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"I'm sorry, Mako-chan. I just… I can't." Ami shook her head, backing away from the green-eyed girl in front of her. "It's too much. It's just too much, too many…"

Makoto placed one finger over Ami's lips, forcing her words into an incoherent stream of sound. The rain started pouring. "Ami, don't. Just don't. You've spent your whole life going against the grain. But this, this is too much? Something that feels so right?" Dropping her hand, Makoto sighed. "Here's your umbrella back."

Handing the umbrella to Ami, Makoto leaned forward and kissed her, softly, sweetly. One hand slid up Ami's neck to tangle in her wet locks momentarily before Makoto pulled away. "I'm sorry that you're so scared to follow your heart, Ami. You can't keep running from yourself forever."

Without waiting for another word, Ami watched her best friend and short time lover stride quickly away, rain pouring down. "Mako-chan… I love you." She whispered, falling to her knees on the wet pavement. "I'm sorry, Mako-chan. I'm sorry." She turned and ran, the umbrella forgotten on the ground.

Ami sat at her computer. It was top of the line with all the latest technology. Not quite of course, it was two months old and something new must have come out since then. Not that it mattered, particularly. She used it for journaling, chatting, whiling away her hours.

She cast a glance around her home. The pictures on the wall showed a smiling, happy family, unconventional though it was: Ami, arms tightly around her young daughter. The girl lay sleeping in the second bedroom.

She had a beautiful little girl, a good home with a comfortable bed and the best job she could have hoped for.

Yet, she would trade it all for one more kiss in the rain.

Yes, this is a prologue. Yes, it is painfully short. Yes, I'm about to post chapter one.