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On the inside, Michelangelo was vibrating with contained excitement at the prospect of getting to see Batman's place of operations, but he didn't show too much on the outside for once. He was just too exhausted. Walking from the Batplane to an area by a huge bank of computers, only about 100 feet left him more than a little winded. Also, his chest felt a little tight and he could feel his heart pounding uncomfortably. He'd let Donatello check him out in a bit, but he would be fine, he just needed to rest.

Donatello's gasp caught everyone's attention,

"Whoa, this set up is amazing! I dream about having this kind of equipment back at home." A combination of ah and longing adorned his face as his eyes took in all they could.

Raphael lay Richie down on the exam table near the group, "If ya had all this stuff back home we'd never see yer shell outside yer lab unless we dragged ya out."

Donatello sighed, "True, but I'm glad to have access to it now. I'm sure I can come up with a way to help Richie with Batman's help." He looked to the Dark Knight, "You know more about Brainiac than I do, where do we start?"

While Batman and Donatello discussed the plan, Robin walked up to the rest of the group,

"You guys hungry? I could go grab us some food."

"Uh sure, thanks." Leonardo wasn't really hungry himself but neither he nor his brothers had eaten since before the botched rescue.

"Okay, be back in a jif."

And just like that, the boy was gone.

With nothing left for them to do at the moment, the three unoccupied turtles made themselves as comfortable as they could. Leonardo propped up his leg so it was elevated and took the opportunity to get a good look around. The cavern was immense and if one wasn't careful, you could easily fall into one of the many crevasses that littered the place. Lucky for them watching their step was second nature.

As it often does when they have been in a close call, the mood was subdued and no one was really in the mood to talk just yet.

It wasn't long before Raphael was up and pacing. They tease Michelangelo of never being able to sit still but the red masked turtle had the same issue, especially when it came to having to wait. He had no patience to just sit and wait for something to happen.

About an hour later, food in the form of sandwiches had been consumed by all, Donatello and Batman eating theirs as they worked while everyone else ate in silence. Not long after the food was gone, the two intellectuals came over to the group.

"Did you guys figure it out?" Virgil asked, hope lacing his voice.

"We think so." Donatello replied.

"The reason why Donatello's pressure point did not work was because Brainiac had already taken control of most of Gears higher brain functions, so he erected an obstruction to protect his program. We believe that a total restoration of the neural transmitters of his brain could eliminate that barrier that is keeping him in a comatose state."

The silence that followed was short when Raphael let out a groan,

"Geez, not another one! Do you geniuses have a guidebook or something?" Raphael complained, speaking of Donatello's own tendency to ramble on in what he called 'Tech Speak'. "Donnie, translation please?"

While his red banded brother was frustrated, Donatello thoroughly enjoyed talking with someone that he didn't have to 'dumb' down his explanations too. Not that his brothers were dumb by any means, but they just didn't possess the same vocabulary as he did. So instead of his usual grimace, Donatello smiled at his brother's remark.

"What Batman means is that Brainiac was already in control of Richie's mind when he…uh, when I did the pressure point and he protected himself with a barrier."

At this point he saw confusion on more than one brother's face.

"Okay, think of it like this. Our brain is like a super computer right?" Everyone nodded, "So Brainiac hacked Richie's mind and made a firewall program to keep Richie's consciousness out. With me so far?" Everyone nodded again. "Good. Batman thinks, but I'm still not so sure, that when I-I killed him, I actually interrupted or stalled that program and all we have to do is 'reboot' his brain."

"And how exactly do we reboot his brain dude?" Michelangelo asked.

"That's the risky part." Donatello replied in all seriousness. "A super concentrated electrical pulse."

"Do you have access to that kind of equipment?" Leonardo inquired.

Donatello looked pointedly at Virgil as he spoke, "There is no machine on Earth that has that kind of power."

Everyone else also looked at Virgil, who had been very quiet since coming to the Batcave, not straying far from his friend's side. The young teen took a deep breath,

"I've never done something like this before…I don't know if I can."

Batman walked over and put a comforting hand on his shoulders as he kneeled in front of the distraught teen and in a tone uncharacteristic of the Batman persona he spoke,

"I have seen some remarkable things in my life Virgil, both good and bad, especially when it comes to super powered beings. But every single one has accomplished something that others have deemed as impossible. Impossible by regular human standards maybe, but not by you. You accomplish the impossible every time you use your abilities. For you, their impossible is your potential. Do you understand?"

"Yeah." Then he smirked, "You sure you've never met my pops? Cause that sounds like something he would tell me."

Batman just gave a small smile of his own in response.

"I'm gonna need a recharge before I do this, I'm running kind low." For demonstration, he tried to create a simple charge between his thumb and forefinger but couldn't sustain it.

"I'll show you to the electrical interface. I generate my own power so don't worry about causing a black out and absorb all you need."

Batman led the youth down a short hallway and out of sight of the four turtles, but he soon returned alone,

"It will take a few minutes for him to charge." He informed the others.

It wasn't too long after that the teen reappeared with a halo of remnant sparks around his body.

"Dude, you're like a human sparkler!" Michelangelo commented with his trademark grin, which earned him a couple glares from his brothers.

"One of the many perks of being a human conductor I guess." Virgil replied with a wink.

"So…" He looked to Batman and Donatello. "A super concentrated discharge directed to his entire brain at once right?" Both nodded.

"Right." Virgil muttered to himself. "Easy as pie." To everyone else he added loud enough for them to hear, "Keep back till I'm done. I don't know if there will be stray discharge or not."

Everyone complied and gave Virgil plenty of working space, with Donatello helping Leonardo to a safe distance and keeping an arm around his shell to help support him.

Virgil closed his eyes and concentrated on coalescing the electrical energy he just absorbed. He directed the power to his hands where he used his physical and mental strength to build up energy ball but also keeping it as small in size as possible. Within moments sweat was forming on his brow, his muscles were straining with effort and his chest was heaving for breath as if he'd just run a marathon, but he knew it needed more. A glow had surrounded him and he levitated off the floor slightly and a stray burst escaped periodically. Soon he had an energy ball more powerful than he had ever thought possible and it was getting harder to contain it.

"I'm ready!" Virgil all but screamed out as the cackling of the electricity was filling the cavern with echoes.

The turtles were watching the entire scene with fascination and keeping a close eye on those stray discharges, Michelangelo especially. He did not want to experience an electrical charge ever again. Two things then happened simultaneously. A big discharge escaped the energy ball as the cave was illuminated in a blinding white light.

Doantello blinked several times to rid himself of the effects of the bright flash. When his vision had returned mostly to normal he saw Virgil collapsed to his knees. The purple masked turtle rushed over and helped the teen to his feet,

"You ok?" He asked as he lifted him up.

"Yeah, just exhausted…again."

By that time the others had come over to see if it had worked. Blue eyes looked up at them from the table and soon a smile greeted them too. A collective cheer went out as Virgil grabbed his friend in a huge hug.

"I knew you'd be able to do it Virg," He said in a hoarse whisper.

Donatello's eyes widened with comprehension, "You heard everything that was going on didn't you?"

"And saw." He looked to Virgil with a huge smile plastered on his face, "I've discovered a new skill. I can hack into computers with my mind."

Everyone had shocked look on their face. Richie just ignored their reaction,

"I saw everything." He said as he looked into Leonardo's eyes, "And after what happened to you and Michelangelo I had to do something…" He dropped off mid sentence "…where's Mike?"

The others looked around noticing for the first time that the orange masked turtle wasn't around.

"Oh no." Donatello was the first to spot him lying on the floor a little ways away from where they had been previously standing. He wasn't moving.

Everyone rushed to his side. Donatello felt for a pulse but only a strange flutter met his fingertips.

"No no no no" He whispered frantically to himself.

He didn't quite know what to do. His brother needed chest compressions, but their plastron made that nearly impossible.

"Raph I need your help!"

Raphael kneeled down beside his orange masked brother opposite of Donatello. He knew what was going on and wanted to scream and break something but he restrained himself. Two brothers needed his help.

"Just watch and do what I do. We have to do it as fast as regular compressions, okay?"

Donatello waited for his brother to nod and clasped his hands together, brought his arms above his head and swung them down upon his brother's chest, just above the heart. Raphael didn't miss a beat and kept in time with his purple masked brother. After the thirtieth compression, Donatello again checked for a pulse but this time he didn't even feel a flutter. He didn't have time to panic even though that's what his mind was screaming to do he spared a quick glance to Leonardo, which told the eldest brother what he feared, before he tilted Michelangelo's head back and gave two rescue breaths.

"We're going again Raph." He told his brother and immediately started the compressions again.

While those two were focused on that, the others were scrambling to find a way to help.

Virgil rushed back to the inter face and recharged again because he knew a regular defibrillator would not work right on the turtle, and the others would not be able to keep up the compressions for much longer.

Robin had grabbed an oxygen mask and used it to force oxygen into the turtle's lungs. Virgil soon returned and the young hero went up to the closest turtle, which happened to be Raphael,

"I think I can help." He pulled on the turtles shoulder, trying to get his attention. That was a bad idea.

The red banded turtle was hopped up on adrenalin and fear for his unresponsive brother, he was so focused on the task of trying to save his brother that he registered Virgil's offer as interference. With a feral sounding growl he pushed the teen so hard, Virgil fell down hard.

Leonardo was about to reprimand his brother but before he could, Virgil had already gotten back up. This time he used his power to physically lift the turtle out of the way. Raphael fought of course but it was no use. Virgil gently set him down a few feet away. Once free form the force field, Raphael was ready to charge back to his baby brother's side when Leonardo stopped him,

"It's ok Raph, he's only trying to help." Raphael's eyes instantly cleared of the anger and that was blinding him.

The fear was still there but he had tempered his temper and was himself again. His eyes immediately went back to his brother lying on the floor. Everyone else had backed away, with Donatello the only one staying near. Virgil brought a charge to his hands and they lit up with electricity. He caught the purple masked turtle's eyes who gave him an encouraging and pleading expression. Virgil took a deep breath and placed a hand over the prone turtle's heart and the other on his right side and discharged his power.

Michelangelo's body convulsed with the influx of the current. Donatello checked again for a pulse, but shook his head to the teen opposite him. They repeated this three more times with the same results. Michelangelo remained unresponsive.

Donatello, with unshed tears in his eyes looked to Leonardo,

"Leo, he's-"

"NO!" Raphael shouted. "We can't just give up on 'im."

Leonardo put a comforting hand on his shoulder, and for once Raphael didn't shrug it off.

"There's nothing more we can do Raph."

Virgil didn't want to give up either. There was one more thing he wanted to try. What could it hurt? He didn't know it was possible, but somehow he had two distinct energy sources stored inside of him. One was the usual everyday variety that he was used to and then there was that foreign energy he picked up when he was being held captive. He was sure it wasn't of this planet, it just felt alien. So he gathered up that little bit of energy and laid his hands on Michelangelo one more time.

No sooner had the power left his hands that Michelangelo's eyes flew open and he was gasping for breath. The sudden movement startled Virgil enough that he fell back.

Michelangelo's brother's rushed him all at once and he disappeared inside their embrace.

Virgil was just watching the scene when an arm encircled his own shoulders. It was Richie.

"Two miracles in one day, careful Virgil or people will start to think you're some kind of hero." Richie smirked before he totally enveloped his friend in a genuine hug.

Virgil returned the hug, with the feeling that he never wanted to let go.

The turtle brothers were still in a mangled heap on the floor with their relief evident to the onlookers.

When Michelangelo had finally caught his breath and things had settled down somewhat he plastered that supper cheesy grin of his on his face,

"What'd I miss?" He asked the group.

The small group of heroes, including Batman smiled at the youngest turtles obviously rhetorical question while his brothers laughed and hugged him tighter, glad to hear another joke from a brother they thought was lost to them.

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