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A/N: I want to say a couple of things about this chapter. One, my favorite Sam line ever is in this episode. Two, how much did it suck that they were staying at Bobby's house but never showed Bobby? Third, I think I hate just about every girl who was suppose to be a love interest for Dean because I don't like Jo either. So expect some Jo bashing. Four, how smoking hot was Dean when he was working on the Impala! That's it, oh and enjoy!

I decided to keep my revelation about Dad between three people; me, myself and I. Dean had enough to deal with. Losing Dad was killing him, even though he would never admit it. It's always hard losing a loved one but when that loved one was your hero it took it to a whole different level. Sam was feeling guilty. He hadn't said anything yet but I just knew. Me? I think I was the only one dealing with Dad's death in an appropriate manner. I cried when we burned his corpse. I was willing to talk about him with Bobby and Sam, while Dean froze up at the sound of Dad's name. I think it was because I had some closure when it came to Dad's death.

We had spent the past week and a half at Bobby's. Dean spent that entire time trying to get the Impala up and running. I helped him the best I could. With the Impala and dealing with Dad's death. I knew the basics about cars so my jobs basically consisted of handing him tools and waiting for him to come to me when he wanted to talk. I knew not to bring up the subject of Dad.

Today was just like any other. I sat on the hood of a junk car that Bobby had lying around. I laid back against the windshield, letting the sun hit my face. All I heard was the clanking of tools against metal and Dean's random grunts.

"Hand me that wrench over there." Dean said from under the car. I looked over where he had his pile of tools. There were three wrenches sitting there. Since he was working under the car I picked the one I thought was most appropriate. It must have been the right one because he mumbled a quick thanks and continued to work. I took back my seat on the car. Sam walked up to us as Dean pulled himself out from under the car.

"How's the car coming along?" Sam asked, standing next to me.

"Slow." Dean answered quickly.

"Want any help?" Sam offered. I scoffed slightly.

"What?" Sam asked me slightly annoyed.

"Sam you know less about cars then me." I said.

"The last thing I need is either of you under the hood of my car." Dean said.

"So you don't need anything?" Sam asked hesitantly.

Dean's eyes narrowed slightly. "Stop it Sam." I rolled my eyes between the two boys.

"Sam just don't." I shook my head slightly at him, warning him to let the subject drop.

"No! We've been at Bobby's for over a week now and you haven't brought up Dad once." Sam yelled pointing at Dean.

"I'm fine." Dean said, forcing the words out.

"No you're not." I mumbled, pretending to pick at my nails. Apparently Dean heard it because he turned sharply toward me.

"You're right. Come here. I'm going to lay my head gently on your shoulder. Maybe we can cry, hug –- maybe even slow dance." I looked at him taken aback.

"Don't patronize her, Dean, Dad is dead! The Colt is gone, and it seems pretty damn likely that the demon is behind all of this, and you're acting like nothing happened." Sam said, stepping between us.

"What the hell do you two want me say." Dean threw the wrench in his hand forcefully in the pile.

"Anything! Just talk to us." At this point, I was getting pretty damn tired of babying Dean through this. It would have been easier if he weren't being such a stubborn bastard.

"Aren't you angry? Don't you want revenge?" Sam asked.

Dean scratched the back of his neck. "Sounds good. You got any leads on where the demon is? Are you making heads or tails of any of Dad's research? 'Cause I sure ain't. But you know what, when we do finally find it –- oh no, wait. Like you said, the Colt's gone. But I'm sure you've figured out another way to kill it. We've got nothing, Sam. Nothing."

Sam nodded his head in a respectful manner at Dean's outburst. "Well, we've got something, all right? That's what I came out here to tell you." He paused long enough to take a cell out of this pocket. "It's one of Dad's old phones. It took me a while, but I cracked his voicemail code. Listen to this." Sam handed the phone to me. I put it on speaker so Dean could also hear it.

John, it's Ellen…again. Look, don't be stubborn. You know I can help you. Call me.

Who was Ellen? By the look of Dean's face, I knew he was wondering the same thing.

"This message is four months old." Sam informed, taking the phone back.

"Dad saved some random chicks message for four months." I smiled slyly, thinking that Dad may have had a thing with this chick.

"Any mention of her in Dad's journal." Dean asked, glaring at me.

"No but I got an address." Sam answered.

I slid off the car. "I will go ask Bobby if we can use one of his cars."

The only car that Bobby had working was this tan and brown mini van. I burst out laughing when I saw it. Dean was going to be so pissed when he saw that this is what he had to drive. We pulled up to a run down saloon out in no man's land a few hours later. I climbed out of the back, stretching my limps.

"I feel like a freaking soccer mom." Dean bitched slamming his door shut. I looked around the saloon for any indication of people. There didn't seem to be any one around, so I decided to let myself into the place. It took me about four seconds to pick the lock and open the door. Sam and Dean were right behind me. We walked in further letting the door slam behind us. I took a good look at the place. I furrowed my brows in confusion when I saw a guy laying on the pool table. Silently I walked up to him. I gave him a quick once over. He seemed to be breathing. It was hard to tell really. I stood back as far as I could and gave him a quick poke in the shoulder. He showed no evidence of noticing me.

"Guys, I think he's dead." I called over my shoulder but not taking my eyes off him. The sound of a gun, cocking made me spin around. A blonde, about my age or a little older had a rifle pressed to Dean's back. Dean quickly turned around and swiped the rifle out of her hands that earned him a punch in the nose. She took back her rifle. I made a move toward them but she pointed it at me. I threw my hands up in surrender.

"Sam! A little help in here." Dean called out.

"Sorry Dean, I'm a little tied up right now." Sam exited from the kitchen with a gun to his back. The owner of that gun was an older woman, who I assumed was Ellen.

"Dean? Sam? Winchester?" He asked looking between them.

"Yeah." They answered, confused.

The women turned to me. "Let me guess, your Aidan."

"Uh huh." I replied

"Son of a bitch." She laughed, lowering her gun. "I'm Ellen. My daughter Jo." I looked over at Jo who lowered her rifle.

"Hey." She said.

"Your not gonna hit me again are you?" Dean asked, still holding his nose.

A few minutes after our awkward introductions we all sat around the bar. Ellen had given Dean ice for his face.

"You called our dad and said you could help –- help with what?" Dean inquired, putting the ice to his face.

"The demon of course." Ellen responded, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Was there an article in The Demon Hunter's Quarterly that I missed? I mean, who are you? How do you know about all this?" Dean threw down his ice.

"Hey, I just run a saloon. But hunters have been known to pass through now and again, including your dad a long time ago. John was like family once."

"He's never mentioned you." I said, a bit suspicious.

Ellen shrugged, acting like it was no big surprise. "You're going to ask him about that."

"So why exactly do we need your help?" Dean asked, rudely.

Ellen instantly became mad. "Hey, don't do me any favors. Look, if you don't want my help, fine. Don't let the door smack your ass on the way out. But John wouldn't have sent you if." Ellen trailed off, when she noticed the look on our face. The three of us were looking down sadly. "He didn't send you. He is all right, isn't he?"

"No." I answered quickly.

"We think it was the demon. Must have got him before he got it." Sam added.

"I'm sorry." I stiffened at her response. I hated when people said that after you tell them someone has died.

"Why? You didn't have anything to do with it." I snapped at her. Ellen looked flustered by my answer.

"I just know how close your kids were with.."

"Were fine really." Dean quickly interrupted her.

"Sorry. My siblings don't really play well with others." Sam apologized for us. "You said you could help. We could use all the help we could get." He changed the subject quickly.

Ellen shook it off. "Well, we can't. But Ash will."

"Who's Ash?" I asked.

"Ash!" Ellen yelled. The sleeping beauty from the pool table woke up startled and looked around in a daze. His eyes settled on me.

"You the one that poked me?" He asked accusingly. I did my best to hide my shock.

"No." I lied.

"Liar." He said, his eyes narrowing.

"That's Ash?" Sam asked, skeptical.

"He's a genius." Jo replied.

"I'm sure he is." I muttered, watching him walked over to us. Ash settled between Sam and I. Dean stood behind us.

"You've got to be kidding me. This guy's no genius. He's a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie." Dean said sarcastically.

Ash chuckled, as though it was a compliment. "I like you." He leaned in close to me. "I really like you. I have always had a thing for red-heads."

I leaned closer to him and dropped my voice so it sounded sultry. "I've always had a thing for guys with decent hygiene."

Ash snapped back, smiling. "Well played." I smirked at him.

Dean slid a folder of Dad's work across the counter to Ash. "All right. This stuff's about a year's worth of our dad's work, so, uh…let's see what you make of it."

Ash started to look through the stacks of papers. He looked confused but intrigued at the same time. "Come on. This crap ain't real. Ain't nobody can track a demon like this."

"Our dad could." Sam said defensively.

Ash paused looking over the papers again. "These are nonparametric statistical overviews, cross-spectrum correlations. I mean…damn. They're signs –- omens. If you can track them, you can track this demon –- you know, like crop failures, electrical storms." Ash paused again and looked at me. "You ever been struck by lighting?"

I thought the question was rhetorical so I didn't answer. By the look on Ash's face, he wanted me to answer.

"No." I answered quickly.

"It ain't fun let me tell you."

"I'm sure it ain't."

"So can you track it or not?" Sam asked, interrupting our very intelligent conversation.

"Yeah, with this, I think so. But it's going to take time. Uh, give me…fifty-one hours." Ash got up from the bar stool and walked back toward the back room.

I rolled my eyes in disgust when I noticed Jo strut by Dean, adding an extra little sway in her hips, hoping to catch his attention. She was successful. I nearly gagged when I saw Dean undressing her with his eyes.

"Hey Ellen what's that?" I turned to see what Sam was talking about.

"Sam you act like you've never seen a police scanner before." I said sarcastically, when I noticed what he was pointing at.

"Not the police scanner, I was talking about the folder. Smartass." Sam mumbled the last part. Dean got up and followed Jo to a table.

"I was gonna give this to a friend of mine, but take a look if you want." Ellen handed the folder to Sam. I slid down next to Sam to see what was inside. It was a bunch of articles about families going to carnivals only to have the parents get killed that night.

"Go get Dean." Sam said. I got up from the bar stool and walked over to the table where Dean was talking with Jo.

"Most hunters come through that door think they can get in my pants with some pizza, a six-pack, and side one of Zeppelin IV." I heard Jo say. Yeah I'm sure.

"What a bunch of scumbags." Dean replies sheepishly.

"But not you." Jo stares down at Dean, almost adoringly.

"Yeah Dean here is a real class act." I interrupted pinching his cheek. He swats my hand away and looks up me annoyed. "Sam wants you to see something." Dean got up from the table walking up to Sam. I stayed behind to talk to Jo.

"Your brother is really something." Jo laughed uncomfortably under my intense stare.

I placed my hands on the table and leaned in toward Jo. "He has been through enough in the past few days. Last thing he needs is some girl playing with his emotions. If I were you, I wouldn't even think about it."

Jo narrowed her eyes at me. "You don't even know me."

"I don't plan on getting to know you." I said viciously. "Stay away from my brother." I gave one last stare before making my way back to my brothers.

We piled back into the van and started toward the carnival. I balanced Sam's new laptop on my lap, trying to find any history on Cooper Carnivals. So far I was just finding the same information from the articles that Ellen had.

"Killer clowns? This is unbelievable." Dean complained, speeding down the dark road.

"Yeah, he left the daughter unharmed and killed the parents –- ripped them to pieces, actually." Sam corrected.

"And these people were at some carnival that day?" Dean asked.

"Cooper Carnival." Sam answered.

"Dean did you even bother reading any of the file?" I inquired, not looking up from the computer.

"Not really." Dean answered with a careless shrug. "So how do you know we're not dealing with some psycho carnie in a clown suit?"

I sighed defeated. "Well, the cops have no viable leads, and all the employees were tearing down shop –- alibis all around. Plus, the girl said she saw a clown vanish into thin air. Cops are saying trauma, of course." I replied reading off the computer.

Dean smirked. "I know what Sam's thinking. Why'd it have to be clowns?" I threw a hand over my mouth to stifle back a laugh.
Sam looked over at Dean irritated. "Give me a break."

"You didn't think I'd remember, did you? I mean, come on, you still bust out crying whenever you see Ronald McDonald on the television."

"Now in Sam's defense, at least he's not afraid of flying." I laughed clicking out of the website I was on.

"Planes crash!" Dean yelled.

"And apparently clowns kill." Sam said, not missing a beat.

Dean pouted, defeated. Sam had got him there. "So, these types of murders –- they ever happen before?"

"Way to change the subject." I joked. Dean ignored me and waited for Sam's answer.

"According to the file, 1981, the Bunker Brothers circus. Same M.O. –- it happened three different times, three different locales." Sam flipped through the file.

"It can't be a spirit. There usually bound at one location. You know? A house or town." I tossed the computer aside.

"Well it has to move along with them. So maybe a cursed object." Dean suggested.

"Fabulous. A paranormal scavenger hunt. I have always wanted to do one of those." Sarcasm dripped from my words as I rummaged through my bag.

"Sorry this hunt was Sam's idea." Dean turned his attention to Sam. "Why is that? You were awfully quick to jump on this job."

"So what? We needed a hunt and Sam found one. Lord knows you were never going to get us one." I finally found my I-pod and pulled it from my bag.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Dean asked, taking instant offensive to my previous statement.

"Nothing." I turned on my I-pod, tuning out the rest of the world.

We got to Cooper Carnival to find that the cops were there talking with different employees. Dean decided that it was best for him to go and talk to different people to see what was going on. Sam and I hung back near the front entrance waiting for him to come back. From the distance I saw a snow cone stand with a hottie tottie working behind it. I love snow cones and cute guys!

"I'm going to get a snow cone." I told Sam walking toward the stand.

"What can I get you?" He asked smiling at me.

I returned a flirtatious grin. "One cherry please."

"That will be $3.50." Jesus $3.50 for some flavored ice. He turned to make my cone. Oh damn he was worth it. He kind of reminded me of Logan Swanson. I pulled out a five and handed it to him.

"Keep the change." I took the snow cone and gave him a wink before heading back to Sam. Dean was already back by time I returned.

"I guess we will just have to fit in." I heard him say as I came up behind him. "Where have you been?" He asked when he saw me.

"Getting a delicious treat." I replied taking a lick out of my cone.

Dean rolled his eyes at me. "Come on. Were getting jobs." He said knocking my snow cone out of my hands. He started toward a near by tent.

"Real mature Dean! I paid five bucks for that!" I yelled at his retreating back. I followed but not before giving a wave to the hottie.

We walked into the tent that displayed the help wanted sign. The tent was empty expect for a man throwing knives at a bulls eye. I was seriously impressed when he hit dead center three times in a row.

"We're looking for a Mr. Cooper. Have you seen him around?" Dean asked. The man turned toward us.

"What is that –- some kind of joke?" He took off his sunglasses to reveal he was blind.

"Oh god. I'm so sorry." Dean stammered trying to his best to apologize.

"You think I wouldn't give my eyeteeth to see Mr. Cooper or a sunset or anything at all?"

"Listen buddy, he didn't know. It was kind of hard to tell with the sun glasses and your incredible aim and all." I said taking Dean's side.

"Hey, Barry, is there a problem?" We all turned to the voice. There was nobody directly behind us. I looked down to see a little person dresses up in a very colorful outfit and cape.

"These two hate blind people."

"What? No we don't." Dean tried to explain.

"Hey, buddy, what's your problem?" The guy asked, angry.

"It was just a little misunderstanding."

"Little? You son of a bitch!" Sam and I were laughing hysterically at this point just waiting for the little person getting ready to attack Dean.

"We just need to see Mr. Cooper." I said between my laughter.

We finally got someone to tell us where Mr. Cooper was. He led us to his office, telling us that we picked a hell of a time to join up. We entered Cooper's office to find two chairs sitting in front of his desk. One was a regular chair and the other is in shape of a clown. Dean raced to sit in the regular chair.

"Do you want me to take the creepy clown chair?" I asked Sam, treating him like he was four. He paused to think about it.

"No." He said sitting down in it. He looked completely uncomfortable, which amused Dean.

Cooper pointed at me. "I want you out of my office."

"Why?" I asked, completely stunned.

"The carnival is no job for a girl like you. It's dangerous and not normal. I won't have your blood on my hands." I stared at Cooper, with my mouth gaped open.

"I can handle dangerous and not normal." I said laughing a little. If I could handle vengeful spirits and other weird monsters, I could handle a simple carnival.

"Out!" He demanded a little more forceful. I turned to Sam and Dean to see what they had to say. They shrugged, telling me it was up to me. I huffed storming out of the office.

I stood outside Cooper's office waiting for Sam and Dean to come out. And yes, I was pouting. Who did that guy think he was, thinking I couldn't handle working at a carnival? While I waited I scanned the crowd, looking for anything suspicious but found nothing. I did find my snow cone hottie chatting it up with another girl though. He must have felt me staring at him because he looked my way and sent me a sly smile. He excused himself from the girl and walked toward me.

"Hey." He said smoothly. "You looking for work?" He gestured to Cooper's office.

"I was but he kicked me out, saying I wasn't cut out for the job." I shrug as to say that was the most absurd thing in the world.

"Yeah Cooper doesn't like girls like you working for him." I narrowed my eyes wondering what girls like me meant. "I'm Charlie by the way." He extended his hand, oblivious that I was completely offended by his prior statement.

"Aidan." I took his hand and gave him a firm handshake.

"I have a friend named Aidan, he's a guy." I smiled slightly. This guy was hot, but not to smart.

"I have a friend named Charlie, she's a girl." OK that was a lie but he didn't need to know that.

"Touché." I smirked at him. "What are still doing here if you weren't offered a job?"

"Waiting for someone." I answered.

"Who?" He asked.

I kinked an eyebrow suggestively. "Why? You planning on snatching me to do nasty things to me."

Charlie looked completely flustered. "Uh oh no. I didn't mean it like that. I just uh meant." I laughed putting up a hand to stop Charlie.

"I was just kidding. Come on. I will let you buy me an ice cream."

Charlie let out the breath he was holding. "I know the best place."

Charlie took me to a little stand that seriously had the best ice cream ever! He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but he sure did make me laugh.

"Hey Aidan!" I heard my name being called. I turned to see Dean and Sam walking to me. "Did you know that Sam's not going back to school?" Dean continued once he got close.

I looked between Sam and Dean. "Really?" I asked. Sam shifted uncomfortable. Note to self, ask about this later.

"Yeah, now that Dad's gone…" Dean trailed off when he saw Charlie sitting behind me, taking full interest in our conversation. "Who's that?"

"Charlie." Charlie answered extending his hand to Dean.

"You with my baby sister?" Dean accused glaring at Charlie. Charlie took back his hand and recoiled in his seat.

"Dean, stop it." I warned. "You two get jobs?" I took another mouthful of my sundae.

"Yeah your looking at Cooper Carnival's newest trash pick up guys." I nearly choked on my ice cream laughing.

"I can't wait to see that." I said once I calmed down.

"Laugh it up." Dean said, grabbing a napkin and wiping some chocolate off my face.

I snatched the napkin away. "Oh I will. And by the way, I'm not four anymore." I waved the dirty napkin in his face. Dean squeezed my face with both of his hands.

"But you will always be my little sister." I scrunched up my nose at his cheesiness.

The next morning we got to the carnival just in time for Dean and Sam to start their shifts.

"You two look so handsome in your carnie jackets." I cooed, walking a step behind them.

"Stop it." Dean spun around quickly, almost knocking me off my feet. "Your job today is to keep an eye and ear out. Let one of us know if you see or hear anything suspicious.

"Got it." I saluted him. Dean laughed a little before walking away.

I wandered around the carnival for a few hours. When I became completely bored I just lingered around Charlie. The snow cone was not as busy as I expected it to be. What was wrong with people? Flavored ice was delicious.

"Ok you can stop lingering now. I'm on break." Charlie joked, sneaking up behind me.

"I wasn't lingering, I was just…. all right I was lingering but only because I was bored."

Charlie shoved his hands into his jean pockets and began to rock back and forth on his heels. "It's not because you like me then."

I laughed a little. "Like you? Yeah right." Yeah OK I liked him. This guy was smoking!

Charlie stepped closer to me, I didn't move. "Maybe tonight we could go out?" He asked leaning his face closer to mine.

I felt my breath get caught in my throat. "Maybe." His smell was intoxicating. I could feel his hot breath on my face. I closed the gap between us. The kiss started out slow and sweet. Charlie placed his hands on my hips and walked us back against a dumpster. I played with the hair on the back of his neck. I deepened the kiss letting our tongues met. I smiled against his face when he nibbled my bottom lip. Someone clear their throat loudly beside us. I looked from the corner of my eye to see Dean standing there. I jumped back quickly, wiping my mouth with my hands. Charlie avoided all eye contact with Dean.

"I uh, have to get back to work." He stammered. I nodded, looking at to the ground embarrassed. He looked to Dean quick before running off. I slowly raised my head to look at Dean. I searched his eyes and face for any sign of anger. He was mad, really mad. It was directed toward me though. It was Charlie he was throwing daggers at.

"We have to meet up with Sam." Dean said once Charlie was out of sight.

"Ok." I whispered, walking in the direction where Dean was turned. We walked in silence for a moment. It had been a long time since Dean had caught me making out with someone. Hell it had been a long time since I have made out with someone.

"What have I always told you?" Dean asked breaking the silence.

"Don't mix chocolate and ketchup." I joked trying to lighten the mood.

"No, well yes but that's not the point. I have always told you not to get involved when worked a job."

"Correction you have always told me not to get involved with the victim when working the job. Charlie's not a victim."

Dean paused. "Ok new rule. Never get involved with anyone when working a job."

"That goes for you too?" I asked looking at him from the corner of my eye.

"That goes for me too." Dean agreed reluctantly. I laughed as we reached Sam.

"What took you so long?" He asked.

Dean looked down at me. "It's a long story."

Sam stared at me, awaiting an answer. I looked to ground and scuffed the toe of my shoe against the dirt. "It's nothing really." I said, avoiding eye contact.

"Mommy look! A clown!" We noticed a little girl a few feet away pointing. There was nothing but air in the direction she was pointing in. Her mother pulled her away.

"Guess what were doing tonight." Dean said taking of his carnie jacket. Sam followed suit.

"Oh I don't know. Following a family to there house and wait for some freako clown to show up?" I said trying to ignore Charlie in the distance. I really wanted to go out with him tonight but I know what Dean would say. No way! There is a reason I don't let you date! He will only get you pregnant! Besides were working a case! You know the rules! Or something along those lines.

"Yahtzee!" Dean replied snapping his fingers toward me.

"Just give me a minute." I went over to Charlie.

"Maybe you shouldn't be here." He said when he saw me walk up.

"It's all right." I reassured.

"Your brother, he scares me."

"That's Dean for you. Listen going out with me just isn't going to work out."

Charlie hung his head. "I figured. They keep you on a short leash don't they?"

"They're just trying to keep me safe." I said defending my brothers.

"There's a difference between keeping you safe and suffocating you."

"Here's my number. Give me a call sometime." I leaned in and gave him a lingering peck on the lips. Charlie took my number, ripping off part of the paper. He shoved my number in his pocket and scribbled his number on the piece of paper he ripped. I took it and turned to see Sam and Dean waiting for me by the fun house. Both of there faces read something different. Sam looked proud of me. Dean's expression was hard to read. He looked sad almost. I walked past them and headed to the van.

We sat in the car in front of the house waiting for what seemed like forever. In reality it had only been an hour.

"So is snow cone guy, like your boyfriend now?" Sam teased me. Dean shot him a nasty glare.

"His name is Charlie and I don't know how to label us." I replied staring at Charlie's number in my phone, debating with myself if I should send him a text or not.

"You've made out with him so that has to mean you guys are something." Sam said. I rolled my eyes. Of course Dean had to tell Sam about that.

"Can we focus on more important issues, like how Dean told Papazian about the homicidal phantom clown." I said, slamming my phone shut.

"I told him an urban legend about a homicidal phantom clown. I never said it was real." Dean retorted holding up a shotgun. Sam took the gun from him.

"What's the difference?" I mumbled. "I have to pee." I stepped out of the car and headed to some bushes in a darken area. So I lied. I didn't have to pee. I just needed to get out of that damn car. I crouched by the bushes for a significant amount of time. I walked quietly toward the car.

"Dean! She kissed a guy! So what? You can't baby her forever!" I heard Sam yell.

"Watch me!" Dean yelled back. Both got suspiciously quiet when I opened the back door and slid back in.

"Talking about me?" I asked with a smirk. My answer, silence.

We waited for hours for the stupid clown to show up. Finally he did. We watched the little girl walk through the house, turning on every light on her way by. I went to get out but Dean stopped me.

"You stay here." He ordered.

"Excuse me?"

"Your head isn't in the right place for this. You're not getting yourself killed."

"If anyone's head isn't in the right place, it's yours." I went to get out again.

"STAY IN THE DAMN CAR!!" He yelled, literally yelled at me. I obeyed sitting back down. Dean slammed his door shut so hard in shook the entire van causing me to flinch.

So the hunt didn't go as expected. The parents of the girl decided to walk in on the whole thing. Which forced us to hide the van and take the plates. Forcing us to walk the rest of the way. I was still more then a little confused by Dean's actions toward me last night. I walked ahead of them a bit ignoring any and all conversation.

"Dude, I'm okay. I'm okay! I swear, the next person who asks me if I'm okay, I'm gonna start throwing punches. These are your issues. Quit dumping them on me." I spun around at Dean's outburst toward Sam. What had I just missed?

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked.

"I just think it's really interesting, this sudden obedience you have to Dad. It's like, Oh, what would Dad want me to do? Sam, you spent your entire life slugging it out with that man. I mean, hell, you picked a fight with him the last time you ever saw him, and now that he's dead, now you want to make it right? Well, I'm sorry, Sam, but you can't. It's too little, too late." Dean said, coldly.

I could see the hurt on Sam's face. "Why are you saying this to me?"

"Because I want you to be honest with yourself about this! I'm dealing with Dad's death! Are you?" Dean yells.

"I'm gonna call Ellen." Sam says after a long pause. I watch him walk away. I wait until I'm sure he is out of earshot before I turn to Dean.

"You're a real jackass lately, you know that." I said, still watching Sam's back.

"I don't need this." Dean went to walk away but I grabbed his jacket and pulled him back.

"Who the hell do you thing you are?" I paused for a second. "You're a damn hypocrite. If anyone isn't dealing with Dad's death it's you. You won't even bring up his name God forbid a memory."

"What the hell do you want from me!"

"I want you to talk to me."


"Because, if you can't talk to me, then who can you talk to?"

"I don't need to talk about it." Dean yelled in my face.

"Ok. I'm done." I threw my hands in the air in a surrendering manner.

"Done with what?" Dean asked.

"Babying you."

"You babying me? If anyone is babying anyone its me with you." I placed my hands on my hips and cocked an eyebrow. "Who used to sing you to sleep every night when you couldn't sleep?"

"Dean! You used to sing me Metallica's Enter Sandman to me."

"It worked though." Dean said in an all-knowing manner. He had me there. That song still puts me to sleep.

"Rakshasa." Sam said, walking up to us.

"Raks what?" I asked turning to him.

"Rakshasa." Sam repeated. "Ellen's best guess"

"Want to share with the class on what else Ellen said." I say as the three of begin to walk again.

"It's a race of ancient Hindu creatures. They appear in human form, they feed on human flesh, they can make themselves invisible, and they cannot enter a home without first being invited to."

"Well at least there polite. Minus that whole eating the parents thing."

"They dress up like clowns, and children invite them in." Dean continues as if my prior statement never happened. My phone rang from my pocket. I pulled it out, half expecting to see Charlie's number flash in front of me. Instead I saw Jenna's.

"Boyfriend?" Sam asked trying to see who was calling.

"No it's Jenna."

"You still keep in touch with her?" Dean questioned.

"Obviously." I answered my phone. "Hello?" I stopped walking to take Jenna's call. I sat on a rock as I explained to her what had had been going on with my life. I told her about Dad's death and what I thought had really happened to him. She told me that I should tell Sam and Dean what I thought. I went right on to tell her about our current case.

"Uh, another reason for me to hate clowns." She said, sighing a bit to dramatically. I finished the call when I noticed that Sam and Dean hadn't bothered to wait for me.

"God you guys are fast walkers." I huffed when I finally caught up with them.

"How is she?" Sam asked slowing down a bit.

"How's your girlfriend?" Sam rolled his eyes. I laughed at his expression. "She's good."

For the rest of the walk Sam and Dean filled me in on the Rakshasa and the carnival. It was dark by time we got back to the carnival. Everyone was closing up. Sam was going to check to see if Cooper had bedbugs and Dean and I were going to talk to Barry to see if he had a brass blade.

"I got all kinds of knives. I don't know about a brass one though." Barry said as we walked into his office.

"We really need one of brass." I said looking around his office at some of his collections.

"Check the trunk." He instructed walking to the other side of the room. I opened the trunk that was sitting at my feet. I moved some clothes that sat on the top off to the side. I instinctively grabbed onto Dean's arm when I saw a wig and a clowns outfit sitting inside.

"You?" Dean asked turning toward Barry.

"Me." Barry replies, taking off his glasses. His faces morphs into some creepy, blurry expression before he ultimately disappears.

"Come on let's go." Dean grabs me by the arms and pulls me to the door. He tries to get it open but it won't budge. A knife comes flying out of nowhere and narrowly misses Dean's head. I turned in the direction it came from. I ducked just in time, just missing the knife that came flying at my head.

"Jesus Christ! We get it!" I yelled to the empty room. Dean finally got the door open, letting me out first. We barreled out and took off running.

"Hey!" Sam shouted, stopping Dean and I in our tracks.

"Hey." Dean replied trying to catch his breath.

"So, Cooper thinks I'm a peeping Tom, but it's not him." Sam explained.

"So we gathered. It the blind guy. He's here somewhere." Dean replied.

"Did you get the brass blade?" Sam asked looking around.

"Don't' bother looking for him Sammy. He's invisible remember." I said.

"Did you get the blade?" Sam repeated.

"No it's just been one of those days." Dean said.

Sam thought for a moment. "Come one I have an idea."

We ran toward the fun house. The fun house? Really? Come on! They creep me out! We searched around the place. A set of elevator doors shut between us, putting Sam and Dean on one side and me on the other.

I slammed on the walls. "Guys!"

"Aidan! Find the maze ok!" Sam instructed.

"Find the maze? I have never been good at mazes!" I yelled back to them.

"No time! Just go!" Dean yelled to me. I cursed to myself winding my way through the dark fun house. At last I found them near an organ. Sam has broke off one of the pipes.

"Where is he?" I asked, stepping between the two of them.

"I don't know. I mean, shouldn't we see his clothes walking around?" Dean answered.

"I don't think that's the point of being invisible." I say sarcastically. Suddenly a pair of knives comes flying at me and pins to the wall. Sam swings the brass pipe around hoping to hit something. Sam dodges another airborne knife.

"Where is it?"

"I don't know!" Dean sees a lever above his head, which he pulls. Steam begins hissing out of the air vents. The steam is able to vaguely outline the creature that we are looking for. I see the creature behind Sam.

"Sam behind you!" Sam turns and sticks the brass pipe into the creature. It falls to the floor, dead. Dean rushes over to me and pulls the knives out from my clothes. I smooth out my outfit brushing a hand over the new holes.

"I hate fun houses." Dean says cynically. I nodded my head agreeing.

We walked into the Roadhouse after we finished that freaky ass clown hunt to see if Ash had finished that research for us. It was late at night so I figured that the family run saloon would be busy but what I didn't expect was to find the place packed with hunters all cleaning there weapons.

"Creepy." I sang out loud looking around at all the hunters. On instinct they all snapped there heads up and glare at me. Everyone single one of them. Now that was creepy. "Oh sorry. I uh, well." I stammered. Dean started to pull me to the bar where Ellen was standing. "You missed a spot." I pointed out to a random hunter. He snarled at me as I continued to point at the spot of blood on his machete.

"Knock it off." Dean ordered pulling me away before the hunter decided to attack me. Like I couldn't take him. I smirked when he finally wiped off the blood.

"You kids did a hell of a job. Your daddy would be proud." Ellen said smiling at us proudly.

"Thanks Ellen." I said smiling back at her. Jo came over and joined us. She moved so she was standing next to Dean. I glared at her, warning her to back off. She gave me a look telling me that she wasn't going anywhere. Jo continued to give Sam and I looks telling us to leave. I caught on quickly but Sam was slow to the point.

"Sammy I get the feeling that were not welcomed here."

"Huh? What?" Sam looked to me then to Jo. "I get it." Sam got up and walked over to the pool table. I decided to test my luck and join a table of hunters who were in the middle of a game of cards. I took a quick swig of Dean's beer and headed over.

"What do we have here? A game of poker? I have never been good at this game. Mind if I join?" I said picking up an incorrect number of cards.

"Don't you think about hustling us little girl! I know your type." One threatened. My jaw slacked a little in amusement.

"Well fine." I got out of my chair with such force the scuffing of my chair against the wood floor echoed throughout the saloon surprising the veteran hunter. I took the cards I still had in my hands and threw them across the table, most of them sliding across the table and on to the floor.

"Where have you guys been!" Ash yelled, making his presence known.

"We were working that job on clown Ash." I answered moving over to where Sam was. Dean joined us as Ash put down his laptop.

"Did you find the demon?" Sam asked.

"It's nowhere around, at least nowhere I can find. But if this fugly bastard raises its head, I'll know. I mean, I'm on it like divine on dog dookie." Ash answered opening his laptop.

"Classy." I muttered.

"What do you mean?" Sam inquired.

"I mean any of those signs or omens appear anywhere in the world, my rig will go off like a fire alarm." I looked on Ash's laptop to see several different programs open, such as weather trackers and other things.

"Dude that is awesome!" I nearly shouted.

"You're telling me." Ash smiled proudly at himself.

"Do you mind?" Dean asked moving his hands to the computer. He stopped when he saw Ash glaring at him.

"Dean, I have always told you, do not touch what is not yours." I scolded in a motherly tone. Dean rolled his eyes at me and turned back to Ash.

"Ash, where did you learn all this?" I asked.

"M.I.T" Ash answered. I popped my eyebrows up in surprise.

"M.I.T?" Sam asked, sounding as surprised as I was.

"It's a school in Boston." He told us.

"Yeah I knew that." I mumbled under my breath.

"Why you question it then?"

"Dude! Your hearing is out of control!"

"Jo told you I was a genius." Ash said smugly. I rolled my eyes over to Jo who was trying to hide the fact she was staring at Dean. She pretended to wash a table when she saw me looking at her.

"All right call us when you got something." Dean said getting up from the table.

"Si si compadre." Ash responded. I had no idea what that meant but I figured he would call if he found something. We started to walk toward the door.

"You kids need a place to stay? I got some beds in the back." Ellen offered.

Dean smiled gratefully at her. "No thanks I got something I needed to finish."

The second we got back to Bobby's Dean went back to working on the Impala.

"Are we ever going to talk about what happened back on that hunt?" I asked Dean, sliding up on a junk car.

"It was a killer clown Aidan. Where were you?" Dean answered sarcastically.

I sighed running a frustrated hand through my hair. "That's not what I meant Dean."

"Do we need to?" Dean asked, pulling himself out from under the car.

"I just want to make sure you're dealing with Dad's death in someway." I offered.

"Aidan, knock it off." Dean warned. Sam walked out to us.

"You were right." Sam said.

"What is it with you two." Dean muttered. "About what."

"About me and Dad. I'm sorry that the last time I was with him, I tried to pick a fight. I'm sorry that I spent most of my life angry at him. I mean, for all I know, he died thinking that I hate him. So, you're right. What I'm doing right now -- it is too little. It's too late. I miss him, man. And I feel guilty as hell. And I'm not all right. Not at all. But neither are you. That much I know. I'll let you get back to work." Sam turned on his heels and left.

"Can you believe him?" Dean asked in disbelief.

I slid off the car. "Sammy's right Dean. And you know that." I went to follow Sam back into the house. I shuddered at the sound of shattering glass. I turned slowly to see Dean standing there with a tire iron in his hand and a broken window next to him. He turned to the trunk of the Impala. I winced every time the tire iron made contact trunk. After 17 times Dean finally stopped. His stoic stare met my slightly disturbed gaze. I shook my head and turned away from him and continued my way to my room at Bobby's.

I sat curled up on the bed, my journal balancing on my knees. A knock interrupted my thoughts. I didn't have to look up to know it was Dean who entered my room. I don't know why he bothered to knock. I guess it was his way to try and be polite.

"Hey." He whispered. I didn't look up from my journal. "Talk to me." He pleaded

"Why? You didn't want to talk before." I continued to write. Dean walked over and tossed the notebook to the floor. I didn't bother to try and pick it up.

"I know you and Sam are trying to help and all but." Dean trailed off, not bothering to finish his thought. He sat down next to me on the bed.

"I just really need my big brother right now and your pushing me away."

"I'm sorry, Aidan. I really am." Dean put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him. I rested my head on his shoulder.

"How's the Impala." I asked with a small smile.

Dean let in a sharp breath. "She will be fine. I can fix it."

Sam entered my room. "Am I interrupting something?"

"What can we do for you?" I asked not moving from my spot. Sam sat down at our feet.

"Just came in to see if you were all right but by the looks of it everything is good."

"Yeah everything is good." I agreed.

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