Up To The Surface

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Prologue I

April 22nd, 2007.

Today was the anniversary of the fateful day the large extravagant ship sunk. Barely any survivors were left and the remains of the ship were scattered all over the oceans floor.

People have meddled and toyed with the idea of the titanic. Musicals, plays, movies and stories were used. Everybody in the world believes it was just a ship that sunk because of a ice burg, and it killed over a million people.

But of course they are all wrong. It wasn't just grief that took over this ship submerging into the depths of the unknown, but instead….rage.

Anger, fury, resentment, wrath, anything that you can think up to make someone mad enough to draw a knife and stab repeatedly at a inanimate object, tear tree's down, kick, scream, cry….

And this feeling was only held by one person.

This person was Edward Anthony Mason Cullen.

He knew the true story of what happened. People nowadays thought he was dead. Of course he wasn't, he was immortal.

A vampire in fact. He shared this secret with his family, well not is biological one, they were dead.

This group was made up of three women and four men(all vampires as well), including Edward. This family was different from most vampiric groups. They did not feed on humans, which lead them to be aboard the titanic.

For Edward, this choice of going was the worst and best thing of his life.

Not only did he meet his love, but he lost her as well. Grief consumed him, as this was taken over by fury.

He was angry because he hadn't protected her enough, because he let that son-of-a-bitch get her, and drop her into the water, and most of all because he loved her enough to keep going on.

In his heart he believed she was still alive, but we all know that is impossible.

Suicide consumed his thoughts, every moment, every second he was alive, and that would be forever. But his brothers and sisters controlled him.

By thinking this he knew that it would disappoint his family. But they did not understand how he felt for her. The feeling he had toward her.

And the way how he fell in love with a human.

This was no ordinary human. Her name was Isabella Swan.

In Edwards eyes she was the most beautiful person he had ever met, and the best thing was that, she was his.

Her heart shaped face, warm brown hair and eyes did nothing to help his temptation. But her beauty was not only the reason he was attracted to her.

It was her blood. For young Isabella, she was yet reaching the age of eighteen where she and her parents were leaving the town of Forks, Washington to leave to New York City.

She was naïve, kind, caring, and about to marry off to some bastard who only cared about her family's money.

At this she hated her so called fiancé, immediately. Isabella, or Bella as many of her friends called her believed in love, and Edward had seemed to spark this kind of interest in her.

Her blood and smell enticed him. He had never smelt anything so delectable and mouth watering. It made him mad with the hunger, or should I say thirst.

He had almost attacked her on their first encounter. He could remember that day clearly. How could you not remember the first time you met the love of your life?! It is not so easy to forget, especially since Edward being a vampire, sharpened his memory.

Wind blew her hair around her face chaotically, sending the smell of strawberries and freesia's through out the air.

Unable to control himself, Edward ran. He felt cowardice for his actions and decided to find out more about this girl who had cause him so much temptation.

He had never felt something so strong as this. He was a so called 'vegetarian' as was the rest of his family. He was experienced and had never 'slipped' before or even came close to.

But this girl, had almost made him go savage. Her blood smelt like the smell of all your favorite foods all together. And imagine this, you couldn't eat any of it.

Edward felt exactly the same, but of course for you it's a hypothetical case.

Edward and Bella became fast friends and soon felt the attraction, the immediate electricity and the love that radiated off of each other.

And soon, he revealed her his secret. The secret that was kept to be unknown. The secret that only happened in movies, and Bram Stoker's story.

He revealed to her that he was a vampire. To his surprise Bella already had suspicions. Pale and cold skin, dark circles, and inhuman beauty, sent the skepticism.

This did not bother her at all, and that proved her love to Edward true. But this happy fairy tale did not end exultant.

Instead it ended horribly. A human drinker by the name of James attacked her and the rest was history. Edward witnessed him throw her off the railing, with the familiar smell of her blood, that he had fought so hard to resist.

And with determination he did. He swan into the water and tried to save her. He heard her heart thump erratically then.. With fear, it stopped. He shook her body, it did not move, she was dead and in his mind he felt dead as well.

He acted dead, and did not do anything he normally did. He did not carry on his normal activities.

He was living but in his mind and heart he was lifeless.

But little did he know she was alive…. Well… not technically, but she did move and talk but she hadn't done any of those things in a long time.

For you see, Isabella Swan is alive.

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