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Summary: Dean and Sam have a little sister, Aidan. She is 18. She grew up closest to Dean. Sam and Aidan don't get along at all. She's a hunter and that is all she needs to know.

Being the only girl in the family is, well how do I say this? Difficult? A living hell? Well it's not that extreme it can be a little stressful at times. Basically I grew up with my Dad and two brothers, Dean and Sam. My mom abandoned me when I saw little. The story started when Dad met my mother a few years after his wife died in a house fire. Which I later found out was caused by a demon. My mom got pregnant and had me. Dad eventually told her what he did. It consisted of him devoting his life to hunting down the demon that killed his wife. My mom thought he was crazy. She must have been a little crazy too because instead of taking me and running she placed me in Dad's arms and walked away never to be heard of again. Dad did his best to try to and raise us. His obsession just became too much. We moved all the time. Dad would have Dean take care of us while he was gone for weeks at a time. All of us were brought up to hunt. I got my first knife at the age of five and started to learn the basics by the age of six. While other kids were out riding bikes and playing on the playground I was in my backyard learning to fight with Dean and Sam. Growing up with that kind of lifestyle made me close with my brothers. Well Dean in particular. It was Dean who I sit by when we were at a restaurant. It was Dean who I would go to when I needed to talk. It was Dean I would go running to when I was scared. For example there was a time when I had to share a bedroom with Sam. I still don't know why Sam and Dean didn't share that room. Anyways I got spooked one night by sounds in the closets. Instead of waking up Sam I rolled out of bed and ran down the hall to Dean's room. The scary monster ended up being a mouse but it was Dean who took care of it for me. The thing is Sam and I don't exactly get along. We never really have. I'm pretty sure it's because he tried to give to the garbage guy when I was a baby when he got jealous because he was no longer the baby of the family. Whatever the reason Sam and I don't get along. I would always and probably will always choose Dean over Sam. Dean had tried many times to settle whatever disagreement Sam and I have with each other. He even went as far as locking us into room. Sam and I didn't even look at each other. It eventually got to point where I punched him in the face. When I say that Sam and I fight I don't only mean verbally I also mean physically. I usually start it when my 5'8 frame tackles Sam's 6'4 frame to the ground. Just because I'm a girl in society's eyes does not mean that my brother treats me like one.

I was a little disappointed when Sam announced that he was going to college. Who was I going to fight with, Dean? Sam was turning his back on his family and was just walking away from everything that Dad had taught us. Dean and I vowed to each other that neither of us would walk away from the family after that. It was now our responsibility to help Dad with the family business. Which was why I was more then a little surprised when Dean said we were going to Stanford.

"Your serious about this aren't you?" I asked Dean who was packing the car.

"We have to Aidan." Dean threw the last of the bags into the trunk. "He deserves to know and we need his help."

"No we don't Dean. We can do this on our own. Just like we have been." After Sam left for college two years ago, Dean and I had been working jobs together while Dad did his own thing. He would send us coordinates and we would be off. This time though Dad hasn't checked in or called like he was suppose to.

"This is different. We need all the help we can get to find Dad." I sighed running a hand through my shoulder length red hair. "Listen we can…"

"Oh no! You do not get to compromise with me. I get to compromise with you." I held up to hand to keep Dean from interrupting. "We go to Stanford and tell Sam that Dad is missing. If he doesn't want to come then he doesn't have to. I seriously think we can find Dad on our own."

"But…" Dean tried to interrupt.

"I'm not done. If by some odd chance he agrees to go with us then I have a few rules." Dean stopped and motioned for me to continue. "First I get to ride shotgun all the time. Second I get to fight with him if I want and third I get to drive before he can." I put my hand over the Impala. Dean grabbed it and gave it a quick shake.

"Deal. Now lets go."

"I really don't see why you want Sam to come along. We haven't spoke to him in two years. Yes I know you we, well you have secretly tried to call him but has he ever called you back? No! He has obviously made it clear that he doesn't care about this family." My response was Dean turning up the music.

"Sorry I can't hear your whining past the music."

We got to Stanford around midnight. We found out where Sam lived which consisted of me flirting with the security guard before he finally caved. We took the seven sets of stairs to Sam's apartment.

"Don't pressure him into going Dean." I said while stood in front of Sam's door.

"What do you mean?" He asked digging through his pockets.

"I mean don't throw him against the wall until he caves and says he'll come." Dean bent over and began to pick the lock.

"Fine." He grumbled.

"We could just knock." I said leaning against the frame of the door.

"Where's the fun in that." Dean moved the handle to show he was successful. We quietly made our way into the apartment. I let out a low whistle.

"So this is where college boy lives." Before Dean could make any sort of remark he ran into a table knocking off most of its contents. "Easy there klutz"

"Shut your face red." Dean shot back. I snapped my mouth and gritted my teeth. I hated that nickname. I stepped back when Dean was tackled to the floor. The two rolled around a little before Dean was pinned to the floor.

"Whoa, easy tiger." Dean said smirking at Sam who was hovering over him.

"Yeah Sam be careful Dean's not as young has he used to be but you wouldn't know that would you?" I said dissing both my brothers at once. Boy was I getting good.

"Dean? Aidan? You scared the crap out of me." Dean took Sam's confusion as his opportunity to spin him around and slam him to the floor.

"That's because you're out of practice." Sam spun around and pinned Dean back on the floor. "Or not. Get off me." Sam scurried off Dean. I walked over to Dean and helped him off the floor.

"What are you guys doing here?" Sam asked flicking on a light.

"Well I was looking for a beer." Dean answered sarcastically. I took to my brother's side and nodded in agreement.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked again obviously more annoyed.

"We have to talk to you." I answered before Dean could spit off another sarcastic excuse.

"Uh, the phone?" Sam said pointing to his phone for effect.

"Would you have answered if I called?" Dean asked.

"God knows you haven't in the past." I threw in. Dean jabbed me in the stomach. I knew now was not the time to piss Sam off. I just missed fighting with him. Another light turned on in the room. We all turned to see a pretty blonde standing there.

"Sam?" She was obviously confused.

"Dean, Aidan, this is my girlfriend Jessica." Dean took sudden interest in Jessica's chest. I rolled my eyes. Some things never change.

"I love the Smurfs. I have to tell you, you are completely out of my brothers league." Dean flirted. I saw her roll her eyes.

"Just let me go put something on."

"No. I wouldn't dream of it." Dean flirted some more.

"Dean!" I shouted at him, which caused his attention to focus to me. "The reason we are here."

"We just need to borrow your boyfriend for a moment. Some family business. It was nice meeting you."

"No whatever you can say to me you can say in front of her." Sam went over and put his arm around Jessica.

"Sam I don't think that is such a good idea." I tried to reason with him.

"No it's fine." Us Winchester sure were stubborn. Dean thought about how to approach this.

"Dad hasn't been home in a few days." Dean said hoping that Sam would take the hint. He didn't.

"So he's working over-time on a "Miller Time" shift; he'll stumble back in sooner or later." I scratched my eyebrow thinking how to rephrase what Dean had just said so that Sam would get the hint and Jessica wouldn't.

"Sam, Dad has been a hunting trip and hasn't been home in a few days." I said looking him directly in the eyes. I only did that when I was trying to be serious with him. I saw Sam's face flash some kind of concern. He turned to Jessica.

"Will you excuse us? We have to talk outside."

I went straight to the car while Dean and Sam fought the entire way down the stairs. I'm sure Sam brought up the point of when he was nine and Dad gave him a .45 for the monster in his closest and Dean argued back with we all know what's out there. I leaned against the car and waited for them to come out.

"So what was he hunting?" Sam asked when they finally made it to the car.

I popped the trunk open for Dean.

"Where did I put that thing?" Dean grumbled as he sorted through his trunk.

"So when dad left, why didn't you go with him?" Sam asked both of us.

"We were doing a Voodoo thing down in New Orleans." I answered as Dean still searched. "You need to be more organized." I criticized

"Shut up." He mumbled before going back to his search.

"Dad let you go on a hunting trip by yourself." Sam looked skeptical.

"Dude, I'm twenty six and she's eighteen. We have been doing this our entire lives." Dean answered standing up after he found what he was looking for.

"Yeah some of us didn't walk away from what we were born to do." I stated bitterly.

"You go take a walk or something." Dean pushed me in the opposite direction. "I will talk to Sammy alone." I was more then happy to take a walk or something. The last thing I needed was to hear again how Dad was missing and get that worried feeling in the pit of my stomach. I heard Dean whistle for me. I turned and saw him motioning for me to come back over.

"He's coming." Dean said getting in the drivers seat. I sat shotgun and waited for Sam to come back out.

"I can't believe this." I mumbled looking out the window.

"Do me a favor and play nice. It's just until Monday."

"What's Monday?" I asked when the back door opened.

"I have an interview for law school that I cant miss." Sam filled in the blanks for me.

"Oh college boy is going to grow up to be a big shot lawyer." I mocked as Dean pulled away. Sam let out a bitter laugh.

"Yea then maybe I can come rescue your ass when you get arrested for god know what working this job." Sam shot back at me. I saw Dean run a hand down his face. We weren't five minutes on the road and Sam and I were already fighting.

"Save my ass? I never needed you to save my ass." Dean turned up the music to drown us out. God how I have missed fighting with him.

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