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Key Wayne was in her room drawing a few sketches. It was a Wednesday afternoon. She finished all her homework and her household tasks. So she decided to just waste the day with her pencil and sketchpad.
"sigh What to draw, what to draw?" She asked herself continuously until really nothing came up.

'Maybe i should look at my past drawings...' She thought. She closed her sketchpad properly and started to flip through it.

She laughed at her drawings as they brought good memories of the past.

Until she saw one.

Her smile started to fade as she stared at the drawing. She touched it. It seemed like she just drew it yesterday. It felt like it just happened yesterday.

She closed her eyes tightly and flipped to the next.

"You still remember them?" Bruce said from her door

"Of course I do, they're my Parents! How can I forget them?" Key answered back

"Well, you've been pretty happy. Even when you get in trouble, you make everything seem like a joke. It's not obvious that you lost them" Bruce said walking towards her.

"Really? Well, maybe I just don't want people to feel sorry for me 'cause I lost them" Key said back in a snobby way

"Sigh Kreith--"

"IT'S KEY!" She said turning her back on him

"See! You won't even use your real name...What happened to 'Krieth'?" Bruce asked

"You're looking right at her, Uncle" Key said and left her room.

"Sheesh...Does he have to know everything?" She asked herself. She went to a secret place in the mansion. It was the top of the roof. No one had access except for her, 'cause she's the only one who could fly in the house.

She looked at the view of Gotham. She hated it when people alk about her parents. She doesn't want to remember anything about what happened.

She saw someone in front of the gate. It was a guy in a motorcycle.
"Hmmm..."She thought 'Who is he?'

Key always had this thing for men in motorcycles. She found them fast and hot.

The gates opened and let him in.
'What? This is too weird. Bruce actually knows a hot guy'

Key watched this mysterious man drive to his front door. He parked his motorcycle and Alfred let him in.
'I have got to see this!' Key thought

She extended her wings and jumped down. She glided in the air and made a quiet landing. She peeped through the livingroom window.
"Glad you made it in time" Bruce said

Key still couldn't see the boy he was talking to.
"Yeah, Jump City isn't very close to Gotham"

'Sounds familiar' Key thought.

"I should go in" Key said to herself.

She sneaked back into her room and acted gulty about what she said before. Take note, she was acting. Key has always been a great actor. Every summer she would go to an acting workshop with her friend Rachel.

She was on her way to the living room. She heard Bruce's voice getting louder and louder as she got closer and closer. The Living room was in sight. Then Alfred, the faithful old buttler(sp?) blocked her way.

"Ummm...Al?" Key asked

"I am very sorry Ms. Krieth, but your Uncle has told me to keep you out of the living room" He responded in a very formal way, as usual

"Oh, but can you please tell him that I'm sorry for walking out on our conversation?"Key asked, trying to get Alfred to let her in.

"Let me inform him" Alfred said walking to Bruce and whispering something in his ear.

Bruce told him something back and Alfred went back to Key.
"Your Uncle says that he forgives you and he will see you on the dinning table"

"Oh...Thanks" Key said disappointed

She went back to her room and took a shower.

In the living room

"Bruce...I have to admitt, I miss staying here" Bruce's company said
"I have to agree, but my niece is occupying(sp?) a room here, well forever" Bruce replied

"In my old room?"

"No, there are a lot of vacant rooms in this mansion"

"Yeah..." His company said. He spotted a sketchpad lying around and looked through it "Who owns this?"

"My niece, she is a very talented artist" Bruce answered

"Yeah, she really is"

Keys Room

She finished her nice bath and started to dry her hair. She was looking around her room for her sketchpad. 'Where is that thing?' She asked herself. She finished drying her hair and looked around for it. It was no where to be found. 'Who could've--- Bruce'.

She grabbed the telephone (the one that only connects around the house...dunno what they're called. hehehe)and called the living room.

Bruce answered the phone.
"Uncle, do you have my sketchpad?" Key asked

"Oh, Hi, yes, dinner will be served in a while so you go get ready" Bruce said back

"You're not answering me, do you have my sketchpad?"Key asked once more

"Okay, I'll give it to you on the dinner table" Bruce said back and hung-up

"Tsss..." Key said as she put the phone down, "Darn his 'batman' ways"

Living room

"It was nice to see you again" Bruce said

"It was nice to see you too" His companion said back

"Come anytime, and when I need you"

"Sure thing"

They both went out and Bruce watched him start his motorcycle.

"See ya Bat!" He waved

"Bye Robin!"

Key heard his motorcycle start. She quickly ran to the living room and saw Bruce entering the house.

"Uncle, who was that?" Key asked

"A good pal" He said back

"Riiight" Key said

"C'mon, lets eat dinner"


Bruce gave Keys sketchpad back.

"Thanks" Key said as she started to play with the peas on her plate.


Robin got back in the tower.
'I don't get it' He thought, 'I thought Key lived in the mansion, how come I didn't see her the whole time?'

'Maybe she way out' He thought, 'I wonder if Key's Uncle is Batman'

'That would be so twisted'


"You're pretty early" Robin greeted Key

"Good Morning to you too" Key said as she entered the living room

Robin saw her sketchpad. 'That looks so familiar' He thought.
"Hey Key, can I look at your sketchpad?" Robin asked

"Actually, I think that wouldn't be a--"

"Please?" Robin begged

"Woah, It's the first time I ever heard you beg...Here, I'll show you some" Key said

They both sat down on the couch and looked through her sketchpad. She explained each. They went through a few then she saw one. The one she never wanted to talk about.

"I think thats enough" Key said as she quickly closed it

"Awww, one more" Robin asked

"I better go to my room" Key said as she got her stuff nd left. Robin followed.

"Okay, Umm...Key I have a question for you" Robin asked "Is batman your uncle"

"You shouldn't know anything about me" Key said as her door slid close and Robins question unanswered.

"All the girlies say im pretty fly for a white guy!"Kid Flash came singing

"dude?" Robin asked

"What? It's a great song!" He said as he went on walking towards his room.

"Key?" He asked from her door, "I didn't mean to upset you"

Key opened her door and replied happily "It's cool"

"Right..." Robin said.

"Wanna grab a pizza?" Key asked

"Sure" Robin replied

They got the pizza and left. Key was silent the whole time, despite Robins attempt to start a conversation.

They got back to the tower. Key went straight to her room. Robin tried to catch up, but she was quick.

"Just please let me in" Robin whispered to the door of Key

THe door slid open, causing Robin to 'almost' fall.

"Why didn't you say so?" Key simply said and let him in.

Robin entered her room. He spotted a few papers on her desk. He took a closer look. They were Key's works.

He looked at a few of them.

He managed to speak, "Key, you drew these?"

"Yeah" Key simply said, her eyes stuck to her sketchpad.

"You're really talented"


Silence once again poured over the two.

Robin went over to Key's shoulder and looked at what she was drawing.

"It's really nice" He said

Key didn't respond. Instead, she put her sketchpad down.

"Why do you keep yourself locked up in this room to draw?" said Robin

"IT's a way of venting out my thoughts, my emotions...everything" Key answered, a little pissed

"Sorry, I didn't mean to--"

"It's okay"

Robin took a seat in front of her. He looked at the sketch he saw on the table.

"Key, Just please let me in" Robin begged

"I did"

"I don't mean your room, open up to me...you can trust me"

Key looked down. Robin took her hand.


"Sigh" Key huffed, "My parents, they passed away, they got an illness and I survived"

Key got her sketchpad, "I was drawing this at the exact moment they died"

"Im so--"

"Don't be...A lot of people are sorry enough"


"I just miss them so much" Key said, she started to break down.

"Key" Robin comforted.

"I visit them almost everyday" Key said with a stuffy nose and tears running down her face, "And, next week is their death--"

"Shh, C'mon, I'll take you there, You can introduce me to your parents" Robin said with a smile.

Key looked up to him and chuckled a little.

They arrived at the cementary.

"Me and my Uncle Bruce used to go here together, since, well both our parents are dead" Key said

"Bruce, huh?"

"Yeah, Bruce" Key said

After a few graves, they arrived to Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Wayne.

"Hey mom, dad" Key started, "This is Robin, He's the team leader"

Robin waved his hand and said, "Hey there!"

"Yeah, he's a really nice guy" Robin smiled, "No," Key suddenly said "He's a really great friend!"

Key hugged Robin.

"Thanks for coming with me" Key said

"No problem" Robin said

Key sigh, "When I come here, theres a part of me that still hopes my parents would be standing here, alive"

Robin put his arm around her, "It's normal, Key...It really is"

"You think they know how much I miss them?" Key asked

"I bet they do"

Soon, they headed back to the tower.

"Thanks to you too" Robin said to Key

"What for?" Key asked, confused

"For opening up..." Robin said

"You know what Robin? I have a great feeling that this is the start of a beautiful friendship!" Key said

"Me too..." Robin said

Key left the living room

"Me too..." He told himself

"Me too what?" Kid Flash asked, entering his room

"Dude!? What are you doing in my room?" Robin asked

"Nothing much, listening to you"

"Tss...well, it's none of your bussiness"


"It's just that...Key keeps--"

"Keeps?" Kid Flash asked.

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