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Narrator's POV

Although he had his eyes shut, he could tell the area around him was bright, warm and fairly quiet. Only birds tweeting and whistling in the bright distance were the only pleasant sounds being made. Kyle never would have imagined that Heaven felt like fluffy pillows and egyptian silk covers...but funny enough, it did. And were comfortable cotton pyjamas what they wore in Heaven too?

"Hey, I think he's waking up now." An echoing voice in the distance whispered to somewhere in the area.

"Oh good, well at least I know it worked for him as well as you. I just hope he doesn't have a heart attack or sumin than all THAT would have been for nothing." Another voice replied.

Kyle opened his eyes slowly – head dizzy, mind tired and emotions confused. The blurry bright vision of his eyes soon sharpened and it wasn't long before the reality of where he was made him stare in confusion. Tired still, he spoke. "W-w-where am I?" His still-confused emotions failed to spot the figure to his left – whom sat down on the bed by his side.

"Looks like you had quite a sleep there Kyle. Must have taken a while for yer' soul and whatnot to have got accustomed to it all."

Kyle looked up – shocked and stunned at who he was looking up at. He moved his right hand and placed it on the boy's cheek. "...S...Stan?"

The boy said nothing, but simply smiled. And that was all that Kyle needed. He looked at the near mirror by the far corner of the room and catched a glimpse of himself looking back at him. "I'm alive...I'M ALIVE! was all...just a dream."

"What, you mean all that of; you two go off to get married, Cartman comes, kills me, shoots Stan, Stan dies, you shoot yourself and then you die...nope, that was all real too." Another voice replied from the other side of the room next to the window. Kyle turned his head to the right and was even more shocked at the sight of the person who was leaning against the windowsill – scruffed-up dirty blond hair, blue T-Shirt, navy blue Jeans and his hands firmly burried in his pockets. "Hey Kyle, what's up...well, except the sky?"

"Kenny?! KENNY, is that you!?"

"Dam right – the one and the same, that is...if you count a guy who's died and come back to life about 40 times now, the same person." The blond-haired lad smiled back and stood up straight. Kyle smiled back and started to laugh softly.

"But how...what...why...what happened?"

Stan placed his finger over Kyle's lips to silence him. "I think it's better if our friend Kenny gives us the details...Kenny, if you please."

"With the most absolute of pleasure, my friend. Ummm, I mean, FRIENDS! But seriously Kyle, we've been friends for all our lives and YOU STILL can't remember just how good I am with coming back to life, ha ha!"

Within those ten important minutes, Kenny explained what exactly had happened once all three of them had reached Heaven. Stan & Kyle were still sleeping amongst the light of the after-life. Kenny meanwhile was ensuring that his decision and plan worked to perfection.

"Are you sure you understand what will happen, my child?" God spoke to him as Kenny stood nearby – his eyes closed. "Once I give these two beings you call Stan & Kyle their physical lives back, you will never be able to come back to life IF YOU die."

Kenny opened his eyes and turned to the most powerful being in the Universe. "Yes, I understand...BUT I love them enough to sacrifice my own power to give them a second chance. They deserve it more than anyone else in the World. I know that now."

"Very well...I understand, my child. Will that be all?"

With a proud smile on his face, Kenny turned back to God. "Actually, there IS one more thing you could do...for all three of us..."

As Kenny walked over to the bed, Kyle had his head peaking forward for the final bit of the story. "Well, what else did you ask for?"

Kenny simply laughed. "My goodness Kyle, what with your experience as an artist and a lover, I would have thought you'd known what it looks AND feels like to be 21 again."


"Well...y'know – such a milestone of an age wouldn't yer' think? Everything around us – society, family, yer' business, hell the whole friggin' World...God not only made us become the first humans ever to reverse our age, but he made the whole World believe that we're just three ordinary humans who are 21 years old. And as for you two – you're 21 years old WITH a wedding that's suppsed to take place in ooooooo...about...three days. Don't worry, all your fame, fortune and art's still here – just how you left it when you both died and MY sure know how to draw Stan without clothes, I'll tell yer' that."

Stan gave Kenny a friendly 'shut up' look and the two looked back at the utterly shocked Kyle.

Kyle took a moment to inspect his body, feelings and emotions. All in check and all just as he left them...except they were 5 years younger and all now totally positive. What Stan saw on Kyle's face was certainly quite a surprise.

"Are you...are you crying?" Stan asked – confused entirely by Kyle's emotional reaction.

"No..." Kyle sniffed – wiping away his tears, not that it made any difference. "I'm just SO HAPPY!"

"Oh don't Kyle, yer' gunna get me going too." Stan replied – his voice starting to fill with tears too. And then, Kyle started to cry with joy again and Stan lightly followed – hugging him back as Kyle leaned his head on Stan's shoulder while Stan wrapped his arms around him too. Hell, the emotion of the whole sight even sent a tear down Kenny's eye too.

"Oh for crying out loud you two, you got me going as well." Kenny spoke – wiping the single tear away with his finger. Stan and Kyle broke away and looked back at Kenny. Looking then at each other, they smiled and looked again at Kenny. Kenny wasn't sure what they were thinking but whatever it was, it certainly made them happy.

"Hey, come here Kenny – we both need to give you a hug." Stan spoke.

"Yeh dude, you're the best friend we could ever hope for." Kyle replied – sending a wide smile to span across Kenny's entire smile. The blond-haired lad jumped onto the centre of the bed and the three friends, Stan, Kyle & Kenny formed a triangular hug of love and friendship. Never again would Kenny be neglected and ignored. Never again would Stan or Kyle cast Kenny aside like a background tool just for company. He was their friend...but now, he was more than JUST a friend...he was a loving friend – someone who would give up anything just to see them two smile once more.

The big hug lasted for a whole minute when the three of them slowly broke away from one another.

"Right Kenny, if you don't mind, we've got some 'catching up' to do now."

Kenny smiled and rolled his eyes. "Alright...just don't overdo it – those bodies are brand new y'know. No fucking on the first day, alright?"

"Yeh yeh, whatever." Stan surprisingly replied – at which Kenny sighed, laughed and began to make his way to the door.

Stan began to take off his clothes and flung them to one side to join Kyle in bed. Kyle did the same - quickly tossing his pyjamas to the same side.

"So, my cute little Stan – shall we just be a bit naughty this time and break the rules?"

"Oh man, I thought we promised none of this before our wedding."

"Come on my love. Besides, I answered OUR question before, so I think it's only fair you do the same."

Stan smiled and pulled back the cover so that they were covering both of them now. "Well then, that makes two of us then. Just don't think I'm gunna let YOU do all the work this time."

"I like the sound of that."

And by the open bedroom door, Kenny stood watching in humored amazement. "Ummmmm, I'm going now, okay?" But there was no answer – Stan and Kyle were too busy flirting with one another to even respond. "Alright...I'll see myself out. But DON'T be doing anything that'll make ME hear it too." He joked – finally opening the door fully and walking out, downstairs and towards the front door. Even though Stan and Kyle had sworn the three of them were more friends than ever before, Kenny like many other people, knew that the love Stan & Kyle shared for each other...was stronger than anything in the entire World.


666 Trillion Lightyears and 1 Dimension below, a torchered soul was enduring the beginning of his eternal punishment as he lay helpless in the burning lava. And breathing in the choking black ash to make one final cry of anger, he looked up to the red skies above and screamed. "GOD...DAM...YOU...THREE...FAGS!"


Author's Notes:

Thank you to everyone who's read and/or commented on this fic.

Thank you to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett for creating some of the best music I've ever listened to.

Thank you to Matt Stone and Trey Parker for creating the beauty that is South Park.

And of course, thank you to Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski & Kenny McCormick for being three of the best characters I've ever had delight in writing about! You never know, all things have a sequel y'know...wink wink. Thanks again...EPAF.