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-Originally, this was to be a chapter of another fanfiction, Reconciliations with Darkness, however, the idea of the Teen Titans taking on the Justice League and winning was just too good to pass up. RwD details how Batman and Robin eventually mend their relationship after years of estrangement. Reading RwD is not required at all to understand this, though I obviously recommend you check it out.

-Don't worry, Batman's POV is used sparingly to interrupt the Titans, all of whom will be featured and in much greater detail than anyone else.

Time: 0019, 27 SEPTEMBER 2010
: Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

Outside, there was a veritable cacophony of noise as the glob trotting currents of the jet stream roared past, doing their best to drown out the unnatural whine of twin turbines. A slight shudder ran through the airframe as the mystery plane, a privately owned Gulfstream G550, soared autonomously over the rumpled blackness of midnight clouds.

In the front of its spacious cabin sat a large man, dressed still in a black business suite from the day's earlier work. He sat absolutely still, moving only to depress the cursor of the laptop that sat on the table in front of him. His slightly bloodshot eyes remained fixed on the screen in front him, darting back and forth as they took in the message meant only for a select few.


Justice League of America
Aden. Meta-humans, human and alien allies


a. Friendly: All allies of the JLA

b. Enemy: Criminal elements in home areas, natural disasters, national or international emergencies threatening mass loss of life.

MISSION: Senior leadership of Justice League calls meeting to lay out new, global strategy for the next decade and discuss broadening League ranks. All meta-humans and human allies will arrive at the Watchtower and be seated by 1130, 10 DEC 2010. Once everyone in attendance is seated, Superman will commence outline. All others are then free to voice their opinions. Meetings will continue until adjourned.


Concept of Operations: The intent is that Earth's allied meta-human and human protectors will have a clear understanding of what each intends to do and that there is a clear, established vision that will guide us for the next decade.

Tasks to Maneuver : Martian Manhunter will operate the Javelin. Flash is in charge of planet-side coordination and communication. Wonder Woman will be handling arrivals to the Watchtower.

Coordinating Instructions: Javelin pickup will begin in Ukraine and proceed southwards. A global, extremely low frequency signal burst will activate an alarm in all UGC's signaling the beginning of pick-ups.


Transportation: All requiring transportation will meet at assigned rally points where they will be picked up by the Javelin.


Command: Superman heads overall effort and will be located in the Watchtower as will Wonder Woman, who is second in command.

Signal: UGC channel 09; radio security-light; Superman- Oscar Zulu 100098352, Wonder Woman- Oscar Zulu 10097212, Flash- Sierra Bravo 00029855

Once the message was committed to memory, the man exited the viewer and deleted the file. Moving his hand away from the keyboard, the man hit a small button on the underside of the luxurious chair's arm rest.

"Alfred, would you come in here?"

A few moments later and a new, brighter shaft of light lit through the darkness, revealing an elderly man dressed in a tux.

"Having trouble sleeping, Master Bruce?" He asked through the cracked doorway.

The large man seemed to ignore the servant as he closed the laptop with a slight, click, making there appear to be only half a man sitting in the ample leather chair.

"Set our course to grid coordinate NT 78910204545. Call in Enterprise and tell them we want to rent two large SUV's, both with seating enough for at least seven people. Order them to have the vehicles waiting at Callington's Private Airfields outside Jump City International Airport."

"Jump City?" The elderly man's asked, his pitch rising slightly, "I take it you will be seeing Master Dick then?"

"I will be seeing the Titans, yes." The difference did not go unnoticed.

"That's not what I asked." There was something in the older man's voice-perhaps it was exasperation.

Hollow silence was the only reply he received.

The elderly man turned to close the door, but stopped, seemingly thinking better of it.

"May I ask why?"

"John finally sent the message. We want to keep radio transmissions to a minimum because of the risk involved in our enemies knowing of our meeting. Only a few will be receiving it-"

"-with yourself naturally being one of those few-"

"-who do receive it will be responsible for alerting as much of the meta-human population as possible before we resort to local radio transmissions."

"I see. Goodnight then, Master Bruce." The elderly man finally closed the door then, leaving the other to sit alone with only his own thoughts and the quiet rumblings of the plane.

If he would have stayed, he might have been surprised to see the other man's lips twitch into something resembling a smile.

"I hope they've improved their security systems."

Red Notes

1) The format for this order was based off the standard OPORD that you learn to become a second lieutenant in the US Army. John Stewart, the Green Lantern of the animated JLA and JL:U, was a former Marine so I figured he would use something similar.
(ref. FM 7-8)

2) I enjoy the tone that this sets. I hope that I can replicate it later on when appropriate...perhaps a few infiltration scenes, no:)