Hey, name's Hiro... age seventeen... ocupation, hacker and sniper for Section 9.

After a while of working at the place, Batou and I ended up becoming good friends. So we meet for coffee at lunchtime each day.

I just got done with a delivery. I don't have a car so I did it by foot. It was actually a bit fun.

Batou sips his coffee. I just kick my feet up on an unused chair and yawn.

"What.. a day."

"Come on, Hiro," he says, "All you did was deliver a package."

I open an eye and look at him neutrally. "That's the official story, bro. It was a lot more interesting than you know."

I suddenly spot a girl looking at me excitedly in the window.

"HOLY CRAP!!" I say, sitting straight up. I get up and run out the back and escape through the alleyway. Eventually I get to the street but there they are, waiting for me!!!

So you might be asking why someone in Section 9 is being chased by fangirls. Well... I kinda had to take a detour while delivering my package... so here I find a burning building. There's a girl stuck inside so since I'm fully cyberized, I decide to save her. Fangirl one. Then I go on my way oblivious to the fact that she's decided to FOLLOW me! Great, Hiro, great. So then I find another girl... about to be hit by a truck. I tear her outta the way and FANGIRL #2!!! And... ..the third is just some goofy girl who thought that since two other women were chasing after me, I MUST be hot. LADIES I'M HONORED BUT SHEESH!!!

But anyway, I deliver the package and on the way to meet Batou, they decide to stop stalking and just start straight up CHASING me... and that's about when the third girl joined. ...Oy...

I run down the street and end up running into Aoi--formerly known as the Laughing Man--LITERALLY!!!

"OWW!! ...Aoi...!" I say, somewhat dazed.

"Oh, Hiro. Why are you running?"

Here they come, the fangirls. "THERE HE IS!!!"



I beg the kid to help me and he shows me an alleyway that SEEMS to be a dead end. He shows me a secret passage inside that he had used a few times himself during his Laughing Man exploits. So I get through the passage, leaving all but one of the fangirls confused and humiliated. Aoi and I meet back with Batou, Batou asks Aoi about the job-offer at Section 9 and Aoi... actually accepts!! So then we all sit down for coffee and suddenly this 16 year old girl has her chin on my head.

"SWEET, HOLY-!!" I shout. I WAS going to say "hell."

"Why thank you!" she smiles, hugging me by the neck.

It's the youngest one. The supposedly GOOFY one turns out to be a frickin GENIUS TRACKER.

...And guess what... ...Batou offered HER a job TOO for her tracking skills!! "God, help me," I thought at the time, "I'm doomed now."

So it's been a week since she joined and... ...well... we're dating now. Her name is Rikku... and she's actually a pretty sweet girl.

Well that's the end of the story of my weirdest day ever. Thanks for listenning to my rant. PEACE!!!