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Author's Notes: So, you'd like to know what all the incoherent French was, do ya? Okay, you asked for it.


Kat-chan's Cruddy, Messed Up French to English Dictionary

Chapter 1
Mademoiselles - Young ladies (Misses)
Bonjour - Hello

Chapter 2
C'est qui, cette type? - Who is this guy?
Enchanté de faire la connaissance de vous. - Enchanted to meet you. (very formal)
Quoi? - What?
Oui - Yes
Mignon, mignon! - Cute, cute!
Il est mignon. - He's cute.
Son partenaire n'est pas mauvais aussi, non plus. - His partner's not bad, either.

Chapter 3
Merci - Thanks
Vous voulez voir votre partenaire? - You want to see your partner?
Je veux voir (name)! - I want to see (name)!
Floramon, pourquoi êtes-vous ici? - Floramon, what are you doing here?
Je regrette, Catherine! - I'm sorry, Catherine!
Belle chanson. - Beautiful song.
Garçon mignon! - Cute boy!
Il sera un homme bel! - He'll be a handsome man!
Um... Excusez-moi. Est ce keh jeh puis... uh, voo aider? - Hikari desperately trying to say, "Excuse me. How may I help you?"
C'est horrible français. - That's horrible French.
Japonais - Japanese
Il ne comprend pas. - He doesn't understand.
Est-ce que je puis vous embrasser? - Can I kiss you?
Fantastique! - Fantastic!

Chapter 4
Trois! Deux! Un! - Three! Two! One!
La tour d'Eiffel la nuit est pour des amoureux. - The Eiffel Tower at night is for lovers. (Mr. Takaishi's slick, eh?)

Chapter 5
Arrêtez cela. - Stop that.
Porte de Digital, ouverte! - Digital Gate, open!
Vous êtes une fille très mignonne. - You're a very cute girl. (Ken's slick, too)
Allons, Bwee-mon! - Let's go, V-mon!
Frère Jacques - Brother Jacques (or John, if you go by the English translation). It's a French children's song. I knew it growing up. There is a translation, but it's normally sung in its native French. At least, that's how I always sang it.
Au revoir - Goodbye

Goodbye now!