"You got rid of your 'burns" observed Marty, breaking the silence.

"She didn't like them" Willie said very softly.

"I liked them" replied Marty " They were roguish"

"Not raffish?" Willie half looked up from the bottle. Marty had a smile forming.

"A hint of raffish but mainly roguish. From my perspective, which was slightly below your chin" said Marty.

Willie laughed. More of a quiet chuckle than a laugh. Marty was sitting opposite him on a fold-up chair, huddling into a massive coat. She had a huge woollen hat on which covered her ears. The tip of her nose was getting redder from the cold.

"Planning on staying?" said Marty, quietly.

"What, right here?" grinned Willie "It's kinda cold and lacking in amenities"

"In town, you big lunk!" shot back Marty, a radiant smile lighting up her face.

"Hadn't planned to" said Willie and quickly added "Then again I might just see if the boys are still in town. Which they will be."

"You know this place" sighed Marty "Frozen in amber for future historians to study. I'm getting out though. College starts in two weeks"

"Hmm" Willie took another sip of brandy " College, huh?". He wasn't sure how he felt.

"Yeah but I'm staying off-campus. Can't see myself in a sorority" replied Marty.

The booze was starting to kick in for Willie. He suddenly felt guilty for enjoying himself on today of all days. He got up unsteadily.

"I'm kinda smashed right now but lets meet up, catch up you know…..old friends should meet up y'know" Willie slurred.

"That's what friends do" said Marty, a little pensively. She steered Willie towards a cab, gave the driver directions and watched the cab pull away.

"Later, Pooh" she mouthed