A/N: Okay here is my second story it's a cross over with Static Shock (you can catch episodes on YouTube) another of my favorite hero cartoons. I put it in the Ninja Turtles catagory because the bulk of the story happens on the turtles turf so sit back and enjoy...



Chapter 1

At the Saki Building in New York:

Monday, 9AM

He stood glaring at the other three people in the room. Hun, Karai, and Dr. Baxter Stockman were called by Oroku Saki for this important meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss his plans for brining Earth under his rule. Saki has been planning to over take Earth for decades and finally, everything was in place. However, when he implemented the first phase of his plan, he was forced to put the rest of his campaign on hold. The reason being four mutant turtles, and teenagers no less, skilled in the arts of ninjistu. He would have succeeded by now if they had not interfered. So for the past few years he has been spending all of his resources on riding himself of these menaces, but he cannot seem to be rid of them. They have so far escapes every attempt at eradication and they have even almost destroyed him.

Saki has recently come to a resolution. Since his plans to rid himself of the turtles have been unsuccessful, he has instead come up with a plan that would be infallible, even if the turtles somehow discovered the plan and tried to stop it.

The plan was simple. He needed control, and what does the world rely on more than anything? Technology of course, namely computers. Every civilized country in the world is run by computers. If he were to make all the computer technology in the world obsolete his companies would be the only ones with the capability to re-supply the worlds' computers. He owned all the major computer companies in the U.S. as well as those in Japan.

At least, that was the gist of his plans. He didn't know the small details, and he didn't need to know, that's what he had scientists for. Once he had every computer in the world under his control, he would appropriate control from every government and no one would be able to oppose him.

Only one crucial component was needed to make this plan work and thus the reason for this meeting.

"Stockman," Saki addressed the conceited scientist, "is the device ready for testing?"

The doctor replied in his usual smug manner, "Yes…I have actually already taken the liberty to test the apparatus and it works with optimum efficiency within a range of approximately ten meters. More power would be needed to affect anything in a greater range and frankly, on the scale you plan to use the device, you would need an inconceivable amount of power, an amount that we have no way of achieving."

"That is unacceptable" Saki yelled, slamming his fist onto the table. "You will find a way." The threat was directed solely at Stockman.

"Master" It was Hun that spoke up, "As much as I would enjoy watching Stockman fail and be punished, I have information that might solve our problem."

Hun was never known to contribute any intellectual insight to any of Saki's schemes, but was often used for his brute strength and intimidating stature. So when he spoke up Stockman immediately dismissed any ideas that came from someone as dim-witted as Hun.

After a short glaring contest between the two, Hun relayed his information.

"Some new recruits of the Purple Dragons have spoken of a boy that can shoot lightning out of his hands."

"And where is this child's location?" Saki asked

"A city called Dakota, about 70 miles from here."

"Yes I have heard of this Dakota, many people in this city were altered by a gas, meta-humans or 'bang babies' they are called. Saki seemed to think this information over. "Stockman, would he provide the power you require?"

"I would need to run some tests on the subject to determine his power output and the sustainability of his power, and…"

"Fine" Saki cut him off with an impatient grunt.

"Hun and Karai, you will work together in acquiring this child. Use what ever resources you need but I want him here by the end of the week. Failure will not be tolerated."

"Yes Master" They replied in unison.

With that Saki left for the privacy of his private chambers. Stockman also took his leave to prepare his labs and assistants for the necessary testing. Karai and Hun stayed behind to plan their next move.

Karai spoke first, already forming a plan, "I will gather the best Foot Tech Ninja and begin a special training regimen so they will be prepared to apprehend the meta-human. You should return to the Dragons and interrogate these informants of yours for more facts on whom this child is and where exactly we can find him."

Hun nodded at her instructions with a slight glare. He did not take pleasure in working with Karai and she obviously felt the same by her body language.

"We should leave for Dakota tomorrow and do some reconnaissance to gather some background information on our target and then we can focus the training of the warriors that will accompany us in his apprehension."

"Go now and meet me back here tomorrow morning at 5am sharp." Karai turned and left to hand pick those she felt would bring success to this mission. She would not fail her master.

As Hun left he grumbled under his breath, "Ugh, I can't believe there are more mutant freaks out there. I've had my fill of freaks with those turtles." The last word was said with a heavy amount of disdain.

Dakota City:

Tuesday 4PM

Karai and Hun had been scouring the city all day with no luck in locating their quarry. However they did learn that their target was the self proclaimed hero known to the citizens of Dakota as Static. No one knew who he was since he always wore a mask, but every hero had a secret identity right? So all they had to do was track him down and discover this identity without compromising their mission.

What they needed was a decoy. They soon found a solution when they ran into (literally) a certain hot head known as Hotstreak.

"Hey watch it" Hotstreak shouted, his irritation at being bumped into showed with his eyes glowing red and flames erupting from his hands with his anger.

Karai bowed in apology, "Please excuse me and my companion." Seeing an opportunity, Karai quickly made a proposition. "May we ask for some assistance of you?"

The flames went out and the glow in his eyes dimmed at his shock of the question. "I don't help nobody lady." was his terse reply.

"Oh, but I assure you that you will be compensated for any inconvenience."

"You mean you'll give me money?"

"If that is what you require we will be happy to pay you for your services"

"What do you want me to do?"

Hotstreak grinned maliciously at Karais plan. "He he, this is gonna to be fun!" He said rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

All went as planned. Hotstreak drew out Static and his partner Gear. Their objective wore a white mask over the top half of his face with blue glasses at the start of his hair line. He wore a black sleeveless muscle shirt with a yellow lightning bolt in the middle. Black pants with a yellow belt, blue and yellow gloves and blue boots completed his outfit. His partner was dressed in a two piece ensemble of lime green with a turquoise color down the sides and a helmet of the same turquoise with a lime green visor over his face. Pads covered his knees and elbows and simple black gloves covered his hands. He flew with jet powered skates while the other rode on a small disk like object.

Karai studied Static's fighting and defensive techniques during the battle. If they could get him alone, and used the invisibility capabilities that Foot Tech Ninja possessed, Karai didn't foresee any problems in catching this boy. He had no real skills in fighting and was obviously an amateur fighter. The only problem that could arise was that partner of his. She didn't know what, but something bothered her about him.

After the skirmish, Hun and Karai followed the two to their hideout, a dingy, and run down gas station. Being a ninja, Karai easily found a spot on the roof in the shadows where she could eavesdrop on the young heroes.

"What do you think that was all about V?" Gear asked as he took off his helmet and put on his glasses.

"I don't know Rich. It was like Hotstreak wanted to draw us out, but I can't figure out why."

"To bad he got away" Richie stated.

"Yeah, he's defiantly up to something, but I'm sure we'll find out eventually. I just hope it doesn't take the rest of our vacation to figure out what." Virgil really didn't want to spend his whole spring break chasing after bang babies.

"Don't worry V, me and backpack will…" but Richie was cut off when backpack let off an alarm.

At first Karai thought that her position had been made but she let out a sigh of relief when the blonde haired one simply retrieved a small device out of a compartment of the robot.

"Bro, it's the communication device Batman gave you." Richie handed the communicator over to Virgil.

"Yo Bats, what's up?"

"Static, I have a mission where your talents would be useful."

"Really? Alright! Uh…I mean…I'd be glad to help."

"Good. Robin and I are on our way now to pick you up, be ready in fifteen minutes. We'll be gone for a few days, so pack light." Batman cut communications.

"Way to go V! A mission with the Batman himself." The two gave each other a high five.

"Hey Rich, I'm sure that Batman would let you come along…"

"Nah, it's okay V. I'll stay here and keep an eye on the city, besides there's no way I'd be able to explain any prolonged absence to my folks."

"Oh man!" Virgil slaps his hand to his forehead. "I forgot to ask my pops if it's okay."

"Dude, it's Batman, I'm sure he'll be okay with it."

By now they had changed into their civilian clothes and had left the gas station, heading for Virgil's house for dinner.

Karai was fuming by the time she made it back to where Hun was waiting. This…mission…would set their plans back, but if they captured the boy before he returned, those who know him would think that the mission took longer than expected. This could actually work to her advantage. They could have the boy back in New York before anyone noticed he was missing.


In the New York Sewers…

The tension in the lair was growing. The fights between Leonardo and Raphael were escalating. Each one became dangerously close to becoming physical. Donatello and Michelangelo did their best to diffuse the two, often times having to hold the other two back from doing each other bodily harm. The reason for this tension is simple. They're bored.

"Man I never thought that I'd miss the Foot" Mikey commented as he flipped channels on the T.V.

"Yeah we need some action 'round 'ere soon or I'll go nuts!" was Raphs comment.

"I thought you already were" Mikey jibed back.

If looks could kill Mikey would be doomed. He let out a little 'eep' noise and quickly looked away from his hot tempered brother. Leo gave Raph a warning glare. Donnie could see another humongous fight coming on so he decided to try and calm things down before they got out of control. Again.

"Careful Mikey, Raph looks like he could blow steam out his ears any minute." Donnie cautioned his brother.

"Watch it brainiac" But this came out as a brotherly taunt. Donnies comment successfully cooled his temper, as it was meant to.

"So do you guys think the Foot went on vacation or somethin'?" Mikey asked

"I don't think so Mikey" was Donnies answer.

"Then what are they up to?" All his brothers sighed. Mikey always liked asking lots of questions. Sometimes to annoy his brothers and other times just because he didn't like long moments of silence and he loved to be the center of attention.

Leo answered this question, "Whatever it is it won't be good and you can count on it involving us somehow."

They all nodded in agreement. All they could do and wait for Shredders plan to show itself.


A/N: So how was it? Yeah I know boring but I had to set the background for the story. The next chapter will be more exciting, I promise.