Chapter 1: Relocation

It was exactly four o'clock in the morning when all the occupants of the number 12 Grimmauld Place were woken up by a loud ringing sound. Not even bothering to dress they all ran down the stairs to see what was wrong. Running to the kitchen they stopped short when they saw a beat up, bloody Snape and a Somber looking Dumbledore.

Dumbledore looked at the crowd at the kitchen door and only said one thing "Headquarters has been compromised."

The adults in the room went into an uproar; they started running around burning things and quickly packing them up.

"What do you mean we have been compromised?" a confused Harry asked.

"What do you think he meant Potter?" Snape said sneering at Harry even in his battered state. "Or is your brain to small to comprehend?"

Opening his mouth to retort back Harry was cut off by Dumbledore "Now is not the time for schoolhouse grudges Severus" Dumbledore said with a pointed look at the man in question "Now Harry there is a spy in the Order; we need you Ron and Ginny to go upstairs and quickly pack all your belongings. Now." Dumbledore said in a commanding voice, he didn't use often.

Looking at each other the three teenagers quickly ran back up the stairs to pack everything they had. When they were finished they ran back down the stairs to see a completely emptied kitchen. There was not a single trace of anything there. No one would believe people had been living there for almost a whole year.

"Professor, where would we go now that Voldemort knows where we Headquarters is?" Harry asked Dumbledore.

"I know a place we could go to. The people who live there offered it in case of an emergency." Dumbledore answered.

"But what about Hogwarts?" Ronald Weasley asked.

"We can't move the whole Order there. The Board of Governors wouldn't allow it." Dumbledore said sighing.

"So where will we be going?"

"To an ally's houseā€¦that's all you need to know for now." Dumbledore said in a commanding voice, yet again, leaving no room for arguments. "Now everyone gather 'round and take hold of this portkey and on the count of three we should arrive at our destination." He said as he pulled put an old lamp.

Everyone in grabbed hold of it and in a matter of seconds they were swept away to their destination.