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Chapter 1: The Arrival

"Daisuke," Chibimon called from the bag sitting atop Daisuke's feet. "I'm hungry!"

"Again?" Daisuke murmured, exasperated. With a grunt, he reached into his pocket and fished out a broken piece of pocky. "Here," he said, opening the bag more, and offering the snack to his partner, who happily swallowed it whole. "That's all I have left, though. Keep it down. It's not going to look good if people keep seeing me talk to my carry on."

"But, Daisuke," Chibimon sniffled, "I'm still hungry!"

"Sorry, buddy," Daisuke apologized, patting his friend's head, before covering him gently. Sighing, he sat back in his airplane seat, placed his head against the window, and did his best to close his eyes and rest.

It wasn't easy, though. He'd never really left Japan before. Sure, there was that one trip to New York, but then he was too busy trying to save the world to really take in the sites. So, when Takeru had offered them a chance to spend the summer with him and his grandfather in France, Daisuke had jumped at the chance. Finally, something fun to do that wasn't "Saving the World" related.

Naturally, the digimon had to come, too. However, it seemed that while everyone in the world had partners, digimon weren't going to be treated as equals right away. That included airlines considering them "pets," and therefore, saying they needed to be placed in cages, and put in the pet section of the cargo hold. That didn't mean some people weren't willing to bend the rules a little. Including the stewardess who insisted the otamamon on her shoulder was just a strange corsage. Still, Daisuke and the others weren't taking any chances.

Next to him, Ken had his own carry on bag, holding Minomon, sitting securely in his lap. In the aisle seat, Miyako slept, her head resting on Ken's shoulder, as a sleeping Poromon lay in her arms. She had been the one to suggest having the digimon revert to their Baby forms, in order to pass them off as stuffed animals, as she was doing with Poromon.

Miyako's round glasses were askew on her face, and slowly sliding down her nose. Gently, almost hesitantly, Ken reached over and pushed them back in place. Miyako sighed in her sleep, stirring just enough to cause her glasses to slip again. With a small smile, Ken once again adjusted Miyako's glasses for her.

"You've been doing that for the past half hour," Daisuke muttered to his friend, with a sly grin. "Keep it up, and you'll wake her."

Ken blushed, but didn't fix Miyako's glasses the next time they moved. Daisuke saw Ken's hand flex a few times, though.

In the seats in front of them sat Iori, Hikari and Takeru, Upamon, Tailmon and Patamon hiding in their partner's bags. Well, maybe not Tailmon, Daisuke reflected. She had utterly refused to be shoved into such a cramped space, and had promptly disappeared after promising Hikari that she'd pop up again before the plane landed. Goodness knew where she had gone to.

The three Chosen were fast asleep, Hikari in the middle, holding onto Iori, who must've slid onto her while sleeping. His head was now comfortably resting on Hikari's forearm. Takeru had managed to slip as far down into his seat as possible without falling out of it, his hat taking up residence on his face. Patamon's light snoring could be heard from the large bag he was in at Takeru's feet.

Daisuke shuffled in his seat a little, annoyed over the fact that he found himself unable to fall asleep, as his friend's did. He turned to say something to Ken, but sighed in defeat upon finding Ken himself sleeping, his head leaning forward, indigo locks falling over.

"How can they do that?" Daisuke murmured, shifting uncomfortably. "There's just no way to get comfy."

He spent the rest of the flight with his forehead pressed against the window, gazing at the small points of light that shone through the clouds from the world below. By the time they finally got to Paris, Daisuke felt like his eyelids had weights attached to them. As the six chosen made their way over to retrieve their luggage, Daisuke stifled more than one yawn, rubbing his blurry eyes.

"You feel okay, Daisuke-kun?" Hikari asked, while Tailmon, who had reappeared as promised, yanked Hikari's luggage off the belt as it passed.

"I'm fine, Hikari-chan," he muttered, leaning against his suitcase.

Hikari looked worriedly at him, then at Ken who stood next to him.

"He didn't get much rest," the indigo haired boy whispered.

"Well, not to worry, Daisuke," Takeru patted Daisuke's back, encouragingly. "When my grandpa picks us up, you'll have plenty of time catching up on sleep.

"Good," Daisuke yawned again. Chibimon climbed out of his bag, and easily up his partner's shirt, perching himself on the boy's shoulder. Reflexively, Daisuke reached up to pat his friend's head, lightly. "Just a few hours. That's all I need."

"Iori-kun," Miyako called, adjusting her one armed hold on Poromon, her other hand gripping one of her two suitcases, "do you have the travel guide? I can't find it."

"Yes, Miyako-san," the green eyed boy waved the pamphlet. "I took it so you wouldn't lose it, remember?"

"I don't lose things," she defended, while affectionately ruffling her best friend's hair. "I just temporarily misplace them."

"Well," Takeru began, looking around, "does everyone have everything?"

What followed was what amounted to minor, consecutive disasters; Hikari had forgotten her Japanese to French dictionary on the plane. Miyako had remembered she'd forgotten her favorite beret at home. Iori hadn't exchanged his yen to francs. And, naturally, all the digimon were starving. By the time Mr. Takaishi arrived to pick them up, all six children were in loud conversations with each other.

"Takeru!" Mr. Takaishi shouted from a bit away, causing everyone to turn. The distinguished man, with his dirty blonde beard and twinkling blue eyes, waved to the group, a smile upon his face.

Upon reaching them, he scooped up Takeru in a bear hug, kissing his grandson on both cheeks. Then, sans the hug, he repeated the process to the other five, surprised children. Though, he did seem to kiss both Hikari and Miyako a little longer than necessary, causing the two girls to blush.

"`ow was your flight?" Mr. Takaishi asked, his Japanese thick with a French accent.

"Fine, Grandpa," Takeru replied, sweatdropping slightly as his grandfather picked up Hikari and Miyako's suitcases with a smile and a wink. "We're just a little tired."

"Not too tired to sing to your favorite grandpa?" Mr. Takaishi looked crestfallen.

"Eh, well... " Takeru laughed, nervously.

"You sing for your grandpa?" Daisuke snickered softly, not too tired to find it amusing.

"It was just something he made me do when I was little," Takeru muttered, blushing in embarrassment.

"Well, I suppose zat it could till later," Mr. Takaishi relented, adjusting the luggage he carried. He began to hustle them forward. "But, I expect to `ear a song from you before you leave, Takeru."

"Yes, Grandpa," Takeru sighed.

As the group walked out of the airport, they were greeted with the cool morning air, the rising sun meeting them brightly. They could practically feel the difference from home. The air smelled different, the sun seemed to cling to the stone buildings in a special way. The way people held each other so closely in public. The very energy of the place was tangible.

"I love it already," Hikari smiled.

"I wonder if we could see Notre Dame today," Miyako mused. "Or maybe the Seine."

"We `av all summer, mademoiselles," Mr. Takaishi smiled charmingly. "We can go anywhere you wish. But, for now," he looked over at Daisuke's tired face, "`ow about I show you to your new `ome?"

Almost reluctantly, Miyako nodded, and they were on their way. Daisuke was so exhausted, the instant he sat on the leather seat of Mr. Takaishi's corvette, he was out like a light. Not the most comfortable place to sleep, but it was better than the plane. Anything was better than the plane. Chibimon had settled himself on his partner's lap, looking up at his sleeping face with sympathy. When they finally arrived at Mr. Takaishi's house, the five children quickly learned what the Baby digimon already knew; that the begoggled boy was a very heavy sleeper.

"Get up, Daisuke!" Miyako hollered, making the now-evolved Hawkmon sweatdrop, as she shook Daisuke viciously.

"That's not going to work, Miyako-san," Hawkmon said, gently.

"Well," she huffed, "what do you suggest?"

"We've poked him, shook him, yelled at him... " Hikari counted off.

"We haven't smacked him yet," Miyako commented, dryly.

"Miyako-san," Ken shook his head, an amused smile on his face.

"Well, I suppose I could carry `im in," Mr. Takaishi shrugged. "`E could use some more sleep."

"Probably," Iori agreed. "Daisuke-san isn't very agreeable when he's tired."

"Then, I'll take his bags, while you take him, Grandpa," Takeru said, reaching into the trunk of the car to pull out luggage.

"Ah, bonjour!"

"Huh?" Takeru blinked, pulling his head out of the trunk upon hearing the pretty, familiar voice.

The gates of the large house opened, and a petite, blue eyed girl, with golden ringlets came bounding towards them gracefully, a Floramon at her heels. She waved jubilantly at the group, running over to Takeru first, kissing both his cheeks in greeting.

"Bonjour, Takeh-roo!" she chirped, pronouncing his foreign name as best she could.

"Catherine?" Takeru blinked, shocked.

"I invited `er," Mr. Takaishi smiled. "I zought, since she is a Chosen, zat she could `elp show you around zis summer."

"It is good to see you again, Takeh-roo," Catherine said carefully in Japanese, her accent making it sound strangely musical.

"You, too, Catherine," Takeru smiled, blushing madly.

Catherine then turned her attention to the others, beginning with Hikari, while Floramon proceeded to introduce herself to the Digimon. When everyone had met and greeted --including Hawkmon delighting Floramon with a gallant kiss to her hand-- Catherine sorted everyone out the best she could.

"`Eekah-ree and Tailmon. Meeyah-koe and `Awkmon. Eeoh-ree and Armahdeemon. Ken and Wormmon," she grinned, obviously happy that there was at least one person's name she could pronounce without difficulty.

"Right," Takeru nodded. He pointed to the sleeping figure in the car. "And that's Daisuke and Chibimon."

"Die-skay and Chibeemon," Catherine said slowly, as if tasting the words. Then, she tilted her head, curiously. "Is `e all right?"

"He's fine," Takeru assured her. "He's just jet-lagged. We can't wake him up."

Tapping her chin a moment, Catherine walked over to the open car, peering in to get a good look at the sleeping Bearer of Courage and Friendship. She giggled at his expression, which was somewhere between innocent and goofy. Leaning forward, she blew gently in his ear.

The reaction was almost instantaneous. Daisuke's dark brown eyes shot open, and he jerkingly sat up, nearly jolting Chibimon off his lap.

"W-what?" he uttered, blinking the sleep out of his eyes.

Beside him, Catherine giggled again, causing him to turn to her. He stared dumbly at her for a few seconds, as the girl crinkled her sky blue eyes, smiling at him. Pieces of exhaustion still clouded his senses, and he found himself just gaping, barely registering his friends laughing good-naturedly at him from outside the car.

Finally, the last bits of sleep leaving him, he stuttered, "Who are you?"

"Catherine," responded the blonde, cheerfully. Then, as if to make sure he was no longer sleepy, she reached in, kissing both his cheeks, causing him to blush furiously. "Bonjour, Die-skay!"

"Um, er... " Daisuke's words stumbled a bit, not quite sure what was going on.

His friends were out there, so that was good. This girl didn't look dangerous. Catherine... that was the French Chosen Takeru mentioned he and Taichi had helped. Ah, okay. That explained who she was. That still didn't explain the cheek kissing thing, but okay.

Slowly, Daisuke gave a sheepish, one shoulder shrug. "Uh... Bonjour?"

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