laarika Savage, or Sumer Savage..."

Robin was wide-eyed when he heard this.

"C'mon, we need you" Robin said as he grabbed her wrist and ran to the tower

Raven and star were trying to stop the spaceship thing from crashing into the people.

"Azrath metrion Zinthos!" Raven chanted as her power held the space ship floating in the sky. She safley put it into landing.

"What is it?" Raven said observing the 'space ship'

"It looks very small for it to be a 'space ship'" Starfire answered back

"That's because it isn't"Raven said as she saw an opening to get in the 'space ship'

"Perhaps we should go inside?" Starfire asked

Raven agreed.

They aproached the 'ship' with wariness.

"I'm sensing something, a person may be inside!" Raven told Starfire who was still moving closer. Then suddenly the opening on the space ship moved. It caught their attention. They both looked and went towards that area

A girl suddenly appeared. Her color started to fade back slowly and she became un-invisible.

"Oh! There is a girl!" Star said

"Yeah, and shes knocked out, maybe from the crash..." Raven said back

"Shall we bringher to the tower?"

"Let's ask Robin" Raven said getting her communicator.

Back in the Tower"She's fine she just needs to rest" Cyborg told Robin

"Good, just keep waching her, I'm coming back with help" Robin said

"Okay..." Cyborg said letting go of his communicator

He looked at Beastboy who was looking at Laarika.

"What are you looking at?" Cyborg asked

"Her, She looks so, so..."Beastboy answered incompletely



everything was silent...

"Well, she ain't..."Cyborg simply said back

"Yeah I know.."Beastboy said

Back with Robin

"C'mon, I'll take you to the tower for questioning" Robin told the girl he was with

"What!?! questioning!?! About what?!? You doin't even know me, and I don't even know you!" The Girl said

"Well, thats true, but we have you friend... by the way, whats your name?"

"Key... Just Key. And you?"

"Robin, just Robin"

"Nice to meet you..."

"Same here, now we know each other.."

"What the..? Never mind, just lead me to my friend, Robin"

"Okay, Key"

They both went to the tower. They saw Beastboy, Cyborg and the unconscious Laarika.

"Laarika!" Key said running towards her friend

"She's fine, just a little rest and that should do it" Cyborg said

"Yeah, Im Beastboy!"

"Hi!, Im Key."

"Im Cyborg, you could call me Cy..."

"Nice to meet you guys but I really have to tell Laarikas mom she's okay...but first she has to be okay" Key said

"But she might be resting through the whole night" Beastboy said

"I guess theres just no time for the whole night!" Key said back

"But she's resting!" Beastboy said covering her Keys way

"Just let me see her" Key said as Beastboy cleared the way

Key looked at the very pale Laarika. Key closed her eyes and touched the burnt hands of Laarika. White blinding light started to release from her hands. The light faded as she backed away.

They looked at Laarikas hands and they were healed.

"How'd you!?" Cy asked in amazement

"I can heal people...but Laarika might need to rest, as you said" Key said agreeing

"Wheres Starfire and Raven?" Robin asked out of the blue

"I dunno, I thought they were with you!" Beastboy answered

"We nee---" Robin was cut by the sound of the red siren that filled the room for the second time that night.

"Trouble" Robin said as the team followed Robin out

Key stood by and watched them team up.

"You comin'?" Robin asked

"Only if it's okay with you, I don't think I would be much assistance" Key answered back

"We could get all the help we need!" Robin said as Key put a smile on her face and followed them.

Laarika was left alone in the Tower. The silence was surrounding her. Darkness caressed around her. She was alone, and unconscious, but she was slowly healing.